FABY Nail Lacquer is truly Faby

Faby Nail Lacquer
Faby Nail Lacquer

Today we have a trio of some fabulous polishes by FABY. Originally a polish only found in Italy, FABY has come to the US with over 150 colors to choose from. These long lasting, chip resistant polishes are all big 5 free and quick drying. We think you’re going to love what you see and we hope you’ll seek out these absolutely fabulous FABY Nail Lacquers ($18).


I would gladly have absconded with all three of the polishes we received but Lisa intervened and took one as her own and I don’t blame her. I still have 2 and have delightfully worn them. Miss Scarlett, I Suppose is a metallic scarlet that I wore for two solid weeks with only minor tip wear. Velvet Touch is a cream polish described as a plush purply-brown.

FABY Miss Scarlett, I Suppose
FABY Miss Scarlett, I Suppose

Miss Scarlett, I Suppose has won a place in my Top 10 polishes of the year. I love a cool red polish and having the shiny metallic finish makes it ideal.

FABY Miss Scarlett, I Suppose
FABY Miss Scarlett, I Suppose
FABY Nail Lacquer in Miss Scarlett, I Suppose
FABY Nail Lacquer in Miss Scarlett, I Suppose

FABY Velvet Touch is a great fall color. When first applied it’s very thin and takes on a reddish purple hue but with the second coat it fills in and burnishes its true beauty.

FABY Velvet Touch
FABY Velvet Touch
Faby Velvet Touch indoor light
Faby Velvet Touch indoor light
Faby Velvet Touch brighter light
Faby Velvet Touch brighter light

While it doesn’t have the charisma of Miss Scarlett, it’s a perfect example of a fall polish that will be admired. My second coat was done heavily so that I wouldn’t have to do a third and the color transformed to full coverage easily.


While Marcia’s polishes are perfect for fall, I think of my happy pink selection as a way of instantly traveling to a gorgeous beach vacation. The Ladies of Leonardo is a bright pink that I am sure most everyone would think is a strange pick for the current season…but it’s a great escape!

Faby The Ladies of Leonardo
Faby The Ladies of Leonardo

I originally thought this was a straight cream polish, but it does have a slight shimmer. I am wearing two thin coats plus a top coat. While this is a bright pink, it’s not Barbie pink so it is adult enough to be great for work…but bright enough to transport me to the Bahamas whenever I need a little stress relief.

Faby The Ladies of Leonardo
Faby The Ladies of Leonardo

With over 150 colors there is no doubt you can find a shade (or twenty!) perfect for any season and any occasion.  Head on over to the Faby website and get lost in the sea of color!

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  1. Rachel Beltz | 20th Sep 15

    Oh my lord 150 colors?! There has to be at least one duplicated..

  2. Maryann D. | 21st Sep 15

    I never heard of FABY Nail Lacquer, but the colors are absolutely wonderful. They would make any nails more attractive for sure.

  3. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 23rd Sep 15

    Scarlett is a beautiful shade! I love your picks!

  4. Destany | 23rd Sep 15

    Very pretty shades!!! I think the Scarlett one is my favorite of the 3

  5. Lola Seicento | 23rd Sep 15

    OMG, Velvet Touch is drop dead gorgeous!

  6. Carleen | 23rd Sep 15

    Love the look of Velvet Touch!

  7. Heather | 23rd Sep 15

    The pink has to be mine, so perfect!

  8. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 23rd Sep 15

    These are very pretty. Miss Scarlett looks like a glazed candy apple!

  9. Mandy Chameleon Stampede | 23rd Sep 15

    I’m with ya on the escape of a fun, bright pink! Rock it girl!

  10. Allison | 23rd Sep 15

    I’m drooling over Miss Scarlett, I Suppose though all three are beautiful.

  11. Phyrra | 23rd Sep 15

    The Ladies of Leonardo is awesome1

  12. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 23rd Sep 15

    Love these colors, Velvet Touch is gorgeous!

  13. Kath TheFabZilla | 23rd Sep 15

    My first time to hear/read about this brand. Lovely mani’s!

  14. Polarbelle | 23rd Sep 15

    oh the hot pink!!! that’s definitely my shade!

  15. Erika | 24th Sep 15

    Ooo! A new brand to stalk! The shades are pretty.

  16. Kat Dinges | 24th Sep 15

    I’ve never heard of them either but their colors look fab!

  17. Honeygirlk | 24th Sep 15

    Ms Scarlett and Velvet Touch are gorgeous. I haven’t heard of this brand before I think, so I’m amazed at how pretty these are.

  18. Bailey | 24th Sep 15

    I haven’t heard of this brand, but these look great (so glossy!) I love the depth of Velvet Touch.

  19. StephanieLouise | 24th Sep 15

    Loving the plum!

  20. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 25th Sep 15

    So many pretty shades!

  21. Lisa Heath | 25th Sep 15

    I have several of these and love them! Great quality

  22. Kendra | 26th Sep 15

    Faby is beautiful!

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