Let’s hear it for the boys during Fall Beauty Week at Meijer!

One reason I love the cooler air and the changing colors on the trees…Fall Beauty Week at Meijer!! There are deals galore like buy one, get one 50% off on everything from charcoal masks to body butters.


Today, however, I wanted to focus on the guys. In particular those manly men with mighty beards! My oldest child just turned 24 years old and he has the biggest beard…I can’t get over it. Somehow he went from this….

to this….

…seemingly overnight. Luckily there are tons of great options for him at Meijer, which is perfect since he is a poor college student and can use every bargain there is! These are the lines and the items that really peaked his interest:

  1.  Old Spice:  Guys go crazy for this stuff. My husband loves it, my nephews fight over it, and my son steals it to take back to college every time he comes home.  Meijer sent a variety of Old Spice items and it was like a piranha feeding frenzy in my living room! I asked the men what the appeal was, and they said the scent is classically manly. You just can’t go wrong with it. Oh, and chicks dig it. Always.
    Old Spice Swagger 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner
    Old Spice Live Wire Hydrating Body Wash
    Old Spice Swagger Invisible Spray
    Old Spice Stronger Swagger Deodorant

    The Live Wire Hydrating Body Wash is the only body wash that my die-hard bar soap men will actually use – they swear by it.

    Bull Dog Skin Care for Men
  2. BullDog Skin Care for Men: my son is a very passionate young college student who cares very much about the environment and animal rights. So he was all over BullDog Skin Care, which is cruelty-free, vegan, and made with care and integrity. BullDog has fantastic skin care products and where it really shines is in the beard grooming department. The Beard Shampoo and Conditioner is so cool – it’s pretty gross when you read about how much stuff gets caught and collects in beard hair throughout the day. And the Original Beard Balm is superb, softening, conditioning, and moisturizing the beard hair.
    Bull Dog Skin Care for Men Original Deodorant
    Bull Dog Skin Care for Men Original Face Scrub and Face Wash
    Bull Dog Skin Care for Men Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner
    BullDog Skincare Original Beard Balm

    Younger guys totally dig this line – it’s a hipster’s dream come true. And you will love the way the products smell – they are just as manly and sexy smelling as Old Spice.

  3. Beard Guyz:  Oh how I love this line!! Beard Guyz knows how to do beards better than anyone. If your guy has a mighty beard, get to Meijer and pick up some of this mighty good beard grooming product. He is going to love it. The Daily Wash 35 and Beard Butter with Grotein (isn’t that hilarious??) are terrific, but the real standout is the Beard Oil 25.
    Beard Guyz Daily Wash 35
    Beard Guyz Beard Butter
    Beard Guyz Beard Butter
    Beard Guyz Beard Oil 25

    The Beard Guyz Beard Oil 25 has 25 organic oils that actually keep beard hair soft and conditioned. It really does turn an unruly facial mess into a wonderfully silky beard. It also conditions the skin, relieving any dryness and itchiness, and it doesn’t leave hands or hair greasy at all. I am very, very impressed with Beard Oil 25…and so are my guys. This is a WINNER. It comes in 7 scents including Original, Black Ice, Citrus Splash, Lake Breeze, Cedar Cove, Cool Mint, and Everest, plus Unscented. My guys love the Original scent.

There are lots and lots of great reasons to shop at Meijer during Fall Beauty Week, and hopefully you found something that might work for your guy in the excellent array of men’s products in today’s post.  Hooray for fall and hooray for Fall Beauty Week!  Happy shopping!!  – Lisa

*post sponsored by Meijer, all opinions and advice my own!


  1. Lola Seicento | 12th Oct 17

    Nice selection of picks for guys!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 12th Oct 17

    I always loved the smell of Old Spice. Glad they have so many new products for the young guys!

  3. Kathryne | 12th Oct 17

    Boys will be boys! Wait til he decides to shave his head and keep the beard! Great post

  4. Eugenia | 12th Oct 17

    Thanks for introducing me to some products for men!! I will need to get some for stocking suffers for the BF and his son!

  5. Michelle Tamasa | 12th Oct 17

    Beard care love :.D. I dunno why that’s so funny to me

  6. susan byrne | 15th Oct 17

    Some of these brands I’ve never heard of. I will have to check them out.

  7. Christy Peeples DuBois | 20th Oct 17

    I have two daughters and am not familiar with most of these products except for the Old Spice products. They do smell so good without being overpowering to me. I’ve also seen a good bit lately regarding the Bears oil. It is good to hear that men are taking care of their skin and hair/beards also.

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