Makeup Wars turns Emerald Green with Pantone’s color of the year

The Makeup Wars challenge this week is to show how we’d incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald Green, into our lives. This almost was a no-go challenge for me but I’ve actually changed a lot in the past year so what would have been an “oy vey” from me is now a “hey this is going to be fun”.  I’ve embraced greens into my cosmetic life although not into my fashion life so maybe I’m finally growing up. No, I’ll never do that. I have a few items I’m loving in this color family that I am happily going to share with you.

tarte smolderEYES skinny eyeliner in Emerald

tarte smolderEYES skinny eyeliner in Emerald

My favorite items to wear, buy, experiment with and enjoy are always for the eyes. I truly never thought I’d be comfortable wearing green but I’ve been proved wrong. First there’s Tarte’s Skinny SmolderEYES eyeliner in Emerald*. There are only great things to say about tarte eyeliners in general so now to have Emerald, the color of the year, as one of these is wonderful. Skinny SmolderEyes are Amazonian clay waterproof liners ($19) that do what they say. They last! This pencil can be used as an eyeshadow if you want because it’s so amazingly creamy. You have time to apply it and play with it, smudge it as you want, but when it sets it really sets. It doesn’t crack or fade on me. Emerald is a great addition to a neutral eye and plays well with so many other colors besides the typical beiges – try it with blue or gray for a change of pace. Even more amazing is to do a charcoal smokey eye and use this Tarte Skinny SmolderEYES Emerald eyeliner to line your eyes. An unexpected and trendy pop of color.

tarte smolderEYES skinny eyeliner in Emerald

tarte skinny smolderEYES eyeliner in Emerald


tarte smolderEYES skinny eyeliner in Emerald

tarte skinny smolderEYES eyeliner in Emerald

When I went to IMATS in L.A. this year we arrived super early and my very first stop was to the Inglot booth. I remembered the long lines last time and didn’t want to encounter that again. I concentrated on green this year and bought 3 completely different tones of green eyeshadows. The shade I’m sharing today is #44 which is in the Shine category. It has an iridescence to it that intrigues me.

Inglot Shine 44 eyeshadow

Inglot Shine 44 eyeshadow

Inglot Shine 44

Inglot Shine 44

inglot emerald finger inglot emerald swatchThe pigmentation on this shadow is fantastic. I’m not always thrilled with the Inglot I’ve bought because sometimes they’ll fade but #44 doesn’t fade. It lasts with the prettiest green that has a blue based undertone. What makes this a winner for me is that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a glaringly green eyeshadow. The way it blends gives that gorgeous green look without being in your face. I feel comfortable in it which is a new feeling for me since I steered away from shades like this my whole life. (To find 44 you need to look at the Freedom System eyeshadows on the Shop page of Inglot’s website.) For $6 a pan you can’t miss with this shadow.

Wearing Inglot Shine 44

Wearing Inglot Shine 44

The other emeralds in my life are nail polishes. I’ve done a total turn around with nail polish shades and love how emerald looks on my hands. My latest love is from Le Metier de Beaute and the color is Christmas Town* ($18). It was named this when it came out with a collection for winter but the color works any time you are in the mood for green. Le Metier de Beaute polishes are fabulous. They apply easily, last a full week on me and look rich the entire time I’m wearing them. Christmas Town is a very dark green that I consider to be a cool shade (cool as in tone, not “rad”). I’ve got a full review of the collection coming up on 3/8/13 but trust me that if you are looking for a green polish to wear this IS the best I’ve tried.

Le Metier de Beaute Christmas Town polish

Le Metier de Beaute Christmas Town polish

Le Metier de Beaute Christmas Town polish

Le Metier de Beaute Christmas Town polish

So there you have my life in Emerald. If we’d had Makeup Wars last year at this time I’d have said “see you next time ladies” but now I’m excited about this beautiful shade and my choices. Please see what the other Makeup Wars bloggers have to share by clicking their icons. If this is anything like the last Makeup Wars we’ve done I’m sure my personal credit card isn’t safe nor will yours be. — Marcia

*pr samples starred


  1. I totally need some Inglot in my life! I chose the Tarte liner as well, it’s a stunner!

  2. I think I have that Inglot shade too! I totally forgot about it. But thanks for posting it so I can continue my Emerald Green obsession. I love the eyeliner and nail polish too! So pretty!

  3. That polish from LMdB is SO PRETTY!

  4. I love when you do Makeup Wars. It’s so much fun to see the different styles you all have. I need that nail polish for St. Paddys Day. All 3 are gorgeous.

  5. That Tarte liner is really pretty. I might have to splurge on that one.

  6. What a lovely and shimmery green that Inglot shadow is. It looks beauuuutiful on you!

  7. Man, I love those tarte eyeliners – so darn creamy smooth that they just glide on!

  8. I posted about this polish too!!! It is so pretty! 🙂 The eye shadow is nice too. 🙂 Great selections Marcia!

  9. I love your choices!

  10. I’m surprised you don’t wear greens more, they are a great color for you Marcia!

  11. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Christine. I was a purple eyeshadow person for the first century that I lived, then I moved to neutrals and finally now I’m getting into these greens. All three of the Inglot ones I bought recently are amazing and so different.

  12. beautyin says:

    @Pammy, the Le Metier polish was a given once we picked Emerald for this Makeup Wars. It’s so beautiful and so not scary.

  13. beautyin says:

    Thanks so so much @Brittany, this is a whole new world for me. My husband is shaking!

  14. beautyin says:

    Thanks so much @ Elyse. I love Makeup Wars posts and this was a particularly fun one since I could use my favorite type items.

  15. beautyin says:

    @Kelly, the polish is so much prettier in person. I got so many compliments on it when I wore it.

  16. beautyin says:

    @Brooke, I love how you did your liner in your post. This is a treasure for sure.

  17. beautyin says:

    @Teri, I love all things Tarte and this is no exception. Gorgeous shade of green that is perfect for this year especially.

  18. beautyin says:

    @Paula, the tarte liners really stand out in the liner world!!

  19. beautyin says:

    Thanks Phyrra. I did a simple eye but I bet you could do one that is outstanding with these colors.

  20. I love that green eyeshadow, I always get compliments when I wear a green like that and your eye color looks about the same as mine. The Le Metier polish is also a pretty color and your nails look nice.

  21. You look fabulous in green! That first look is especially amazing!

  22. Haha I have the emerald eyeliner and forgot about it, I adore LMdB Christmas Town–it must look beautiful on everyone–I got so many comments on it!

  23. So pretty! That Tarte eyeliner! Must put that on the lust-list!

    Not sure I can pull off a full lid of green (or any color other than neutral), but I do love colored eyeliners! The Cailyn green eyeliner that I picked up last week isn’t quite emerald, although it’s very pretty. But I see some vibrant emerald greens in my future for spring and summer…and now I’m dreaming of Tarte eyeliner…

  24. Nice picks. Love the polish! I don’t wear a lot of green shadow, but I do like a nice green polish!

  25. WOW, Marcia! What lovely choices! This is a stunning look on you! GORGEOUS!!!!

  26. beautyin says:

    Thank you dear Lola, I appreciate it. I am having a love affair with my recent Inglot buys. You are lucky that you can get them easily.

  27. beautyin says:

    This is my first year of every buying green polish @Carleen. It’s opening a whole new world to my wallet… I mean nails.

  28. beautyin says:

    @Natasha, I love my Cailyn green eyeliner but felt the tarte Emerald was a better fit for this post. It’s a fabulous liner that’s brighter than the Cailyn. I am so surprised that the Inglot looks as good as it does and how comfortable I feel in it.


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