Let The Bouqs.com spoil your loved one on Mother’s Day

flowers from The Bouq.com
flowers from The Bouq.com

There are many reasons why flowers on Mother’s Day are a wonderful gift but the main one for me is the joy those flowers bring to someone, especially a mother that is living alone for a variety of reasons. A bouquet from The Bouqs will bring her a constant reminder of the love of her family.

*sent for consideration

I lost my mother in 2015 and am facing Mother’s Day without her. When I think of the things that brought her joy in the last 10 years of her life (after we lost my dad) I think of the love of her grandchildren. There wasn’t an occasion that her many grandchildren didn’t shower her with flowers for her birthday or Mother’s Day. The pleasure that was hers on those days (that spread into a week or longer) made her glow. We’d ask what she needed for those occasions and there wasn’t really anything. How many purses or sweaters or fragrances can you buy a woman in her 90’s? Her grandchildren (my kids and my nieces and nephews) live in several states but they could send Grandma a bouquet of beautiful flowers like these from The Bouqs.com.

I’d get a phone call when flowers arrived, since she always needed help opening the package, so I saw her pleasure that had started the minute the flowers were delivered, to my opening them and getting down a vase, to the loving way she arranged them in a vase. My mom had a way with plants and nurtured them; she always would get such long use out of the flowers in her bouquet by rearranging and keeping them properly fed and watered.

If I had a wish this Mother’s Day it would be to send her a bouquet from The Bouqs.com since I know how much they’d mean to her. Don’t think of flowers like these as a last minute gift. Think of them as a loving and thoughtful gesture since she’d be receiving flowers that were chosen for her, delivered fresh, and will bring a smile to her face and a lilt to her heart for days after.

One of the reasons The Bouqs.com is unusual is that you won’t find the same arrangements every time you look. They have a farm in California where they grow their flowers so the variety and types change as the weather changes and as the flowers grow. These aren’t grown in greenhouses, they are grown in nature. The Bouqs.com brings you the best of the best from Mother Nature. Some areas have Next Day Delivery but not all. Delivery is free and will arrive on the day of your choice between Tuesday and Friday. When you order they’ll ship the next day from their California coast farms to your recipients door. Almost any time you look at their website you’ll see new varieties of flowers to enjoy.

Here are some current choices:

The Bouqs.com BBQ'N
The Bouqs.com BBQ’N

BBQ’N is very special and one I know my mother would have loved. This particular bouquet was put together to help the people in Equador after the devastating earthquake. Buy this 24 rose with accents bouquet ($50) and 10% of the proceeds from these sustainable, eco-friendly roses will go towards the Ecuadorian Red Cross (http://www.cruzroja.org.ec), helping with Disaster Relief and families displaced by the earthquake.

The bouqs.com Wild About U
The bouqs.com Wild About U

Wild About U is one I’d love because it’s so unique. Surely not one their competitors would send. This contains a mixed bouquet featuring a succulent and alstroemeria, solidago, aster and more. As with all their bouquets this comes in a variety of sizes but my favorite is this $40 version. I’d have it around for weeks since the succulents will last as will the alstroemeria since they’d arrive in bud form.

Here’s my journey with The Bouqs.com:

The Bouqs.com - a box arrives
The Bouqs.com – a box arrives
The Bouqs.com - happiness
The Bouqs.com – happiness guarantee
The Bouqs.com - opening
The Bouqs.com – opening
The Bouqs.com - a sneak peak
The Bouqs.com – a sneak peak
The Bouqs.com on day 1
The Bouqs.com on day 1
The Bouqs.com on day 2
The Bouqs.com on day 2
The Bouqs.com on day 4
The Bouqs.com on day 4
flowers from The Bouq.com day 4
flowers from The Bouq.com day 4
Day 7
Day 7

As you can see I enjoyed my flowers for a week. Even after some of them were ready to be tossed there was a way to rearrange their beauty to make my kitchen look springy and fresh.

I was so pleased with The Bouqs.com and the flowers and I recently bought a voucher for one through Living Social to treat myself or my daughter-in-law. This is who I’ll turn to when flowers make the perfect gift, which they often do.

