A England Dancing with Nureyev has me floating on air

A England Dancing With Nureyev
A England Dancing With Nureyev

As a nail polish aficionado there are polishes I crave and almost every A England Polish is in that category. I find these to be of incredible quality. I recently received Dancing with Nureyev from my incredible “Secret Pal” through an exchange and I am so excited about this polish that I needed to wear it instantly.

A England is made in the UK and are 3 free and cruelty free. They make some of the most beautiful holographic polishes ever. Besides being reasonably priced they are unique and almost always have a story behind them. Dancing with Nurevev is part of the Ballerina collection which also contains Fonteyn, Her Rose Adagio, and Encore Margot. While this polish was created in 2013 A England is kind to us and doesn’t discontinue their polishes. It may have taken me over 2 years to have this but that makes it even more precious.

A England Dancing with Nureyev
A England Dancing with Nureyev

Dancing with Nureyev is a light blue that contains some metallic gray, a little purple and beautiful gold shimmer. It applied like a dream without ever pooling or streaking. No lines are visible, just gorgeous prismatic color.

A England Dancing with Nureyev indirect light
A England Dancing with Nureyev indirect light

While it appears darker in indirect light, in bright light it looks similar to Serenity (Pantone color of the year for 2016) but much more exciting. pantone 2016

A England Dancing with Nureyev
A England Dancing with Nureyev

Thank you to my Secret Pal for making a long time wish come true. — Marcia


A England polishes are available at Color4Nails in the US for $10 each




  1. brenda disimone | 18th Dec 15

    Love the color and love the brand A England !

  2. Denisa Ivascu | 19th Dec 15

    It looks so beautiful. 🙂

  3. Kellie | 20th Dec 15

    That is a beautiful color! I love how holographic it is!

  4. Susan P. | 20th Dec 15

    That’s a nice color and at $10 a bottle is reasonable.

  5. Summer jimenez | 23rd Dec 15

    I love a-england polishes. They were my first holos I ever bought and started my holo obsession. Lol. Still love them today.

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