KBShimmer dazzles me with Gull, Get Real

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real

Having a manicure each week is my biggest indulgence. I love the pampering I get for half an hour a week from my nail tech. A half hour that I try not to think about the world around me and just concentrate on my nails. But what I love even more is when I bring in a polish that knocks my socks off, which is exactly what KB Shimmer‘s summer 2016 polish GULL, GET READY did for me. This is the 5th polish from the summer polishes that KBShimmer sent for Lisa and I to test. Having this to wear and stare at for 7 days – what a delight.

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real

I normally ignore polishes with flakes because they can be difficult to remove but I haven’t found that with the two flake polishes I have from KB Shimmer (Gull, Get Real and Garnet from the Birthstone Collection). Yes I’ve had to work harder to remove these but they weren’t impossible at all. With both of them my nail tech gave me some cotton balls and remover knowing I’d need extra time. I was surprised that it only took me a few passes to remove.

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real

But the important thing is the wear and Gull, Get Real wore fabulously for the week. KBShimmer describes this dazzler as a  light, grey toned purple, this lilac like polish sparkles with micro holo and metallic flakes.

This has a medium glitter load with the glitter size going from micro to small. Look at that holo! It’s like bringing fireworks to my nails.

KBShimmer Gull, Get Ready

KBShimmer Gull, Get Ready

KBShimmer Gull, Get Real is everything I love in a polish: metallic, holographic, shiny, and a gorgeous purple. I can’t ask for more for $9.25 except more KBShimmer Polishes!  — Marcia

p.s. Speaking of more KB Shimmer polishes, I just ordered a limited edition one from Color4Nails called Berried in the Sand that I can’t wait to wear and share!

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!! This is one seriously gorgeous purple polish! I barely wear polish, but I mat need to buy this beauty!

  2. This shade is absolutely stunning. I love that it is almost two shades in one in different lights. I think I might need to grab this shade ASAP. Love!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, SUCH a pretty color. I just adore sparkle on the nails!

  4. That’s super sparkly!

  5. that is so pretty!

  6. I find flakies easier to remove than glitter. I love the original flakies best, but these metallic ones are seriously giving them a run for my money. this is such a pretty polish!

  7. Sandy P says:

    I love the new color you ordered…Berries in the Sand. Please let me know if it looks as amazing on as it does on the website.

  8. Another beauty from KB Shimmer!

  9. Haha! I love the name of this polish! It’s such a pretty color. I keep seeing the brand on social media but I haven’t tried it yet. Sounds like I need to get moving!

  10. Gorgeous shade!!!!! KBShimmer always delivers on beauties!!! <3

  11. Such a great polish!

  12. Kristi V BeginNails says:

    Love all purple polishes – the colors this picks up is amazing. 🙂 KB Shimmer polishes are great!

  13. Gorgeous!

  14. What a SHIMMER! Totally stunning, and your nail length is impressive! I love long nails 😀

  15. Ooh that’s so pretty on you!

  16. I’m digging your fabulous shimmer nails!

  17. Ugh, it’s terrible…. kidding! It’s amazing! I love how the glitter really glows.

  18. Gah I adore that purple holo! Your post reminded me to update my polish stash; it has been stagnant for a while now.

  19. I LOVE KBSHIMMER!! My very favorite brand – everything they do is wonderful!

  20. I love KB Shimmer. Their polishes are so beautiful and impeccable. This one looks fab on you!

  21. I love how these kind of flake polishes deliver maximum bling without being as hard to remove as chunky glitters!

  22. This one is so pretty on you!

  23. Gorgeous polish! Thanks for reminding me I need to finally jump on the KBShimmer train…