Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System review

Too Faced Better than False Lashes

A mascara that’s better than false lashes?  Sounds pretty good to me.  I love the look of falsies but never seem to have the time to put them on.  So how does Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System ($35, exclusively available at Sephora) measure up? 

Two different tubes for three steps

 Better Than False Lashes is different from most mascaras.  It comes with two tubes – one is the base and top coat, the other is nylon fibers that build up the lashes, making them longer and thicker.

Prime, build, and seal!

 It’s definitely not your average mascara.  There are three steps:

Activating Mascara Base and Top Coat

1. First, you prime your lashes with the gold tube black mascara.  This gets lashes wet and ready for step two.  I found it made my lashes look darker, longer, and thicker, like a regular mascara, but they weren’t super dramatic – yet.

Nylon Lash Fibers

2.  Next, you go over your mascara-laden lashes with the Nylon Lash Fibers.  The fibers stick to the wetness of the mascara and build up longer, thicker lashes. 

 Once you do this, your lashes look like a furry white caterpillar things.  It’s an interesting look, for sure.

And then apply the mascara one more time

3.  For the third step, you apply the mascara over your lashes one more time.  The mascara makes the fibers meld together, and it covers the white cast, so you are left with super thick, super long lashes because they have these fiber extensions.  Do they look as dramatic as false eyelashes?  Not quite, but they sure do look much thicker and longer than regular mascara creates. 

Lashes definitely thicker and longer than usual

 If you close your eyes tightly, you will find that the upper and lower lashes sort of stick together.  That was the only drawback I found to this system.  Otherwise, it was very easy to apply, the look was dramatic and buildable – I did a quick, daytime-drama look here, but you can go even more dramatic if you want.  For those with thin, short lashes this is going to be a miracle product. 

Almost better than falsies…

I really like the system, it doesn’t interfere with my contacts and it doesn’t smudge or smear, either.  The next time you are in Sephora, or are making an online order, you definitely want this set in your basket.  – Lisa


  1. Your eyes are gorgeous! Good to know how well this works. x

  2. I’ve been reading great reviews of this. You put me over the edge and I used my VIB code at Sephora to order this. I hope my lashes look half as good as yours.

  3. The fibers scare me a little… BUT this looks really really interesting!

  4. What a weird concept. I definitely have to try it though!

  5. The product seems promising.

  6. Everytime I see someone use something like those fibers I want to try them but I just chicken out. I guess I might have to try it once in my life or my lashes haven’t lived up to their full potential!

    You’re gorgeous as usual Lisa! xoxo