There is so much to say about their sustainability, philosophy, and freshness but I’ve kept you long enough. Their website not only is easy to order from but is rich with the information you want to know. No matter the occasion, The Bouqs.com will be ready to deliver delightful, unique, fresh flowers. —  Marcia

*sent for review, reviewed and loved with pleasure


  1. host | fashion flash | 2nd May 16

    […] Beauty Info Zone has discovered the beauty of The Bouqs.com and plans on sending a Mother’s Day gift from them this year and every year. If you want to see the most unique and fresh floral bouquets, The Bouqs is the name of the game. […]

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 2nd May 16

    Beautiful post, Marcia! I’m sorry to learn that you lost your mom last year. But I hope you will have a Happy Mother’s Day with your kids and grandkids this year.

  3. nichole C | 2nd May 16

    Mothers Day is a good day to remember all the great things about the mothers before us.

  4. Erika | 2nd May 16

    What gorgeous flowers! Your arrangements and pictures are so pretty. 🙂

    The first Mother’s Day after… (((hugs)))

  5. Shipra | 2nd May 16

    I’m so sorry for your loss! Hope you will have a wonderful Mother’s Day! <3

  6. LacquerExpression | 2nd May 16

    Sorry for your lost. And I agree, these would be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any mom. I love the idea of supporting a small business like this.

  7. Lola Seicento | 2nd May 16

    I am so sorry that you lost your mom last year. 🙁 These flowers are gorgeous, and you can certainly enjoy them in her honor!

  8. Justina | 2nd May 16

    I love fresh flowers. I just clipped some tulips out of our yard to put in a vase on the table. They are lovely.

  9. Nina | 2nd May 16

    So pretty!!!!! I’m a sucker for fresh flowers but only get them every few years. I think that needs to change!!!

  10. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 2nd May 16

    What a pretty spring bouquet–I love getting flowers!!

  11. Kat Dinges | 2nd May 16

    Such gorgeous flowers! I’d always accept them but hubby is not that into sending flowers, lol.

  12. Kath TheFabZilla | 2nd May 16

    Those are beautiful flowers! Although I’d be honest, I heard horror stories about flower deliveries, I hope this company isn’t one of them

  13. Destany | 2nd May 16

    I’m sorry for your loss!

  14. Lisa Heath | 3rd May 16

    My boyfriend has been using Bouqs for my flowers since they were on Shark Tank and we haven’t been disappointed yet. I’m sorry for your loss.

  15. Mai | 3rd May 16

    I really like the Wild About U Bouquet, it’s such a nice spin on the usual flower arrangement.

  16. Stacie @ wacie.com | 3rd May 16

    These arrangements are lovely! There’s nothing like fresh flowers in the house. I’m sorry your lost your mother, but I think you remember her here in a sweet and beautiful way.

  17. Nidia - Lit From Within | 3rd May 16

    I’m sorry for your loss. My own parents are very ill right now, and I’m still having a hard time with the idea of Mother’s and Father’s Day without them. Some lovely flowers do bring a bit of cheer, though!

  18. Melissa | 3rd May 16

    The flowers are beautiful….as is this tribute to your mother.

  19. Emily Draher | 3rd May 16

    Those irises are just gorgeous! Sending lots of love your way as you face Mother’s Day without your mom. I know how painful that can be. <3

  20. Anastasia | 3rd May 16

    Flowers are definitely a great way to show mom you care 🙂 So beautiful!

  21. Honeygirlk | 3rd May 16

    I am a HUGE fan of Bouqs… one of my all time favorites. When a company can send something to me from Equador and it arrive looking as beautiful as the day it was picked… yes, I’m all about that. I have had such great experiences from Bouqs and order from them all the time. For mother’s day – each year since I was 7 – I have gotten my mom some form of a rose… whether a real one, a fake one, paper roses I made myself by hand, shells made to look like roses, just roses in all forms… I have done so when I found out bouqs shipped I have ordered for her the last 2 years there and love it and she loves it 😉

  22. Bailey | 3rd May 16

    The selections they offer are gorgeous! I love the succulent in the Wild About U bouquet. Hpping your Mother’s Day is a happy one *hugs*

  23. Natasha | 3rd May 16

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom. The flowers you received are gorgeous and I’m glad that the flowers bring back so many great memories about her.

  24. Kristin Bassett | 5th May 16

    I’m sorry for your loss. The flowers you were sent are gorgeous!

  25. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 5th May 16

    What gorgeous arrangements and they look perfect! Nothing worse than sending flowers and finding out they looked terrible…

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