Non-caloric sweets for stockings and more: Macarons by Milk & Sass

Milk & Sass Macarons

Not everyone loves macarons but I do. Give me a pistachio, almond, or chocolate macaron and I’ll do somersaults for you. I love their sweetness. Whether you are with me or not you can indulge in a different type of macaron with Milk & Sass.

Milk & Sass lavender Macaron

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This palm size beauty is a brush and mirror combo that will fit very nicely in a stocking or wrapped for a gift. Imagine the surprise when opened since your giftee is going to want to take a bite.

Milk & Sass Macaron

The MACARON is a detangling hairbrush & compact mirror that’s adorable for purse or home. My husband looked at it and wanted it in the shower since he loves a shower brush. In my new gray and white bath this lavender one will look great (though I’ll keep the mirror out of the shower). Available in 6 shades meaning I could be nice and get him the black one while I keep the pretty pink, green and lavender. But it’s my shower too so the lavender will do just great.

Milk & Sass Macaron

Here’s what Milk & Sass has to say about their brush: Superior tangle taming, minimal breakage, maximum shine. Sturdy bristles work on every hair age, type, and texture. Here’s what I have to say: right on! I love the way this feels on my scalp and how it easily it glides through my hair. This sturdy brush and mirror are perfect for your purse too since it won’t open up. It’s lightweight, comes in those 6 great colors and is a great addition to my bath and purse.The pink one instantly jumped into my purse.

Milk & Sass Macaron

Get yours in store at Urban Outfitters, the Milk & Sass website (where there’s a stunning gold one!) or even easier online at Amazon. There’s still time for it to arrive before Christmas too. What color do you want? I’ll take one in Raspberry too! —  Marcia


  1. Allison | 19th Dec 17

    How absolutely adorable! Perfect stocking stuffer idea

  2. Deborah Caudill | 19th Dec 17

    This is such a cute idea. Everyone needs to have a brush and mirror in their purse, but there never seems to be enough room in my purse for everything I may need to carry in my purse. This little macaroon takes care of the space problem and does it in an adorable way.

  3. Lola Seicento | 19th Dec 17

    I have a couple of these and absolutely adore them!

  4. Amber Ludwig | 19th Dec 17

    How convenient and so super cute!! Perfect for carrying in your purse or gym bag!!

  5. Kathryne | 19th Dec 17

    These are cute holiday stocking stuffers

  6. Kristi V BeginNails | 19th Dec 17

    Cute packaging! I didn’t know what they were at first and saw what was inside and was thinking – perfect I need this in my purse! 🙂

  7. susan byrne | 19th Dec 17

    I love this! I went to Amazon and put it on my Wish List. I’ll take any color.

  8. Erika | 19th Dec 17

    That brush is too cute! It would be perfect for my handbag.

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 19th Dec 17

    These are so cute!

  10. Bailey | 19th Dec 17

    SO cute! I love the periwinkle shade too.

  11. Polarbelle | 20th Dec 17

    I’d definitely want Raspberry. Or maybe seasonal gold. No definitely Raspberry. I’ve always read that these are really good.

  12. Brooke | 20th Dec 17

    Those are perfect for my holiday bag! I want the gold!

  13. 25 Sweetpeas | 20th Dec 17

    THese are fun plus don’t take much space!

  14. Babi | 20th Dec 17

    Ooh how cute are these?! They would make fun lil stocking stuffers!

  15. Courtney | 20th Dec 17

    What a cute idea for a brush!

  16. Anastasia | 20th Dec 17

    These are adorable! I wouldn’t mind getting one in my stocking this year.

  17. Ehmkay nails | 20th Dec 17

    I have these and they work great! I wish they were a bit smaller so I could put them in my purse

  18. Leslie | 21st Dec 17

    How cute! Perfect stocking stuffer!

  19. patricia caradonna | 23rd Dec 17

    Sounds wonderful on the scalp and comes with a mirror too. Perfect for my purse.

  20. Lacquerexpression | 23rd Dec 17

    I love this clever and cute design!

  21. Nina | 25th Dec 17

    Great stocking stuffer!!!

  22. Lisa Marie Heath | 25th Dec 17

    This would be a PERFECT stocking stuffer!

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