Color Me Monthly – a new nail polish subscription box

Color Me Monthly Autumn Bliss


One of our favorite things on Beauty Info Zone is to introduce you to new companies that we don’t think you are aware of. When you are in the beauty “biz” you often need a shot in the arm and enjoy finding things out of the norm. In that vein, I’ve discovered a new subscription box called Color Me Monthly and it’s for nail polish lovers. It’s an extremely simple box at an extremely simple price. Color Me Monthly is not spending money on wowing you with packaging that will get trashed. They just want to wow you with a nail polish color each month that will wow your nails and your eyes.

Inside of Color Me Monthly’s mailing box

Packed in brown craft paper is the color of the month

This is my first experience with Color Me Monthly. I really didn’t know what to expect. It came in a plain brown box with brown craft paper inside to cushion the polish – all environmentally friendly that went into my recycling. The nail polish itself was in a small plastic bag attached to a card to describe the polish. Not fancy but you’ll be impressed by the polish itself and that’s what you are paying for.

Color Me Monthly Autumn Bliss

Color Me Monthly Autumn Bliss

The November box has a beautiful shade in it called Autumn Bliss. It’s a perfect fall/winter shade. I asked my nail tech how she’d describe the color and she said cranberry. I was comparing it with photos of oxblood accessories and it had a similar tone to oxblood. I also compared it with a burgundy polish and saw similarities. So my stance is that it’s an oxblood/cranberry shade with gorgeous gold shimmer swept through it. Here’s the fun haiku description from Color Me Monthly:

“thick cozy sweater

crack of leaves, crisp cool night

warm mug of cider

Autumn Bliss.”

In the early evening

Color Me Monthly Autumn Bliss

Because of the very subtle gold shimmer it looks different in different lights. I love when polishes do that. I like to see some variety since I tend to wear a polish for a week normally. Color Me Monthly’s polish lasted me for a full week. I really didn’t need to remove it since it looked just about perfect.

For $7 total a month you can subscribe to this box (see the note at the bottom). Each month will be a surprise shade which I assume will be appropriate for that month/season. According to CMM their polishes are

  • Non-toxic and carcinogen-free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
  • Simply AWESOME!

“We’ve gone to great lengths to secure written statements and laboratory data sheets from our chemical suppliers to assure us that no toxic chemicals are used in our nail polish formula. Our nail polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde/formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Color Me Monthly is dedicated to delivering what we believe is one of the ‘cleanest’ and most eco-friendly nail polishes on the market.”

“We also discovered that the industry standard way of marking bottles (epoxy screening) involves the use of toxic chemicals. I believe we are the first and only nail polish company currently laser-marking our bottles. The laser alters the surface of the glass bottle with a high-intensity beam of light to create a frosted mark. No chemicals are involved in this process, and because there is no epoxy, the recycling plant won’t have to spend extra time safely removing and disposing of the toxins in the epoxy before recycling the glass.”

Everything about this box calls to me. I like that they are so responsible. I like the gorgeous polish I received from them. Plus I’m the kind of person that enjoys wearing polishes that others ask about and are just a little different than typical. I’m looking forward to what coming boxes will bring.– Marcia

Wow… my timing is good because I just received this email from Color Me Monthly: Starting at 10pm Thanksgiving Day through Monday, November 26th, our “Color Me Monthly” subscription option will be only $1 for the first month!  There just might be other deals too (*wink*). So don’t miss out! Go to this weekend to take advantage of this sale!

Please note: All purchases made by December 20th will be included in the January shipment. 

*pr sample


  1. A truly gorgeous color, love the concept of this service!

  2. Tina, you can try a box for one dollar!! That’s up your alley I’m sure. The polish wore so beautifully, it was a shame to remove it.

  3. I’m not an overall fan of monthly subscription boxes, and when I first saw this, I thought that maybe you would get a few polishes in the box. So, the concept is nice. But one polish? $7? And it’s not a brand I even know? I rather spend my money on a polish I want and know that I love.

    With that said, the color is pretty and perfect for fall. 🙂

  4. I was surprised at one polish too but it’s a small company getting off the ground. I do love the polish though and it wore beautifully.

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