Top Ten Tuesday shares top 10 mascaras

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday. To start 2014 we’ve decided to show off our favorite mascaras. I’m sort of like a broken record so there will be a lot you’ve seen before. I’m more than willing to try many mascaras – the more the better actually – but these are the ones I’ve bought again and again which is why they are on this list. I actually only have 8 mascaras on this list and 2 tools. Without these two tools you’d never even see my eyelashes so they had to be included. Sorry if you think that’s a cheat but I they are just as important as these mascaras.

1. Tweezerman Pro-Curl Eyelash Curler *- this is one of several favorites actually. I also recommend eyelash curlers from Kevyn Aucoin, Shiseido and tarte cosmetics. My lashes grow down but using an eyelash curler that doesn’t pinch keeps them curled all day with this group of mascara.

2. Senna Voluptous Lash Mascara *- I love this brush with its helix shape. The first time I used it I didn’t think it was that unusual but as time went on I learned to love it more and more. It will be a sorry day when I have to toss this one.

3. It Cosmetics Hello Lashes – are you tired of me talking about it? Then buy it and see for yourself why I’m so crazy about it. It’s a primer, a lash serum, and a mascara. Plus it has that ball to make sure everything gets covered. I like it so much I was willing to show you a picture of my lashes wearing it!

4. Eddie Funkhouser Quatro Variable Lash Mascara – speaking of being tired of me mentioning something!! This mascara knocked my socks off. I love that you have 4 brushes in one when you swivel the end. I typically use setting two but I can get more dramatic if I want. Since I have to order them online I’m buying two at a time. I hope to find it locally soon enough though. For a “thrill” you can see me wearing it on Babble.

5. Armani Eyes to Kill – I love the original Eyes to Kill mascara. I wasn’t crazy about other versions but this one made me feel like I had eyelashes to contend with.

6. Marcelle Xtension Plus *- Marcelle makes some outstanding mascara. This was my second mascara from them and I’ve since bought another version that needs to be reviewed. Marcelle is a Canadian drugstore brand that is also sold online. It’s worth a little extra effort.

7. Dior Iconic Mascara – I think I’m one of the few that isn’t crazy about DiorShow. When I went to buy my second Iconic even the MA working at the counter was surprised that I liked it better than their others. It just works for me. I like definition and length in a mascara and this gives me both as you can see by the photo.

8. Marcelle Precision Volume mascara *- This is the first Marcelle I tried and raved non-stop about. I love the shape of the brush, love that it lasts the day.

Marcelle Precision Volume wand
Marcelle Precision Volume wand

9. Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara *- I have to tell the truth. When I first used this mascara I didn’t think it was that great. But I needed to review it so I kept using it to get the full picture. Then suddenly I realized that it was a terrific mascara and that was one of the best.

10. Tweezerman iLash comb – This isn’t a mascara obviously but it’s something my mascara wants me to tell you about. I don’t need to use it every day but when I need it, there’s nothing quite like it. Julia Roberts might choose to use a safety pin (in Charlie Wilson’s War) but I use the Folding ILashcomb. I lost that pretty clear one but have two more – a navy one and a pink one. That’s love!

Join my lovely Top Ten Tuesday bloggers to see what mascaras should be on your shopping list:

*some items were sent for review



  1. Pink Sith | 14th Jan 14

    I LOVE my Tweezerman lash comb. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. And I should know b/cI was there when sliced bread was invented! It’s scary with the pointy tines, but works like a charm! Now I have a ton more mascaras to add to my “try it” list!

  2. Alllacqueredup | 14th Jan 14

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that loves DiorShow Iconic more than the original. People think I’m crazy too.

  3. beautyin | 14th Jan 14

    All Lacquered Up – we all have such different eye shapes and needs. I’m glad to know I have a pal in this.

  4. Phyrra | 14th Jan 14

    I used to love the MUFE mascara!

  5. Teri | 14th Jan 14

    Nice list Marcia. I couldn’t live without a lash curler.

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 14th Jan 14

    Marcia, I remember having a conversation about MUFE Smoky Extravagant with you–glad you came around to MY side!

  7. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 14th Jan 14

    You totally have me lemming the Eddie Funkhouser now!

  8. beautyin | 14th Jan 14

    @Brooke, I’m a cheerleader for Eddie Funkhouser. I don’t know what it is about this mascara but I can’t help but rave about it.

  9. beautyin | 14th Jan 14

    @Cindy – I didn’t love the MUFE at first but as time went on it became a love. That happened to me with Chanel Inimitable too. Sometimes they just need to age a little to work on my eyes.

  10. beautyin | 14th Jan 14

    Teri, without a lash curler I might as well forget about mascara. It’s a necessity.

  11. beautyin | 14th Jan 14

    @Pink Sith, I remember looking at the Tweezerman lash comb over and over before I finally bought it. Now I can’t stand being without.

  12. Nancy | 14th Jan 14

    Add me to the Dior Iconic Fan Club, lol! Ugh! Just realized I forgot Eyes to Kill! Love that one! Nice list!

  13. Lucy Laverne | 15th Jan 14

    Eddie Funkhouser Mascara all the way!!! I can’t live without a lash curler either – maybe Eddie will create one for us!!!!!

  14. MaryAnn Casey | 15th Jan 14

    My favorite is Korres Volcanic Mineral. It’s $20 but worth it, worth it, worth it!

