A England Princess Sabra nail polish

I think A England Nail Polishes are absolutely amazing. I recently bought 4 when their website had 30% off and free shipping. I couldn’t wait to show you at least one so here is the stunning holographic Princess Sabra.

A England Princess Sabra

When I ordered Princess Sabra I thought it would be more of a golden shade but it turns out to have a lot of green in it. The color looks different in every light. Within 2 hours of me wearing this I’d already had 3 compliments. Even the waiter at dinner commented on it! That’s how pretty it is. (Of course I embarrassed my husband when I pulled it out of my purse and showed him the bottle. Poor guy!)

A England’s description:

Alluringly feline golden olive bronzite, the sacrificial Princess constantly shifts with her elusive, myriad hues.

The formula is incredible on this. It glides on easily and covers completely. The second coat fills it out and gives it the most gorgeous shimmer and shine. It lasted me for two full weeks! TWO WEEKS. Not even tip wear, though I did see some growth.

This first photo was taken outside on a shady day. You really can see the light green tones in the photo.

Next I couldn’t resist taking a picture in the restaurant with a spotlight shining down on me. This is where I see the gold, brown and green holographic shimmer.

Princess Sabra

Princess Sabra is from The Legends collection. “Hardwearing nail varnish collection with distinctive gloss inspired by the enchanting spirit of England and its myths through unusual and sophisticated shades.”

I can’t wait to wear my other shades from A England. If the others come close to the quality of these I’ll be buying a lot more! They cost £9.00 each from A England’s website. They are also available in the US at Llarowe for $12. These are a steal and I already have my eye on the ones I haven’t bought yet. — Marcia


  1. That is such a pretty color. Your nails look fantastic.

  2. What a beauty. Your first picture is amazing.

  3. Wow, what a colour!! This is so beautiful! I love the holographic colours – though the closest thing I have to a holo polish is a Justin Bieber by Nicole OPI, Lol. I want Clarins 230!! However, I love the long wear of the polish you tried :O wow.

  4. I got Princess Sabra during that sale as well, haven’t worn it yet. Very pretty!

  5. beautyin says:

    It’s so pretty on. It looks different all the time. What others did you get? I can’t wait to wear Princess Tears.

  6. I am so lemming this!

  7. Stunning, stunning! I definitely do not have anything to compare to this in my collection.


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