Nail polish greats of 2016


It’s very difficult for me to narrow down my favorite polishes of the year but since I adore polish and want to be an accomplished nail painter at some time in my life I decided to share half a dozen of my favorites. Leaving something out doesn’t mean I love it any less, just that I didn’t have room for it!

SPARITUAL GOLD in RISING SPIRIT – The bottle belies the beauty within. A subtle but stunning gold that wears magnificently and even repels smudges!

Sparitual Gold in Rising Spirit
Sparitual Gold in Rising Spirit

KBSHIMMER FALL 2016 POLISHES make it impossible to choose just one. I love every single one of these. KBShimmer is an astonishing nail company and a brand you shouldn’t miss. I’m sharing The Best Mum Ever as my choice but it was hard to pick. If Oh My Ganache had photographed better that’s what I’d have shown you.

KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever
KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever
KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever
KBShimmer The Best Mum Ever

LAUREN B ROSE BOWL stole my heart with its metallic red. I love all the Lauren B polishes I’ve tried but this takes me back to my all time favorite: cool toned red!

Lauren B Rose Bowl
Lauren B Rose Bowl
Lauren B Rose Bowl
Lauren B Rose Bowl

Speaking of how much I love red I’ve chosen Dr.’S REMEDY REVIVE RUBY RED. This shimmer infused crimson polish is made by a podiatrist: “Dr.’s Remedy is the first nail polish that received approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients likeFormaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Phthalates, Parabens, or camphor. It’s even recommended as a post treatment follow-up to nail fungus and ingrown nails. To top it off it comes in 30 beautiful shades.”

Dr.'s Remedy REVIVE Ruby Red
Dr.’s Remedy REVIVE Ruby Red
Dr.'s Remedy REVIVE Ruby Red
Dr.’s Remedy REVIVE Ruby Red

I’ll cheat and throw in another Dr.S Remedy polish that is so spring perfect that it makes me long for the sun: BOUNTIFUL BLUE.

Dr.'s Remedy Bountiful Blue
Dr.’s Remedy Bountiful Blue

I needed to add a pink because I’m a pink girl at heart. Unfortunately one of my favorite pink shades was Limited Edition but you never know if it’s still available. SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE GEL FLOWER CROWN is one of the best I wore this year. It’s described as a pearlescent petal pink which is a perfect description.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Flower Crown
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Flower Crown

Since I prefer a polish that is holographic it’s easy to understand why KBShimmer makes another appearance on this list. This time it’s ALONG FOR THE TIDE from Summer 2016. I see shifts from pink to violet and from blue to purple.

KBShimmer Along for the Tide
KBShimmer Along for the Tide
KBShimmer Along for the Tide (direct light)
KBShimmer Along for the Tide (direct light)

Last is from Trust Fund Beauty, another brand that I’ve loved the polishes from. The one that stands out most to me is DIRTY THOUGHTS (although the pink Do U Know Who My Father Is could be the perfect cream color).

Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts
Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts
Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts
Trust Fund Beauty Dirty Thoughts

Do you have favorite polishes from 2016? Do you have one you see here that you’d love to own? —  Marcia

*most are PR samples



  1. Lyndsey R. | 28th Dec 16

    Oh my!!!! I want all of these!!!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 28th Dec 16

    Now that’s a great idea for a favorites post, Marcia. I’ve never thought of doing one. My favorite is the Essie Gel Couture that’s in my Hair & Nails Favorites post today, but it’s my favorite because it’s long lasting not because it’s the prettiest. Hard to choose a favorite but it could be the new shade from Pahlish that just arrived yesterday!

  3. Lola Seicento | 28th Dec 16

    What great picks for this favorites post!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous colors!

  4. Naked Without Polish | 28th Dec 16

    Dirty Thoughts is absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Deb E | 28th Dec 16

    Blue polish is so pretty and it reminds me I need to wear it more often.

  6. Nina | 28th Dec 16

    I love year end posts!!! Helps remind me of those beauties I still need, like that KBShimmer!!!!

  7. Phyrra | 28th Dec 16

    KBShimmer ALONG FOR THE TIDE is amazing.

  8. Kat Dinges | 28th Dec 16

    Love these picks – especially the KBShimmer!!!

  9. Kristi V BeginNails | 28th Dec 16

    Along for the Tide is stunning! My favorites of this year are all indie – I don’t think I bought hardly any mainstreams!

  10. Julie | 28th Dec 16

    So many pretties! This year I became obsessed with KBShimmer polishes!

  11. Kathryne | 28th Dec 16

    Those are absolutely pretty! KBShimmer is my top fave

  12. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 28th Dec 16

    All pretty!! The Best Mum Ever

  13. Shilpa | 28th Dec 16

    They all look fabulous – I’d love to try dirty thoughts

  14. The Jedi Wife | 29th Dec 16

    I love the variety of colours and finishes in this post! Some are so biased, and this really hits a nice mix!

  15. Rebecca Shores | 29th Dec 16

    I’ve never heard of Trust Fund beauty before, but wow Dirty Thoughts is super pretty.

  16. Stacie @ | 29th Dec 16

    Great selections! That gold is amazing!

  17. Anne C | 29th Dec 16

    I love the gold! Excited to wear the Pantone color of 2017!

  18. Beautometry | 29th Dec 16

    I like this idea! KBShimmer Along for the Tide looks like a great polish!

  19. Emily Draher | 30th Dec 16

    I love the KBShimmer polishes you included. They are always my favorites! 🙂

  20. Fairytalesnails | 30th Dec 16

    Gorgeous choices hun, I am a huge kb shimmer lover myself 🙂 happy New year x

  21. Becca | 4th Jan 17

    You’ve picked some gorgeous looking polishes as your greats! Somehow I don’t own a single one of these x

  22. Tasha | 4th Jan 17

    I need,need,need The Best Mum Ever!

  23. Lisa Heath | 5th Jan 17

    Those KBShimmers are some of my favorites!

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