What can Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish do for you?



When I heard that Miracle Skin Transformer created Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector visions of wonder danced through my head. There was retaliation for Albert who followed me relentlessly in 2nd grade petrifying me, making me cry and refusing to go to school.  Then there was Stacey who flirted with my boyfriend and made me jealous. Or was it the kind of “vanish” that could get rid of that high school teacher that scared the bejesus out of me just by looking in my direction? I’d love to have made him Vanish. And what about those pimples that came on just before that really big date? Or the extra five pounds that made sure you couldn’t zip up those expensive new jeans? Ah, the dreams of Vanish!

Miracle Skin Transformer VANISH

Miracle Skin Transformer VANISH

Since this Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish couldn’t do that then I needed to see what it could do.  According to MST it’s a primer but it’s different than most of my other primers. Its purpose is to not just prep your skin for foundation but also to make pesky pores and fine lines appear to vanish before your very eyes. To give the appearance of that model-like perfect skin we all strive for. It’s a concentrated instant skin treatment that combines the power of a serum with a skin smoothing primer addressing imperfections. It does a pretty good job.

vanish directionVanish is a white silicone like gel that applies very smoothly. It gives my skin a soft touch that lasts the day. While it’s not magic, it definitely blurs the lines making my skin look more flawless. When I was testing this out, many times I applied it to just half of my face to see the difference it would make. I also tested it wearing a variety of finishes on my face. I wore it with the original Miracle Skin Transformer, with BB creams, with liquid and cream foundations, and with Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder. In each case the pores on the side of my face with vanish weren’t quite as visible. The differences were small, not enough to have people call me out for being “two faced” but they were there.



Using this is easy, it’s in a pump tube which is different than most. It took a minute to get it primed but soon a small amount pumped out. You don’t want to waste product and this pumps out just enough  to cover both cheeks and my nose. If I want to put it on my whole face then I can just use a second pump. Vanish is also easy on my nose. I really don’t notice a scent.

According to Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector will boost collagen production and improve elasticity. LONG TERM skin benefits: This concentrated skin treatment utilizes the latest in skin treatment technology with highly stabilized Vitamin C + Ergothionine – a super antioxidant duo, along with Sesame, Grapefruit and Lupine extracts. The skin penetrating serum addresses the quadruple threat of aging concerns: fine lines/ wrinkles, sun damage/environmental stress, dark spots and dullness.

To me the purpose of foundation is to rid my face of all that annoys me – redness, broken blood vessels, uneven complexion and crater like pores. I don’t care if it’s an illusion if it makes me look and feel better. Vanish helps with that illusion. It gives my skin enough added smoothness to look more refined. It helps to Vanish the imperfections. Now if it could only help to vanish my Visa bill then it would be perfect. Another great addition to the family of products created by Sarah McNamara for Miracle Skin Transformer.  — Marcia

*pr sample


  1. This looks interesting. I love MST and I hope this works as good for me as the other stuff!

  2. Hi Eugenia, MST is a great line. Almost everything I’ve tried has been wonderful. I love the feel of Vanish and how it looks with my foundation.

  3. This is one of the products from the line that I have really wanted to try, so I was glad you reviewed it!

  4. @Moxie, it’s different than I expected it to be – better actually.

  5. Someone graciously gave me a small sample of the original Miracle Skin Transformer and I love it, it’s one of the very few things that doesn’t cause me to break out. So,, since I love that product so much I bet this one would be a winner too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bonnie, Miracle Skin Transformer keeps getting better and better. I squeeze out every last drop of most products I have.