  15. Renu | 15th Jan 14

    Your post has given me so much to put on my want-to-try list, including the lash comb! And the Tweezerman curler doesn’t pinch? Must try!

  16. Destany | 15th Jan 14

    I guess I need to invest in a lash comb hahah I never paid attn before, but I’m fairly certain it would help!

  17. BeautyJudy | 15th Jan 14

    Great list, and full of things I have not tried yet. I look forward to using this list to experiment! Having to toss our mascaras every three months means lots of opp to try!!!

  18. Anastasia | 15th Jan 14

    Marcelle mascara looks very interesting, I really need to try it 🙂 Thank you for sharing this list!

  19. Lisa Heath | 15th Jan 14

    Awesome list! I love mascara and see some I’ve never tried!

  20. Miranda | 15th Jan 14

    I really need to try this Eddie Funkhouser brand.. I can’t seem to find it anywhere near me and have only heard about it on your blog!

  21. Eddie Funkhouser | 15th Jan 14

    @ Marcia & @Brooke, you make me blush with such kind words! Love you ladies – and I’m so honored to be part of this list! xoxo Eddie

  22. jbrobeck | 15th Jan 14

    I’m not a fan of DiorShow either. I liked Iconic, but as a first layer rather than on its own.

  23. Natalie F | 15th Jan 14

    Once you use a good mascara curler, you will never go back. I love my Lancome curler and my Tarte one. I’ll have to try some of these, I have a really hard time finding mascara I like. I hope they carry brown!

  24. Jess Scull | 15th Jan 14

    Hello Lashes is such a must have for me – great picks!

  25. Kath TheFabZilla | 15th Jan 14

    Great picks! I must say I like your upper lashes! I can never make mine curled that way!!!

  26. Farryn | 15th Jan 14

    This is a wonderful list, although I haven’t ever tried most of these because I’ve always stuck to the same mascara for years.

  27. Justina | 15th Jan 14

    Great choices. I’m a sucker for new mascara. I’m always picking one up…today I bought the Too Faced Better Than Sex because I’m hearing everyone rave about it. I brought it all the way to the counter and realized that it was included in the Beauty Blogger Darlings kit which was a few dollars less, so I just purchased that instead.

  28. Lisa Chakan | 15th Jan 14

    Yeah, let me chime in all sixty seven shades of enthusiasm for the Tweezerman lash comb! Forget about pins and needles. THIS thing is the bomb!

    I love your Tuesday Top 10’s. True story: It makes a crappy day soooo much brighter!!!! LOLOLOL.

  29. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    @Lisa Chakan, will you marry me? Or at least go steady? I knew I was cheating with the lash comb but I can’t talk about mascara without it!

  30. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    Ooh Justina, now you have me tempted with the Beauty Blogger Darlings kit. I want that mascara so a kit would be great.

  31. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    @Farryn, before I was a blogger I wore the same mascara too. I found one that didn’t smudge so I stuck with it. Now I’m all over the place and loving it.

  32. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    Hi Jess, I love It’s Hello Lashes. It’s gracing my eyes as I type.

  33. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    Hi Natalie, it’s really hard to find a great brown mascara. My DIL needs brown and it’s not often she finds one. I am pretty sure the Butter London makes one but I haven’t tried their mascara yet. Lancome and L’Oreal make some good brown ones.

  34. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    @Miranda, I’m a broken record about Eddie Funkhouser mascara. Try Urban Outfitters if you don’t want to buy online. I haven’t been to a mall in months but that’s one of my destinations if I get to the mall that has one.

  35. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    Thanks Lisa Heath. I’ve got a list myself from the other bloggers.

    Anastasia – you are from Canada so you absolutely have to try Marcelle. I think it’s amazing. I haven’t been to Windsor in a long time but when I can get there again I’m stocking up.

  36. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    @Beauty Judy – I’m guilty of having 2 to 4 mascaras open at the same time so I’m always trying new ones.

    @ Destany and @Renu, you are commanded to buy a lash comb. Seriously though don’t waste money on any but Tweezerman.

  37. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    Hi Mary Ann, I don’t think I realized that Korres even made mascara. Thanks for the mention.

  38. beautyin | 15th Jan 14

    YEA Lucy Laverne!! I’m excited to find a fan of Eddie Funkhouser mascara too. I’m not alone!

  39. Kimberly | 15th Jan 14

    I want to try some new mascara and your list is great fodder for learning more.

  40. Ange | 15th Jan 14

    Great picks! Just added some newbies to my list!

  41. Nidia | 15th Jan 14

    I keep hearing all these wonderful things about IT cosmetics. Maybe it’s time to pick some up! Great reviews.

  42. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 15th Jan 14

    Hello Lashes and ETK are my two ALL TIME favorite mascaras! 😉 We agree on so much!

  43. Harshleen | 16th Jan 14

    Great list! The only one I have tried from this is the It Cosmetics Hello Lashes and love it!

  44. Sheila (Painted Ladies) | 16th Jan 14

    I really need to try the Make Up For Ever mascara!

  45. Mysty | 18th Jan 14

    I absolutely adore Marcelle cosmetics, especially their blushes and shadows. Have never tried their Mascaras though, and now I will! Thanks for recommending them! They make stunning products!

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