Kypris Pot of Shade- skincare plus protection

Krypis Pot of Shade

Krypis Pot of Shade

I’d like to introduce my good friend Phyllis who has volunteered to write some reviews for Beauty Info Zone. Phyllis is one friend who really understands my obsessions. She’s changing all her skincare to natural and organic products and has a new philosophy about what she’s willing to use on her face. Her philosophy of buying lipsticks galore hasn’t changed though and hopefully I can get her to share some of her favorites with us. Today Phyllis is sharing her love of Krypis Pot of Shade so be prepared to fall in love yourself.  –  Marcia

Krypis Pot of Shade

Krypis Pot of Shade

As you can see, my pot of Krypis Pot of Shade is very well loved. I’ve been using it non-stop for over a month. I know it’s expensive at $68 but this Krypis cream is a 3-in-1 product. It’s a moisturizer, sunscreen (full spectrum SPF30) and a makeup primer.  Although it’s $68 US, I look at it this way- I’m really spending $23 for each benefit and saving room on my shelf.  Instead of three products, I only need one.

The Detox Market says: KYPRIS Beauty is a luxurious line of holistic, high-performance skincare boasting organic, wildcrafted and sustainably grown ingredients for gorgeous results and a beauty-full experience. All formulations are 100% natural and nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, packaged in glass and never tested on animals. KYPRIS delivers a plethora of nourishing phytonutrients and the best of green science for luminous, petal-soft skin to enhance the luscious experience of being you.

Krypis Pot of Shade

Krypis Pot of Shade

According to the Kypris website:  Pot of Shade Heliotropic “A multifunctional, translucent veil of non-nano, broad spectrum SPF 30 and moisturizing botanicals to prime skin for daily radiance.

Here are the benefits of Pot of Shade Heliotropic: Offers gentle, yet effective protection from UVA and UVB * Enhances skin to appear more plump, smooth, and luminous * Non whitening * Plays well with other KYPRIS skin care and makeup * Free from essential oils to accommodate reactive, sensitive skin,  Calming, soothing, non-irritating”

There are many natural ingredients that are combined to make this cream stand out.

ZINC Non nano, non-irritating, sustainably sourced zinc for broad spectrum SPF 30 protection against sun damage.

SWEET IRIS STEM CELLS Enhance the skin to appear more plump, smooth, and luminous.

TAMANU An organic, co-op grown seed oil imparts a beautiful glow.

CHAPARRAL One of Earth’s oldest living plants yields a wildcrafted extract rich in botanical wisdom and lignans that impart an antioxidant-like effect.

SUNFLOWER These local, organic heliotropes deliver a wealth of fatty acids and beta carotene.

PROBIOTICS for deliciously hydrated skin.

SEA ALGAEA burst of soothing hydration for soft, supple skin as you bask in the Beauty of your days…potofshadeKrypis Pot of Shade cream has a gel-like texture that melts smoothly into my skin. I never look greasy or oily after application. It layers beautifully both over serums and under makeup. Its pale blue tint gives me a wonderful luminous and brightening effect and its light scent dissipates after a few seconds. Let’s not forget the importance of a good full spectrum spf30 which is all the protection I really need. I think (and you know we skincare enthusiasts are a fickle bunch) this could be Holy Grail status.

Kudos to Kypris for a Kick-ass Kream.

Krypis is available on their website and at The Detox Market.

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  1. If you think of it as a 3 in 1, it is well priced.

  2. Great review! I am certainly going to check this product out. Would love to hear more about this type of skincare. My face is very dry, mature aka old! And also need a good exfoliater.