A trio of Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polishes

Trust Fund Beauty Nail PolishesLast month, Marcia introduced Trust Fund Beauty, a 7 Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free nail polish line (they also carry lipsticks) with THIS POST. The polishes have no toulene, formaldehyde, lead, nickel, phthlates, or any toxic ingredients. Marcia’s review was my first glimpse of this line, which is a young indie company.        

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Marcia gave her thoughts on two different shades and today I have my thoughts on those shades plus one more. The polishes wear extremely well and the colors are really gorgeous.

Trust Fund Beauty Do You Know Who My Father Is?
Trust Fund Beauty Do You Know Who My Father Is?

Do U Know Who My Father Is? ($15) has an awesome name – love it!  While I normally adore pastel pinks, this was my least favorite of the three shades. It’s extremely pretty and feminine, but it is not easy to apply. I found it to be rather thick and definitely tough to apply evenly. While the color is fabulous, this is one polish that I will only trust to the professionals for application.

Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts
Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts

Dirty Thoughts ($15) is a funky polish that is great for getting your glitter on. It’s an opaque purple-copper with tiny multi-colored glitter, which sounds wild but it doesn’t come across that way. It’s a fun shade, especially for summer since it really pops in the sunlight.

Trust Fund Beauty Should Come With a Warning
Trust Fund Beauty Should Come With a Warning

Should Come With a Warning ($12) is, in my opinion, perfection for summer. I have ‘thing’ for coral pink summery shades and the shimmer ups the fun factor. It’s almost impossible to mess up the application, and the shade is truly amazing for a pedicure. My favorite of the three!

Overall I am extremely impressed with the Trust Fund Nail Polishes and I can’t wait to try more shades – Adult Content, Resting Bitch Face, Why You Mad Tho, and Hungover & Pretty are calling my name!!  – Lisa

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  1. Jennifer Mathews | 30th Jun 16

    I love Dirty Thoughts and Should Come With a Warning! So pretty!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 30th Jun 16

    Ooooooh, Dirty Thoughts and Beauty Should Come with a Warning are my jam! love ’em

  3. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 30th Jun 16

    Should Come with a Warning would be my fav too–I’m a sucker for coral in the summer.

  4. Phyrra | 30th Jun 16

    Dirty Thoughts is awesome!

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