I got Tyra mail! B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extension System

about_bgI have admired Tyra Banks forever and of course watched every season of America’s Next Top Model. I was sooo excited to try her cosmetics line, which is all about beauty (something I strive for), business (cause women are a force to contend with), and badassery (because who doesn’t want to be BAD ASS??).                                                                                                                         pr sample

Tyra Beauty BIG Lashes System

My first review is for Tyra’s B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extension System ($50). Yup, it’s easy now to smize with this lash thickening and extending system. I’ve tried silk extensions before, and while they gave me better lashes, they also gave me some issues with my contact lenses, so I was hoping Tyra’s would be more eyeball friendly.

B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extension System

B.I.G. stands for Beyond Insanely Ginormous. This two-part system includes B.I.G. Lashes Extending Mascara and B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extensions. First, you apply the Silk Extensions from mid-lash upward. This is so important…the silk fibers lengthen lashes, but by avoiding the root of the lashes, silk fibers don’t into the eyes.

B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extension System

After the first silk fiber application, you apply the Extending Mascara from root to ends. This mascara has a thin brush, and the formula thickens and separates lashes. Follow with the Silk Extensions again from mid-lash to top, and then one more coat of the Extending Mascara. Oh yes, lashes are super long, super thick, and just plain super. Plus, NO smudging!!

Tyra Beauty BIG Lashes

B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extensions is an improvement on the silk extensions of old because it has a conditioning primer than fuses the silk fibers to lashes, so there isn’t that fallout. It also doesn’t dry out lashes – in fact, it has conditioning ingredients that improve lash health.

Wearing Tyra Beauty Big Lash Silk Extension System
Wearing Tyra Beauty Big Lash Silk Extension System

I am definitely impressed with the Tyra Beauty Big Lash Silk Extension System. If you want big, thick, fat lashes that are about as long as you can get them, be sure to try this out.  – Lisa

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  1. Lola Seicento | 30th Jun 16

    Wow, that is one mascara that really delivers!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 30th Jun 16

    It definitely worked!!

  3. Shipra | 30th Jun 16

    Oh wow, that is amazing! Your eyes are so gorgeous! <3

  4. Babi | 1st Jul 16

    OMG! Those results are mindblowing! I gotta try this ASAP!

  5. Lisa Heath | 1st Jul 16

    I really love mascaras like this!

  6. Bailey | 1st Jul 16

    Wow, your lashes look great! I would totally try this. I just got a tube of fibres from Milani to test out. Hopefully my results are comparable.

  7. Honeygirlk | 1st Jul 16

    Wow – I need to give this mascara a whirl… those results, wow! 🙂

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