Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish in Rock Bottom astounds and delights

Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish bottles

Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish bottles

We are always hearing about distracted drivers and I’m here to admit that one week I was one. No, I wasn’t texting or reading emails – I don’t do that when driving. But I was admiring my nail polish and couldn’t stop looking at it.  Every stop sign, every red light, there I was looking at the holographic glitter in my Bootie Babe polish in Rock Bottom. It’s an absolutely fascinating polish.

Bootie Babe Rock Bottom

Bootie Babe Rock Bottom

Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish comes in 48 scintillating shades. I’m lucky enough to have had 3 sent to review and every time I’ve worn one I’ve thought “this is my favorite” but that changes with the next polish. They are all so beautiful on that I can’t believe it. The three polishes I have are all different finishes which was a brilliant move on Bootie Babe’s part; now I can describe them to you!

Bootie Babe Rock Bottom

Bootie Babe Rock Bottom

Today obviously is all about Rock Bottom which is described as a “liquid copper with holo glitter”.  The copper is a subtle one though since the holo glitter is the star of the show. I was so busy trying to figure out the colors of the glitter that I was probably a menace on the road. I see a lot of silver, some blue, a little teal, and some pink. Rock Bottom isn’t a smooth polish to the touch although it’s extremely shiny. I can feel some texture to it when I touch my nails but I wouldn’t consider it a textured polish. You could add extra top coat to smooth it out but honestly it doesn’t need extra shine, it has its own built in.

Bootie Babe Rock Bottom in very bright indoor light

Bootie Babe Rock Bottom in very bright indoor light

Bootie Babe is probably the most fun nail company I’ve come across. The bottles are the cutest things ever with that cute little bootie teasing us. It’s especially cute when you have several lined up in a row. But a cute, fun polish isn’t what makes me say that you want this and need it. It’s the application and wear that says that. Rock Bottom was beautiful in one coat and then filled out perfectly in two coats. I’ve worn it for a solid week and it still looks terrific.

If you are a nail polish lover then you need to go look at Bootie Babe’s site. It will keep you mesmerized. My only complaint is that you have to put a polish in your cart to see the description of it. Once it’s in your cart, you aren’t going to want to remove it though! What a great way to display my bootie and still keep it PG. — Marcia

*sample sent for review

Visit Moxie Reviews to see two beautiful shades of Bootie Babe nail polish. If I haven’t convinced you, she will.

SuperBooty LLC understands the need to market cosmetics that are safe, free of toxic ingredients and developed using cruelty-free testing procedures. Bootie Babe lacquer formulations are developed specifically to be “California Safe”, and do not include chemicals such as formaldehyde, toulene, and dibutyl-pthalate.


  1. Yes, still loving my Bootie Babe nail polishes, too!! 🙂

  2. At first I just wanted them for the bottles, but Rock Bottom is a gorgeous shade!

  3. The polish is GORGEOUS. The packaging makes me laugh! I think it’s a keeper!!! Haha

  4. Hi Laura
    I loved wearing this. It lasted beautifully and it is such a fabulous polish. Everyone was passing around the bottle at my nail salon.

  5. Hi Brooke, the polish is stunning. A perfect fall color. It wore for an entire week without a problem.

  6. Hi Moxie, when I saw the bottles on your website I went nuts. I have two more and they are just as great.

  7. I always laugh when I see these polishes! I love the packaging and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. The only problem I would have with them is I would want to put pants on them!!

  8. The packaging is a riot Olivia and is what first attracts the eye and the polish itself is fabulous.

  9. Are you kidding, Marcia! That is a TRIP! LOLOLOL. I can’t get over that bottle.

    The color is fab, but the bottle? Ridiculously cool! 🙂

  10. Sorry about that, Lisa (oops)…thought it was Marcia at the keyboard. 🙂

  11. It is Marcia and her review!!

  12. Hi Lisa @lozlosa – the bottle was passed around the entire beauty salon. People were loving it!

  13. Love a good holo – rock bottom looks awesome!

  14. Thanks Bailey, the sparkles in this add so much fun.


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