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One month ago I reviewed MIRAKLE CREAM and I’ve had a problem ever since. Well it’s not exactly a problem but I can’t stop using it. As a beauty blogger I get sent a LOT of skincare items to test out. Some I use for 3-4 weeks and then there are some that I fall for. MIRAKLE CREAM is in that latter category.

MIRAKLE CREAM by Better Skin

MIRAKLE CREAM by Better Skin

I am crazy about Mirakle Cream (“Genius in a Jar”). It is so kind, so nourishing, so refreshing. And it has the prettiest packaging. Everything you’d expect in a best friend!

MIRAKLE CREAM by Better Skin

MIRAKLE CREAM by Better Skin

Using Better Skin Mirakle Cream you may see some of the following results:
Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
Reduced signs of aging
Improved elasticity
Improvement in collagen production
Firm, toned and tightened skin
Increase in radiance and luminosity of the skin
Increased hydration of the skin
Rapid re-hydration of the skin
Increased moisture retention in the skin
Reduction or elimination of dry, rough, scaly skin
Prevention of dry, rough, scaly skin
Decrease in hyper pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots and other related dark spots
Healing of bedsores, burns, cuts and dermatitis
Reduction or calming of eczema and psoriasis
Reduction in swelling
Reduction in stretch marks
Restoration of skin
Regeneration of damaged skin
Protection from free radicals
Reduction of inflammation
Mild Antibacterial protection
Natural low level sun block (not to be used as a primary source of sunblock)
Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Surfactant Free, Fragrance Free




Now that you’ve read why Mirakle Cream is a miracle, you can enter to win one. In honor of Beauty Info Zone’s 6th anniversary the company will send to 3 US BIZ subscribers. This is a giveaway you really want to enter.  — Marcia

Information:  The Mirakle Cream giveaway is open to US only through 11:59 May 4th. The first two options on the Rafflecopter are to confirm your subscription and to comment. After that it’s up to you how many more opportunities you want to help you win. If comments close early, email me at [email protected] and label it Mirakle Cream with your comment. That counts so you can continue on.

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  1. I think the rafflecopter form closed without my Pinterest name, I didn’t think it could but just in case it’s Jo. Sorry and thank you.

  2. I think the reduction or elimination of dry, rough, scaly skin feature sounds best.

  3. Kathy Davis says

    I would like the firm, toned, tightened skin.

  4. Michele Cupp says

    I’m most excited about the Improved elasticity from this product.

  5. Amber Deuel says

    Restoration of skin, sums up it does it all!

  6. Sandy Bonesteel says

    My favorite benefit of this cream is improved elasticity. That is something my skin could really use.

  7. Dana Rodriguez says

    Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles is my favorite benefit.I love the packaging!

  8. A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles sounds glorious!!!

  9. I love the fact that it’s paraben free!


  10. Chantelle Walker says

    reduced signs of aging! yes please! lol

  11. Reduction in stretch marks sounds like a winner to me!

  12. Birgitta Handford says


  13. Robert Shook says

    The intense of moisture to the skin!

  14. Jill Rivera says

    Guten-free, Paraben-free, Surfactant-free, Fragrance-free this mirakle cream sound like a winner.

  15. jeanette sheets says

    reduction of fine lines

  16. Paol Trenny says

    For me it would be, restoration and regeneration of damaged skin.

  17. Andrea Darst says

    Firm, toned and tightened skin always sounds good to me!

  18. I want to bounce a quarter off my toned, tightened, face! lol.

  19. Decrease in sun spots for sure….

  20. Extra hydration for my unhappy dehydrated skin sounds great to me!

  21. Shannon says

    Rapid re-hydration of the skin sounds the best to me.

  22. Firm, tone tighten…ahhh aging….

  23. Terri S says

    Firm, toned and tightened skin

  24. The Rapid re-hydration of the skin definitely sounds the best. Love it!

  25. Angela Saver says

    The reduction or calming of eczema & the regeneration of damaged skin sound the best to me! Would love to try this!

  26. Emily Benzing says

    My favorite miracle of this mirakle cream would be the reduction of dry, scaly skin. I have such an issue with the changing of the seasons.. my skin gets so dry! Would love to have this to help