Makeup Wars – Pore Relief

This week Makeup Wars has decided to focus on Skin Savers. This could be products for anything from wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles to my choice pore helpers. Even though skincare isn’t always exciting, it will be so interesting to see what the other bloggers have focused on. I can’t wait to read their posts and find ways to save my skin!

Makeup Wars - Pore Relief

Makeup Wars – Pore Relief

One of my problems is the size of my pores. Luckily no one walks around with magnifying glasses or I’d be shunned in society. As a teen I had way too many blackheads. Besides being shy as could be, I felt like this was the bane of my existence. As an adult I realize I’m lucky I had skin that oily back then because it’s kept me younger looking. But the end result is pores galore. My solution is to use products that make them look smaller and to exfoliate my skin a few times a week to keep my pores cleaner. I’ve chosen 5 of the products that I’m using to blur away this imperfection. I forgot about exfoliators so that will just have to be another time.

Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfector

Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector

KIEHL’S MICRO-BLUR SKIN PERFECTOR* – This is my newest product and I’m not ready to write a full review of it. At first I thought it was only a topical skin smoother but once I started reading about it I realized that this actually a treatment too. I haven’t used it long enough to see how it works over time but I’m enjoying this as my last step before applying foundation. It’s doing a good job in blurring my pores.

Mally Poreless Pore Defender (old packaging)

Mally Poreless Pore Defender (old packaging)

MALLY EVERCOLOR PORELESS FACE DEFENDER – I’ve mentioned this many times since it’s one of my most used products ever. I’m on my third one and that’s almost gone. I first received it in a QVC kit I bought and before it was gone, I purchased another. I use this over all my face makeup to help look as poreless as possible. The sponge it comes with is wonderful, just be careful not to use too much.

Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish

Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish

PURELY COSMETICS DIAMOND PERFECT FINISH * – I use either the Mally Face Defender or Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish powder every day without fail. Not only does this very finely milled powder set my makeup for an entire day, it also helps blur imperfections. I’m in love with this powder as well as the Pre-Fixx Face Primer I talked about in my indie company review.

Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish

Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish

MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER VANISH* – MST makes many great products and I love discovering them all but I think my favorite is VANISH. I didn’t realize how great this was when I first reviewed it over a year ago, but the more I use it the more I realize just how much I like it. It combines a serum with a primer to produce a gel that helps vanish fine lines and pores. In my original review I mention all the long term benefits. I’m ready for the illusion of porcelain skin with Vanish.

Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier

Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier

YOUNGBLOOD ANTI-SHINE MATTIFIER – I bought this at IMATS just before it became available to the public because I was so excited to find that one of my favorite companies had come out with a product to not only keep me shine free but also to make those pesky pores look smaller. I apply this before foundation so even though it seems similar to the Mally, it’s placement is better for me during makeup application rather than after. The packaging is great since the sponge is housed under the mattifier so it’s better for travel or taking with.

Rather than my going on for miles of more products tell me which of these you’ve used and any others that you’d recommend. Then join the other bloggers to see what Skin Savers they recommend. — Marcia


  1. I absolutely live for the Mally Face Defender. Great picks! I need to make a huge list because I am the big pore girl!

  2. This was so flattering – you’re making me beam! What a wonderful way to start the week. THANK YOU! <3

  3. I really need to get that Kiehl’s product. EVERYONE is raving about it!

  4. beautyin says

    Kelly/gouldylox – I’ve been putting on the Kiehl’s Micro-Blur even on no makeup days. I love it so far and can’t wait to see how it helps in the long run.

  5. beautyin says

    Robyn, The Diamond Perfect Finish powder is p.e.r.f.e.c.t. so it needed to be included.

  6. Mally’s Poreless Defender really is great!

  7. The Kiehl’s is wonderful!

  8. This is a great post! I love how you focused on products to make the pores disappear immediately!

  9. Really great post. You mentioned a lot of things that I havent tried yet.

  10. Great post, now I really want to try that Kiehls product.

  11. Great picks!

  12. Thanks Rebecca, I think the Kiehl’s is a standout.

  13. @Christine, I’m a little sorry I didn’t talk about exfoliants and serum that help with pores but I decided to focus on one topic.

  14. @Pammy – can’t be without that Mally.
    @Brooke – I think I soon won’t be able to be without the Kiehl’s either. So the Kiehl’s before makeup and Mally after!!

  15. I haven’t tried ANY of these products! Bookmarking this page!