Favorite nail polish brand Makeup Wars – KBShimmer is my jam

This week the Makeup Wars group is focusing on our favorite nail polish brands. As a KBShimmer fanatic it was easy to pick this to share with you. In the past I’d been sent some polishes* from KBShimmer which set me off on a buying spree. Let me share some of my favorites.

KBShimmer some favorite polishes
KBShimmer more favorites
KBShimmer summery shades

some samples*purchasesaffiliate links

KBShimmer Take Back Ctrl

KBShimmer Take Back Ctrl is a great polish for early fall and early spring especially. This dusty mauve cream applied like a dream and enhanced my tips for 7 days without fading or chipping.

KBShimmer Supplies Party
KBShimmer Supplies Party

KBShimmer Supplies Party* is another fall favorite especially for a party you might be going to. This is their birthstone finish which is heavy metal. Glitter galore and a shade that can look more gold or cream depending on what you are wearing and the light.

KBShimmer Fax of Life

Fax of Life* is another from the brands office collection and this work appropriate polish is a dream. From a light gray to a charcoal it’s got it all including a linear holo with delightful light shimmer in a variety of shades. Highly recommended.

KBShimmer Orchidding Me?

Orchidding Me? * is a purple lovers delight. There’s a rainbow of shimmer in this polish that makes wearing it like watching a movie. Every light you are in will bring you new looks. If you love purple, you’ll love this polish.

KBShimmer Along for the Tide (direct light)

A polish post wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous blue and Along for the Tide* is that blue. This one is packed with shimmery micro flecks and you’ll find a shift with pink to blue and violet to purple.

KBShimmer Got It Sandaled
KBShimmer Got It Sandaled

Another favorite that I swore by this summer is Got It Sandaled. This dark lavender has a creamy shimmer that’s not obvious at first but peeks out to surprise you and bring a smile to your face.

KBShimmer created a collection called Unicorn Pee that is absolutely delicious. Hard to find, as are all unicorns, and precious once you have them. Even though these are sold out I had to share them and hope for your sake that they come back. Maybe if enough people clamor for them they will.

KBShimmer So Jelly
KBShimmer So Jelly

So Jelly is what I’m wearing right now and I’m loving it. KBShimmer describes it as a ” deepened fuchsia leaning purple jelly with color shifting shimmer”. I see wine, magenta, burgundy and more in this beauty.

KBShimmer Let’s Slang
KBShimmer Let’s Slang

Let’s Slang is the one I was instantly attracted to and went into my cart first. This appears to be a purple in the bottle but it’s really a deep blurple with mostly red shimmer. I didn’t want this off my nails even though I wore it for 7 days. I’ll have this on again and again.

KBShimmer You Dew You

There’s also You Dew You, a top coat to change polishes into shimmer delights. It’s not overly shimmery, just brings out the glamour in the polish. I’ll have a giveaway for a new one since I bought an extra for the blog.

I could show you so many polishes but by now you are probably only skimming pictures. In my opinion KBShimmer is a brand that can’t be beat. Only found on their own website and Amazon it’s worth the time to seek them out. The wear on these is phenomenal, it’s a cruelty free brand that is vegan. (KBShimmer does not test any of our products on animals or purchase supplies that have been tested on animals. KBShimmer nail polish, sugar scrubs, mani shots, cuticle creams and cuticle oil pens are all vegan, containing no animal products or by-products.)
I hope you enjoyed my post and that you’ll continue on to see what the other Makeup Wars bloggers have chosen as their brand of choice.  —  Marcia


  1. Judy | 9th Oct 17

    KBShimmer is my favorite indie nail polish!!! I feel like they always come out with something different and on trend with the best names, lol!

  2. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 9th Oct 17

    Ohh, I love Take Back Ctrl and Let’s Slang, but they are all very pretty!

  3. Erika | 9th Oct 17

    I love K B Shimmer and every one of the polishes you shared are so beautiful.

  4. Julie | 9th Oct 17

    Ohh I love me some KB Shimmer! Her holos are amazing!!

  5. Brooke | 9th Oct 17

    This line of polishes is so stunning. I love every single shade I see on EVERYONE. It’s like every shade just works!

  6. Michelle Tamasa | 9th Oct 17

    I love all of these shades! The ones on Phyrra’s blog are gorgeous too! That blurple shade might just convince me I like blues too.

