A wonderful masque from Solstice Scents

Today we have a guest review for you from a great friend who adores bath and body products. Beth has been raving about Solstice Scents for a long time so we finally convinced her that we need a review of this great Etail company. We think after reading this that you’ll want to hear more from Beth, just let us know in the comments.


Solstice Scents Oatmeal, Coconut Milk & Honey Masque


Every so often, I get excited about a product. Sometimes it’s because it works great, or it’s fun to use, or it’s a great value. In this case, Solstice Scent’s Oatmeal, Coconut Milk, and Honey Masque is all three! Solstice Scents is an excellent bath, body, and facial products etailer and I’ve placed many orders with them. Last year I decided to try this masque and I am so glad I did.

I am in my mid-forties and my skin has gone from the oiliness of youth, to combination, and now is on the dry side especially in winter. In this summer’s heat, I still have my combination skin days. I have to be very careful when I shop for facial products as my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. I’ve had more than one facialist tell me I have the most sensitive skin they’ve ever seen, so this is a professional opinion as well. I read the Solstice Scent’s ingredient list for this masque and figured with ingredients such as coconut milk, honey powder, green tea powder, and French green clay it was worth a try. (Minus the clay, the ingredient list read almost like a menu!)

Solstice Scents masque open

The masque arrives in a pretty cobalt blue PET phthalate free plastic jar which is easy to open and to seal tightly. One of my favorite aspects of this masque is that you make it fresh each time you use it. When preparing the masque, make sure you have enough of the powder available to use. I use an amount about the size of a half dollar coin and pour it into my left hand, and then let a few drops of water drip onto the powder before mixing to get the desired consistency. Another thing that is great about this masque is that you truly can’t screw it up! You simply add more water or powder until the masque is slightly sticky. During this time, you’ll be wowed by the fragrance of the masque—a delectable blend of honey and coconut. It isn’t overly strong, and smells WONDERFUL and instantly lifts my mood.

Solstice Scents masque open

I apply the masque to slightly damp skin and let it sit on my skin five to ten minutes before hopping into the shower to rinse it off. I like to use creamy cleanser after rinsing the masque. When I look in the mirror my skin looks refreshed, even in skintone, and like I’ve had a (sadly temporary) mini-face lift. This is a great product for temperamental skin. I primarily use it all but during the winter when my skin is at its driest. If I had my oily skin of youth, I’d use it year-round, without a doubt.

Another thing that is wonderful about this masque is that it is a REAL value. It is priced at $9.00 USD for four ounces of product. One jar will probably give you many, many applications so it costs pennies per use. I’ve had my jar slightly over a year and it’s still in as good as shape as when I received it.

The next time you want a real treat for your face—on so many different levels—try this masque! And if you love bath and body products, you really should let a few other Solstice Scent products hop into your cart while buying the masque. The scents are unique and their quality is outstanding. — Beth

Good enough to eat

INGREDIENTS: Coconut milk, Organic Oatmeal, Honey Powder, Collodial oatmeal, pomegranate powder, rose clay, green tea powder, carrot powder, french green clay, lavender flower powder, orange peel powder, peppermint powder, hand crushed lavender buds.

The pomegranate powder also contains CORN STARCH to keep it from clumping and caking and the Honey powder contains Maltodextrin for the same reason.


  1. I love finding independent etailers like this. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. beautyin says:

    I know, isn’t it great when one is brought to our attention like this. Our guest reviewer buys a lot from Solstice Scents so I’m sure their products are terrific.

  3. Kristi C. says:

    I haven’t tried their skincare yet but I love their perfume oils, dry oil spray & body ganache!

  4. Great review from Beth. I’ve never heard of Solstice Scents, so thank you for the review masque!

  5. I always find out out about new and exciting companies from BIZ! The value on this mask seems outstanding. I’m browsing some of the other summer products on the site and I think I’m in love with the Summer Garden Whipped Soap!

  6. I hope Beth does more reviews as she really knows her bath and body products.