Makeup Wars returns with a fall look

Makeup Wars is back with thrills and chills. It’s fall and time to change colors and thankfully the weather. Personally I’m not a hot weather person. Give me a cool crisp fall day and I’m happy as can be. Fall means I no longer melt into a pool of makeup each day. Fall means I can comfortably bring out richer colors. Fall to me means brown, green, rust, deep oranges, mustardy yellows, and that special red that trees turn. Pastels take a back seat.

I tend to wear fall colors in eyeshadows year round it seems since I wear so much in the brown family. So to switch it up for Makeup Wars I decided to do green. Not wimpy greens, not bright green, but forest greens. The trees in Michigan tell the story of fall. Right now they are still lush with deep green leaves but I can see the beginnings of gold and yellow as the chlorophyll disappears. So my fall face is based around these shades.

To achieve this I used my eyeshadows from Makeup Geek Cosmetics* and then played around to find an autumn love. As my eyeshadow primer I wore Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance since it acts as a primer and also adds a pretty light gold shimmer. On my eyelid just above the lashline I applied MAC Soft Force which is also a soft gold shimmer. Next came Makeup Geek Poison Ivy (shimmery medium green) brushed very lightly over Soft Force and above it up to the crease. I wanted to have a deeper green too that was close to Poison Ivy so that there could be some gradation, Makeup Geek Dirty Martini (matte olive green) was perfect for that. I used Dirty Martini in the outer crease and blended it into Poison Ivy. Sticking with green I wore Addiction NV gel liner* in Scene and then finished my eye look with Tarte gifted amazon clay smart mascara*. I went back and played with the eyeshadows to make it “just perfect” especially by pumping up the gold of Soft Force on the lower lid and adding some to the browbone.

After my eyes are done I’m ready to work on my face.

After skincare I always start with concealer. My undereye circles need help desperately. Lately I’ve been mixing just a touch of eye cream with Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Cream Concealer* and applying it under my eyes as well as by my nose to cover the redness there. For foundation I wanted something that was light but had good coverage. I’m not ready yet to go into my full foundations since the weather is still unpredictable. OCC Skin Airbrush Foundation* was just the ticket. This is a water based foundation. I need just a little bit to create a flawless look. It stands up to heat and humidity. The best way for me to apply this is with the Tarte buffy bamboo face powder brush. I put a few drops on my face and then buff it in with this wonderful brush. Instead of powder to set my makeup and keep my face oil free I love using Mally Poreless Face Defender.

Last we need some color and I chose to use 1 product for both blush and lips. After trying some Lush Emotional Brilliance products I went to the store to buy a lipstick. I chose Perspective and have fallen in love with it. It’s described as a dusty rose. Because I really wanted to wear it on my lips I didn’t quite know which of my many blushes might work with it so I just gave in and use Perspective as a liquid blush. It’s long lasting on both my lips and cheeks and pulls my look together.

So there you have it – green and light golden eyes, (almost) flawless skin, and a dusty rose cheek and lip look. It’s a change of pace for me. I feel like I look like I’ve come in from a walk in the cool fall weather and got kissed by the weather.

Join my fellow Makeup War warriors to see what they like for fall by clicking their icons below or by clicking on the previous/next arrows. – Marcia

*disclosure: starred items (*) were sent by PR, rest self purchased


  1. I like that eye shadow shade combo!!!!

  2. Very pretty! I am loving greens this fall too. I am putting the OCC foundation on my must-try list.

  3. I am loving the greens, they are gorgeous on your eyes!

  4. I never ever thought that I’d love green on my eyes but it’s amazing that I do. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. I’m going to review the OCC foundation in full. It looks like water but goes on so beautifully.

  6. Ooooh! I love the color of that eye shadow! I have been wanting to try both the Makeup Geek shadows and that Mally Poreless face defender. Nice selection!

  7. The greens are divine!

  8. The two green Makeup Geek shadows are so complimentary to each other. At first I thought I didn’t need both but now I know I do (and so do you).

  9. I love Mally’s Face Defender. That stuff is amazing! And you should wear color more often – those greens on your eyes are gorgeous!

  10. Thanks so much Retrodiva. I have a new appreciation for greens. I once was a purple nut so I’ve done a full turnaround. Mally’s Face Defender is the best!!

  11. I love the green colors. I’m not familiar with Addiction NV liner, but you look fabulous, so I’ll check them out!! xo

  12. Addiction NV has the only green gel liner that’s met my specifications. LOL

  13. Love this combo, I’m going to try to dupe it tomorrow!!

    P.S. The lip color is fantastic on you

  14. Those greens are gorgeous and I love that lip colour on you!

  15. Thanks Christa. I love this Lush. I’m so happy I was able to get to the store to pick it out. I wear it a ton!

  16. Thanks Ms Cindy!! I didn’t know til I wore the eye look that it would become my fall eye look. I’ve worn it several times since. Plus I love the Lush lip so I’m glad it’s getting compliments.

  17. I absolutely love the green look! I got caught up reading the BIZ review on OCC foundation too, I’m considering a purchase it sounds amazing.

  18. I love that “Perspective” – I didn’t even know Lush had something like that.

  19. Oooh! I saw these little bottles at the LUSH store last week and was tempted to pick one up, but I wanted to read some reviews before I did. You have convinced me that I need ALL OF THEM! That greens you used on your eyes look fabulous! I love the fall look you put together!

  20. Pretty greens! I love that!

  21. Pink Sith you really need to try the shades of the Lush. I reviewed Strong which was beautiful but too strong for me but you look good in a darker lip than I do.

  22. Paula, Lush has a whole line of Emotional Brilliance cosmetics. It’s the lipstick that I fell in love with. I’m so happy I went and bought Perspective.

  23. Thanks Tina. The OCC Airbrush foundation actually reminds me of the new Armani one which is pretty amazing considering the cost difference. I’ll get to work on a review soon too.

  24. Mally’s Face Defender is amazing. I love what it does for my skin!

  25. I have two of them. One from a kit I bought on QVC and one I bought from I like keeping it with me.


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