KBShimmer nails Summer 2016

KBShimmer for Summer 2016: That's Nude to Me, Gull Get Real, Suit the Breeze, Along for the Tide, Good Reef

KBShimmer for Summer 2016: That’s Nude to Me, Gull Get Real, Suit the Breeze, Along for the Tide, Good Reef

How do you pick a nail polish when they are all as gorgeous as KBShimmer’s 2016 Summer Collection? These are all so unique and beautiful that you’ll want them all. Beauty Info Zone was sent 5 polishes to show you just how gorgeous they are and I’m sharing the first two that I’ve worn:

KBShimmer Along for the Tide and Good Reef

KBShimmer Along for the Tide and Good Reef

As much as I love having a blog partner, I hate it when it comes to picking who gets to review products like this from KBShimmer. I want them all but then again so does Lisa. There isn’t a polish among the 5 show above that I don’t want.

GOOD REEF is the polish I picked first to wear. This is the perfect summer shade, one you won’t get tired of wearing, one you can wear everywhere and be admired for.

KBShimmer Good Reef

KBShimmer Good Reef

Good Reef is a light peachy coral shade with teensy shimmer within that glows when you look at it. The light load of shimmer has pink and blue tones that you can see popping in bright light. I never once got tired of it even after 7 days of wear. I needed three thin coats to cover any visible nail line on my longer nails. I didn’t get good shots of the micro glitter in it but it’s there and it’s fabulous. It’s going to look even more amazing if you have a tan.

KBShimmer Good Reef in bright light

KBShimmer Good Reef in bright light

KBShimmer Good Reef in indirect light

KBShimmer Good Reef in indirect light

ALONG FOR THE TIDE is a polish I couldn’t stop taking pictures of. When you look at KBShimmer’s website you’ll see I’m not alone in that as there are 30 people who submitted pictures of their nails wearing this. It looks great on every skintone from pale to dark.

KBShimmer Along for the Tide

KBShimmer Along for the Tide

Look at the holographic shimmer in it. Totally amazing. You’ll see shifts from pink to violet and from blue to purple. It’s a nail polish that I just want to stare at.

KBShimmer Along for the Tide (in my car)

KBShimmer Along for the Tide (in my car)

KBShimmer Along for the Tide (direct light)

KBShimmer Along for the Tide (direct light)

The shimmer in it is micro shimmer and KBShimmer says it’s got a light load of it. The shimmer itself is a holo shimmer. The inky blue base is magnificent on its own but add that shimmer and you’ve got perfection. This covered perfectly in two coats and after 7 days was still going strong. This is what I plan to wear over 4th of July.

I’m always raving about KBShimmer because it’s an astoundingly great brand. I’m never disappointed in the colors. While I’m lucky enough to receive some for review, I also buy the ones I don’t get since I ache for them. Don’t find yourself aching – instead check out KBShimmer and order! You’ll be happy you went ‘along for the tide ride’ and ordered these crazy beautiful polishes.  —  Marcia

*pr samples

kbshimmer along for the tide side


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