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Makeup Wars is helping you get away this time around. Everyone seems to dream of a vacation in the midst of winter, whether it’s in February to get away from the snow and winds or it’s just planning what a relaxing beach would be like in summer. It’s just great to get away from the grind. But with those plans come the stress of “what do I pack?”  How do I get all this in my suitcase?

Do not pack without a variety of bags!!

Do not pack without a variety of bags!!

We’re concentrating on the beauty part of it since that’s what most of us worry about the minute a trip is planned. I have one word of advice: Ziploc!  You need Ziploc bags more than just about anything. Take it from someone who’s opened suitcases and found a suspicious wetness. What a way to start your trip! That special shampoo and/or conditioner that you can’t live without will surely spill if you don’t use a bag like a Ziploc.

Here’s what went with me on my recent California trip. First hair and skin:
1.  Decanted DermOrganic shampoo and conditioner poured into travel bottles from a set I bought at Target. Those then went into a small Ziploc bag to seal them tightly. Next I put that and some other items in a heavy duty plastic bag that some products had come packaged in.
2. A mini bottle of Moroccan Oil closed tightly and zipped into a snack size Ziploc. (I keep this and refill it for each trip.)
3.  Sample jars of Algenist skincare gotten as a gift from a sweet secret Santa.
4. A sample size of Algenist cleanser bought from their website. Plus a travel soap from wars travel skin

In other Ziploc bags:
5. My last mini bottle of Mary Kay eye makeup remover.
6. Kiehl’s toner decanted into another empty plastic bottle from the target set.
7. A Ziploc bag filled with Q-tips, DHC cotton squares and some panty liners. (oops, no pix)
8. A sample size eye cream from one of my many subscription boxes.

Eye makeup remover, eye cream, Moroccan Oil, DermOrganic decanted, glass cleaner

Eye makeup remover, eye cream, Moroccan Oil, DermOrganic decanted, glass cleaner

For my cosmetics I took two cases. First is the red soft plastic train case that was from a special purchase from Clinique.

This fits a ton of items

This fits a ton of items

I can load this up without a problem. Into that went the usual suspects: a neutral palette and one with a little more kick to it. A pink Face Stockholm powder blush. Physician Formula gel eyeliner. Mally Beauty Pore Defender. Mini sample pots with 2 different foundations which of course got put into a snack Ziploc and a MAC concealer wand. Lipstick and gloss (more than needed of course). Add to that a lip balm, Touché Eclat, mascara, a brow pencil and even my brush and comb.

PTR and Sensai foundations decanted to mini pots, MAC concealer

PTR and Sensai foundations decanted to mini pots, MAC concealer

basically unpacked after my trip

basically unpacked after my trip

I also took a Bobbi Brown mirrored case from a GWP because I always need a separate mirror and this doubled as a sturdy case for a few loved eyeshadows, Youngblood Cream blush, Tarte concealer and later my new Tom Ford lipgloss.

A gwp from Bobbi Brown that has a full size great mirror

A gwp from Bobbi Brown that has a full size great mirror

Last is tools. I’ve bought a variety of sets of travel brushes over the years and now favorites are gathered in a Smashbox kit that contains brushes from MAC,  Smashbox , Stila, philosophy, and Paula Dorf.   Lots of eyeshadow brushes, a powder brush, a blush brush, an eyeliner brush. There’s a zippered pocket that I have two tweezers in (you never know), some of the brushes, a small pencil sharpener and my Tweezerman eyelash comb. I also keep an eyelash curler. I keep this travel tool set ready to go all the time since I take it with me places that I might need to put on some makeup.

My travel brush set

My travel brush set

These go in my suitcase or carry on

These go in my suitcase or carry on

And what did my husband bring? An electric razor, a comb, an all in one body/hair wash. That’s it. But he did put his body/hair wash in a Ziploc bag – I’ve got him indoctrinated too. Luckily that leaves me room in his bag for my hairdryer and flat iron!

What’s in your travel bag? How do you pack it all? For more ideas please follow my fellow Makeup War bloggers to find out what they do. I’m sure to find some great ideas, I always do from them!! Click on their icons and join our travels.



  1. ZIPLOCS! YES! I totally forgot to mention them! Packing must-have.

  2. All my liquids go in a Ziploc – so perfect, handy and disposable. You are very organized!

  3. Totally forgot about the ziploc too. Love seeing Algenist in there too. Love that stuff!

  4. That is incredible. I could never.

  5. I try to limit my liquids because I can’t stand when something liquid breaks when I travel – ziplocs are a MUST!

  6. You are so organized! 🙂 Oh, what would we do without Ziplocs!!! 🙂 I seriously wish that I owned stock in Ziplocs! 🙂 A great assortment of items!

  7. I usually pack my clothes in ziplocks so I can fit more in, lol! I don’t even bother with bringing concealer on vacation…I tell myself the goal is to relax and get rid of the dark circles!

  8. No concealer? I don’t want to scare people away @Nancy!!

  9. @Pammy, travel stores should sell Ziplocs. They’d make more money that way.

  10. @Paula, my shampoo opened on my last trip to Florida and I was so thankful I had it in a ziploc bag which was then inside another plastic bag. Protection!! LOL

  11. @Perilously Pale – if asked what skincare I never want to be without my choices are definitely Algenist and Somme Institute.

  12. @Teri, I’m not organized at all. I procrastinate too much. But thanks for the compliment.

  13. Where would we be without our plastic @Brooke?

  14. BooBooNinja says:

    That looks like a handy travel brush case.

  15. I forgot to mention ziplocs and nail stuff and my razor! Wow that’s a lot of tools too!

  16. Ziplocks are definitely the way to go!

  17. Ziploc, duuuuh! Why didn’t I think of that? You would think I would have learned considering I’m always spilling something in my cosmetic bags when I travel.

  18. @Cindy, I forgot to mention 90% of what I bring. My first thought when writing though was the ziploc bags.

  19. @jbrobeck What did we do before they invented ziploc bags??

  20. @Brittany, I’ve used the bags for years but I really learned how much I appreciated them the last time I went to Florida. My clothes could have been ruined.

  21. @BooBooNinja – that brush case has many miles on it. The front is stained but it holds so much and I can throw it in my purse any time. I’ve tried others but this was the best.

  22. Yes, always ziplocs everywhere! I HATE when something gets all over my clothes.

  23. Using Ziplocks is a great tip! I tend to forget them and then wish I had them!

  24. @Carleen, I even take a giant one to put some of my personal laundry in, it keeps it separated from the other clothes.

  25. @Christine, now would be a good time to buy stock in Ziploc.


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