KBShimmer Maybe Navy Nail Polish review and swatches

KB Shimmer Maybe Navy nail polish
KBShimmer Maybe Navy nail polish

My crush on navy nail polish continues with KBShimmer’s Maybe Navy Nail Polish ($8.75).  KBShimmer is an independent bath and body line that also has all kinds of fun and funky nail polishes that I am crazy for. The polishes are wonderfully unique shades that you just can’t find at the salon and they are very reasonably priced for this type of store.

KB Shimmer Maybe Navy nails
KBShimmer Maybe Navy nails

Maybe Navy is a mysterious deep blue with shimmer that changes in different lights. Sometimes it looks purple, sometimes it looks green, sometimes a little pink. It is amazing.

KB Shimmer Maybe Navy
KBShimmer Maybe Navy

These pics are with three coats and a top coat. I found that three coats gives the best shimmering effect. I am not sure why I am so gaga about navy nail polish lately, but this is definitely one of my favorites ever.  – Lisa


  1. Cosmetics Aficionado | 15th Jan 14

    I am fan of blue polishes too, and this one is gorgeous. 🙂

  2. AuttyW | 16th Jan 14

    Wow! That is one gorgeous blue! I don’t have any KBShimmer, but I’m hoping I can change that!

  3. Gauri | 16th Jan 14

    The blue looks gorgeous

  4. Jessica | 16th Jan 14

    This looks really lovely on you!

  5. beautyin | 16th Jan 14

    Thanks everyone! I have several other colors that I am super impressed with, including Snow Much Fun, Lilac Dreams, and Merry Pinkmas. They are so much fun!

  6. Amber | 16th Jan 14

    I love it!! I need some KB Shimmer polish in my life. 🙂

  7. Phyrra | 16th Jan 14

    I love KBShimmer! Great polishes!

  8. Aleya Bamdad | 16th Jan 14

    I love the color and the shimmer.

  9. Anastasia | 16th Jan 14

    I like KBShimmer, and this beautiful color is just another reason why I do, since I’m obsessed with blue polishes.

  10. Jess Scull | 16th Jan 14

    Love KBShimmer!!!! Great swatch!

  11. Miranda | 16th Jan 14

    I looove blue sparkle polish!

  12. Kim | 16th Jan 14

    Blue is one of my favorite colors. Love this

  13. Kimberly | 16th Jan 14

    My love for blue polishes started so long ago and seeing this one reminds me all over again of falling in love with it.

  14. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 16th Jan 14

    I am not a huge blue nail polish fan, but I will say that when they are good they are great!!! Love this one!

  15. BeautyJudy | 16th Jan 14

    I love KBShimmer! This is a great polish!

  16. Nidia | 17th Jan 14

    I love blue polishes and I love KBShimmer polishes! Navy and midnight blues are some of my fave colors to rock.

  17. Sheila (Painted Ladies) | 17th Jan 14

    I love blue, too – this looks great on you!

  18. Betzy Carmona | 18th Jan 14

    It’s very pretty

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