How much do we have in common? Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan

Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan
Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan

We all have our own personal likes and dislikes. I am continually fascinated with the concept of false-consensus effect. False-consensus effect is a fancy psychology term that means that people tend to assume most people like/dislike/believe/do whatever it is they themselves like/dislike/believe/do. Marcia and I are partners and created Beauty Info Zone together, but we have very different preferences within our common love for cosmetics. She loves BB/CC creams and pale lippies…I love full coverage foundation and bronzer. We are both crazy about cosmetics, but it never fails to amaze me how different our taste is when it comes to products!       

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With that in mind, before I tell you that the Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan ($30) is a perfect facial tanner, here are my personal preferences so you can see right away if we have a lot in common.

  1. I love multi-tasking products.
  2. I love vanilla scents.
  3. I love great skin care products with cutting edge ingredients.
  4. I love self tanners.

If you have similar preferences – because I promise I won’t just ASSUME that you do! – you should definitely read on as Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan has everything you could want in a self tanner.

Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan

Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan

Fresh Face Tan was designed for use by those with even the most sensitive skin. This isn’t just a self tanner, it’s also very effective skin care. Check out these ingredients:

Optimum Complex-30, a breakthrough ingredient containing DHA and Melanin while working with your own pigmentation for smooth, long-lasting color that looks like an island vacation tan  

Ginkgo Biloba, packed with antioxidants, to brighten and energize the skin

Peptides that promote collagen production

Aloe Vera that retains the skin’s natural moisture

Vitamins D & E, Green Tea, and Broccoli Seed, the latest antioxidants in skin care that work to prevent skin damage

Fresh Face Tan is a lightweight moisturizer that gives a medium tan. It has a delicious vanilla scent that sadly dissipates in about an hour…I wish it hung around longer! The tan develops in about three hours, so I usually use this at night before bed.The great ingredients are wonderful for my skin and I wake up with glowy skin that looks naturally tanned.

several shades darker with Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan
several shades darker with Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan

While I often assume that most people are just like me, I know that we all have our own likes and dislikes. If you are like me, then you are in for a real treat when you pick up Xen-Tan Fresh Face Tan. You can find it at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Ulta stores nationwide. – Lisa

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  1. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 3rd Mar 16

    A self-tanner that smells like vanilla!? I’m sold.

  2. Paula | 3rd Mar 16

    I personally don’t care for self tanners. But we have the other 3 in common! In fact my Bestie and I were talking last night about how very different we are and that people just don’t understand how we can even like each other! Pretty strange,huh?

  3. Xena | 4th Mar 16

    Self tanner that doesn’t smell horrible sounds amazing.

  4. Lola Seicento | 11th Mar 16

    I don’t really use self-tanners, but this one definitely sounds good.

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 11th Mar 16

    I’m not a self-tanning person, but this one sure looks great on you. And vanilla, of course

  6. Bailey | 11th Mar 16

    I’ve never tanned my face, but if I were to, I’d use this. It looks so natural!

  7. Julie | 11th Mar 16

    I recently fell in love with gradual tanners, but even then I’ve always been scared to use them on my face. This looks so great on you!

  8. Tiki | 11th Mar 16

    I’ve never tried a gradual tanner on my face. I normally use them on my arms and legs.

  9. Erika | 12th Mar 16

    I like a gradual tanner for face in the warmer months, this one sounds like something I’d like.

  10. Lisa Heath | 12th Mar 16

    I’m always so scared to use products like these! I really need to give them a try!

  11. Honeygirlk | 12th Mar 16

    Ah… that’s cool that it has a scent that is not of chemical like… I have tried so many that have that chemical like scent and it’s funky.

  12. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 15th Mar 16

    This sounds really great! I like that it has added benefits, because you usually don’t find that in self tanners. I love your glow!

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