The Biobliss Patch: Better than Botox?


 Are forehead wrinkles aging your look?  Well, if you have an hour, Biobliss can help.  Biobliss claims one application of their Biobliss Patch (1 patch $24.99, 2 patches $44.99, 4 patches $74.99) will dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead for 3 to 5 days.  Does it work?  Check out my before and after pictures, and you be the judge.

Biobliss Patch

 Here is the patch.  It’s a sticky pad that fits right on your forehead, dipping down to that space between your eyebrows.  The pad itself is full of great ingredients, and the round pad on the side has a green light that blinks until the hour is up.

cleanser and lotion

 Before you put the patch on, you cleanse your forehead with the Oil-Free Face Cleanser provided.  A Travel Wipe Hydrating Lotion is also included for after you remove the patch.

Before Biobliss

I definitely have forehead ‘issues’. I have horizontal wrinkles that aren’t horrible, but my vertical wrinkles between my eyebrows are certainly noticeable whether I am frowning, smiling, or have my ‘frozen in disbelief’ expression that surfaces whenever I come home from going anywhere and I survey the disaster my family created in the meantime. The Biobliss Patch does more than just put good moisturizer on your skin, it also pushes the ingredients into the skin via ion technology, two teensy super low voltage electrodes that activate the product and help it go deep into the skin. That’s why the results happen so quickly and last for a few days.

Looking more goofy than usual...

After cleansing my forehead with the Oil-free Face Cleanser and letting my skin dry completely, I applied the patch. It’s very sticky and has no problems staying on by itself. I did housework, meditated, and watched some TV while wearing this.  After an hour, I removed the patch, massaged in the remaining product, then smoothed on the Hydrating Lotion.

According to Biobliss, the patch primarily has four ingredients in it that do the work:

1.  “Hyaluronan is a carbohydrate that is naturally produced by the human body and promotes collagen synthesis, enhances tissue repair, and increases cellular hydration by binding up to 1,000 times its weight in water. As we get older, we produce less and less, reducing our skin’s ability to hold moisture. The Biobliss Patch replenishes depleted stores, creating the appearance of smoother, healthier, more youthful looking skin. The Biobliss Patch is rich in hyaluronan and gently infuses it to the skin for enhanced hydration.

2.  Peptides stimulate the “matrix” layers in the skin, primarily collagen and fibronectin. The Biobliss Patch uses a specially formulated peptide called Matrixyl 3000 that has been clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis by over 100%. This pentapeptide helps to counteract the natural aging process and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3.  Moroccan Argan fruit extract or Argatensyl is a protein from the Argan fruit tree, which grows only in the south of Morocco. The oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit and has been used for centuries by local populations for skin and hair care. Clinical studies have demonstrated its immediate skin tightening and wrinkle reducing effect.

4.  Vitamin B5 plays a vital role in many functions of the body. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body, reducing cellular damage caused by reactive oxygen species. It also promotes tissue healing and moisturizing. While vitamin B5 is contained in many food sources including eggs, nuts, whole grains, legumes, and fish, it can also be applied topically for absorption by the skin where it promotes local moisture uptake and hydration to improve the skin’s appearance.”

It all sounds good, but does it work? Here’s my before picture again, immediately followed by my after picture so you can see for yourself:

Before Biobliss

Biobliss after

 Does it work?  YES.  I am not even smiling in the first picture, and I am in the second one – which normally doubly increases the depth of my wrinkles.  Unbelievable.  I couldn’t help but smile at the results.

If you have a big event or a date with your significant other, the Biobliss Patch is a wonderful at home treatment that will help you look especially good.  It works, it really works!!  – Lisa

*pr sample



  1. Muge Celik says:

    Lisa; I think you said it stays like that couple days. is that right? so this solution is not permanent solution. it is for just looking good couple days.. your before and after pictures shows perfectly. and also thanks for the detail pictures.

  2. beautyin says:

    Hi, yes Muge you are absolutely correct. This is not a permanent solution, it lasts for three to five days. I found my results were right in that time frame. But when you want a quick fix for a night out or a big event, it’s just perfect – and a whole lot less than a Botox treatment. 🙂

  3. Alison Simmons says:

    Great before and after pictures. I like seeing real results on real people. Thank you!

  4. Sounds less painful than Botox too. I was bruised the only time I was brave enough to do Botox so I won’t do it again.

  5. Thanks very much for the balanced review – I love it when reviewers include pictures!

  6. Where can I purchase the patches?

  7. beautyin says:

    Hi, if you go here:
    Biobliss will email you a list of salons and spas near you that sell these products.

  8. I had fantastic results with the BioBliss patch too. Di you know they have one for crow’s feet too?

  9. My forehead wrinkles are one of my major concerns so this kit would be great for me. Nice photos you can tell it really works!


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