Color Me Monthly brings you Emerald City nail polish

Color Me Monthly Emerald City

I think there’s nothing more fun than opening a subscription box each month. I’m a surprise kind of woman since I don’t normally get gifts so I like to give them to myself. Color Me Monthly likes to surprise the people who subscribe to their “polish of the month” subscription boxes and the surprise seems to be right on trend.

Color Me Monthly Emerald City

Color Me Monthly Emerald City

When I got my December box I realized it was so perfect it’s unreal. The color of the month is called Emerald City. Two days after I received my box, Pantone (the color experts) announced their Color of the Year for 2013 as EMERALD. I don’t think the timing could be better. The two sisters, Meghann and Caitlin, who created this subscription box and this polish were surely thinking Christmas but maybe they have their ear to the ground without anyone realizing it! The November box was Autumn Bliss, an oxblood shade that is the height of fashion.

colormemonthly green nailsEmerald City is the most gorgeous shade of emerald and this comes from someone who wouldn’t wear green clothes on a bet. Just not my style. But give me a nail polish (or eyeshadow) in a gorgeous green and I’m all over it. This shade of green leans toward the blue side. It’s not a St. Patrick’s green, it’s more the shade of a blue fir in the sunlight. The color shifts so that you sometimes see a dark emerald and other times you see some dark teal. Emerald City is a cream polish that is so full that it could almost be a one-coater but you want two to bring out the fabulous depth of the shade.

I featured Emerald City along with Color Club’s Snow Flake as a top coat on MAKEUP WARS Holiday Face recently to show how beautiful it is any way you wear it. The wear on this was amazing – one week and it was still going strong.

colormemonthly green nails3

Blue Fir trees

Color Me Monthly Emerald City and Color Club Snow Flakes

Color Me Monthly Emerald City and Color Club Snow Flakes

Color Me Monthly is a very simple subscription. No money is wasted on fancy packaging, the money is used to create a long wearing, easy to apply polish instead. The ladies who own this believe in the environment too. Not only is the packaging totally recyclable but they even have found a way to safely laser engrave the bottles for the labeling so that no chemicals are released. The end result is a polish that is toxin-free, cruelty free, eco-friendly with a safe for the environment bottle.

I added sparkly top coats to see effects I can get

I added sparkly top coats to see effects I can get

What a fun gift a 6 month ($40) or year ($75) subscription would be for a nail lover. Not only would you have something to give on the holiday but the surprises would keep coming for all that time. Or you could start with one month ($7 includes shipping) and see what Color Me Monthly has come up with for January.

Here’s a special offer for Beauty Info Zone readers – Color Me Monthly has developed their own base coat and top coat which will be sold separately, not as part of the subscription box. These sell for $7 but there is a code for our readers

Coupon Code: BASETOP25
Valid only for 25% off the Base and Top coat
Expires: January 25, 2013

Let me end with Color Me Monthly’s haiku

“Dorothy, Toto

follow the yellow brick road

watch out for the munchkins!

Emerald City”


A beautiful polish by a great company — Marcia

*received for an honest review and I honestly love this!!


  1. What an incredible color… and your nails look beautiful!

  2. I like that a lot. Color Me Monthly seems very much on trend.

  3. @Carol, thanks for the compliment. I’ve branched out with color so much and this is a great one.