Refresh your face with Nuvo Visage masks – Side by Side

Today’s Side by Side reminds us of  “Show & Tell” in elementary school. We want to “show” you how great Nuvo Visage masks are and “tell” you all about them. For us Nuvo Visage is a change from the types of masks we normally show you. This isn’t going to clean your pores, it’s not going to dry out your skin and it’s not going to moisturize your face. But what it will do is refresh you in so many ways. It’s like bringing a spa to your house and having that spa available to you any time you need it. Nuvo Visage can be used by both men and women. They can be used HOT or COLD. They offer benefits that you just won’t believe. These are non-toxic, simple to use and there’s no mess at all. They are reasonably priced and to add icing to the cake, they are reusable. Read on to see what the experience has been like for Marcia and Lisa.

Marcia’s Side Rejuvenation Gel Mask:

We received two different masks from Nuvo Visage. The masks are available in pink, clear, red and blue.  I’m reviewing a pink Rejuvenation Gel Mask ($19.95). What a delight this is even if I look like a killer in a scary movie when I put it on.  You can use Rejuvenation Gel Mask every day if you want. What you’ll see when you are done is a refreshed face that looks revitalized. While you can use this mask either hot or cold, I’ve chosen to concentrate on using it cold.

Cold therapy is used for the following:

  • Headaches – which for me means tension or migraines
  • Hot flashes – the story of my life
  • Puffiness – if you party hardy you might benefit from this even more than I do
  • Soothing your skin after too much sun or a dermalogical procedure
  • Cooling down after sports or a hot summer day

I keep this in the refrigerator in the ziplock bag it comes with (actually in my fruit drawer) so that it’s cool and available to me whenever I want to use it. I like using it early in the day or before going out in the evening because the cold helps close my pores and soften those fine lines since cold restricts blood vessels.  It attaches with velcro and conforms to your face.

I lay still between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how much time I have. When I remove it I follow up with my skin care regimen. I notice how much more relaxed and refreshed I look instantly. I love too that I can lay in bed with it on while waiting to fall asleep and not have to get up to wash something off if I don’t feel like it.

Keeping it in the fridge keeps it cool enough but not so cold that I’m anxious to get it off. It’s not like running a wash cloth under cold water and applying it because the cool sensation lasts. Nuvo Visage recommends putting the mask (in its special Ziploc bag) in the freezer for a few minutes. If I remember to do that then I don’t leave it there too long since I don’t want it to be too cold. I personally prefer it cool.

The Rejuvenation Gel Mask can also be used hot. If I want to use it hot then I’d place it in a tub of hot water for a few minutes and then use it. You then apply the thin cloth mask onto your face as a buffer. I think this will be perfect for the winter when my sinuses need some help.

Lisa’s Side Hot Ice Therapy Mask:

Like Marcia’s mask, mine can be used hot or cold.  I used mine hot since heat helps with headaches and sinus pressure.  The heat actually dilates your blood vessels, which in turn makes more blood go to the area you are heating.  Increased blood flow eases discomfort and helps to relax you – plus it also opens those pores so it increases the effectiveness of your skin care products!

Nuvo Visage

I think this mask is pretty neat.  It actually heats itself.  You just lay it flat and press down on the silver tab (see it in the lower right corner?).  The mask then heats up.  You put this liner on your face first:

I know, it looks like Charlie Brown's Halloween costume...

Then you put the mask over it and relax.  It stays comfortably hot for about a half hour.  The mask is full of thermal gel that eventually crystallizes when it gets cold.  After it gets cold, you turn it back into gel form by putting the mask into boiling water for about five minutes.  That makes the crystals dissolve back into gel, and your mask is ready to use either hot or cold.

You attach the mask via these velcro strips. Also, check out the silver tab at the bottom of the mask.

As I said, I use this mask hot primarily to relieve tension headaches, sinus pressure, and muscle aches (yup, I strap it on to my neck or shoulders or calves, whatever needs attention!)  I don’t use it hot for migraines, cold works better for those.  Here’s what Nuvo Visage says heat can help:

• Pollen Allergies

• Sinus Pressure

• Congestion

• Head Colds

• Nerve tension

• Headaches

• Heats the body up during winter outdoor activities

This is an extremely handy product to have around for any sort of aches and pains.

If we didn’t love Nuvo Visage for their incredible products, we’d love it for their creator and owner Helenya: “The Founder of Nuvo Visage is not only passionate about helping one achieve a beautiful complexion but is also passionate about animals, having worked with all kinds from the household pets to the exotic wild cats, has pledged to use the profits from this product to help its locale no kill shelter to expand their premises, so that they are able to take in more homeless animals and give the animals living there more room and outside facility to thrive and maintain a healthy existence while waiting to find a forever home. The Founder also raises money to provide people who cannot afford to spay/neuter their pets with free spay/neuter.”

Do yourself a favor and purchase one or both of these masks and see what a difference it makes. It would make a nice gift for the father that has everything. He might just learn a thing or two.

*pr samples