  7. Mai | 9th Oct 17

    Let’s Slang is so beautiful, I love that inky purple and the surprise red shimmer is a great contrast

  8. Kathryne | 9th Oct 17

    Wow, you really love that brand. Will check it our certainly

  9. Shilpa Shetty | 10th Oct 17

    KBShimmer Supplies Party and So Jelly shades are very nice,..

  10. CosmetopiaDigest | 10th Oct 17

    Orchidding Me is so stunning! It reminds me of the famous Fantasy Fire.

  11. Lola Seicento | 10th Oct 17

    I can’t even pick a favorite because they are all so spectacular! The purples are especially lovely, though!

  12. Anastasia | 10th Oct 17

    I’m not surprised at all that KBShimmer made the cut 🙂 Their polishes are outstanding!

  13. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 10th Oct 17

    I really like the cream shades!

  14. fairytalesnails | 10th Oct 17

    I am totally in love with KB shimmer, gorgeous swatches x

  15. Sharon Koenig | 10th Oct 17

    I thought I loved the purple until I saw the blue! It’s absolutely stunning. The names are so cute too. “Along for the tide.” LOL. They really came up with some creative names for these polishes. It just makes i more fun!

  16. The Jedi Wife | 10th Oct 17

    KBShimmer polishes are so well designed and the formulas are deliciously smooth! It’s one of my favorite brands as well!

  17. Courtney | 10th Oct 17

    KBShimmers are always fun. This was a great round up!

  18. Gladys parker | 10th Oct 17

    I love the Fax of Life from K.B. Shimmers. All these beautiful polishes make me want to grow my nails out. I will continue to shop for my daughter and daughter in laws, soon my granddaughters though.

  19. 25 Sweetpeas | 10th Oct 17

    I have yet to try KB Shimmer which is crazy! So many pretties!

  20. nichole costa | 10th Oct 17

    I only have a few of this brand. I haven’t tried them yet.

  21. Ehmkay nails | 10th Oct 17

    Supplies party is one of my all time favorites. I love that one so much!

  22. Painted Fingertips | 10th Oct 17

    KBShimmer has such an incredible range of products!

  23. Sapphire Kharyzma | 10th Oct 17

    KBShimmer looks like an awesome brand. I love the color ranges of this collection. I am excited to give a try!

  24. Kristi V BeginNails | 10th Oct 17

    Gorgeous! As I was going through, I was going “got it”, “have it”, “yep” – I’m a KB Shimmer lover too! 🙂

  25. Julie Syl | 11th Oct 17

    I am satisfied with the results. Love that KB Shimmer.

  26. Polarbelle | 11th Oct 17

    oooo…I don’t know if I have So Jelly….if I don’t, I’ll be sooooo jelly!!! I have more KB Shimmer polishes than any other brand. it’s true love.

  27. Ave | 11th Oct 17

    I haven’t heard of KBShimmer nail polishes before but I have to say that the shades look gorgeous! I think I like the Orchidding Me? the best!

  28. Never Say Die Beauty | 11th Oct 17

    I only have one shade from KBShimmer but it’s one of my favorites. If I didn’t have to pay for shipping, I would own a lot more of their polishes, because from what I’ve seen online over the past few years, KBShimmers shade concepts are the absolute best. I always find many that I wish I owned! Of your swatches, Let’s Jelly, Supplies Party and Take Back Ctrl are my faves representing a variety of finishes

  29. ron leyba | 11th Oct 17

    Lovely colors. Great nail polish brand you reviewed. Amazing indeed!

  30. The Beauty of Life | 11th Oct 17

    KBShimmer is SO GOOD. I’m actually wearing I Wet My Plants right now!

  31. Honeygirlk | 11th Oct 17

    It’s been a while since I’ve purchased anything from KBshimmer, I better get right on top of that because these are gorgeous.

  32. Katie Marie | 12th Oct 17

    I probably have 5 polishes the same color as Take Back Control….but I still want that polish! Haha, this color always gets me!

  33. Julie Waldron | 14th Oct 17

    I’ve never heard of this brand. The colors are gorgeous!

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    […] a nail polish lover? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone bit her nails for 30 years. By the looks of her KBShimmer collection you can see that she’s over that bad […]

  35. Tiffany Hathorn | 16th Oct 17

    I’d never heard of this brand before, but some of the colors are really cute! I need to find a brand that works for me. For some reason, nail polish ALWAYS chips off within hours. Even the expensive brands. My mom has the same issue, so I wonder if it is something to do with my actual nails that just repels polish, lol.

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