Makeup Wars follows Spring Trends

When Makeup Wars chose Spring Trends for this week’s article I had to decide which of the many I saw in the runway shows might be an attractive look. I decided actually that two of them were ones I’d enjoy wearing so I decided to recreate them both. I’m not that artistic so the first one didn’t look good but I hope I pulled the second one off well and you enjoy it. I’ve learned that practice makes perfect so I’m going to keep practicing this look.

First there’s this monochrome look that I saw on Facebook and decided that I should try:

makeup war trend

But when I tried this I just didn’t love it so I decided that a cat eye like this would make my eyes stand out.

makeup war cat eye

first attempt

first attempt

That didn’t seem quite dramatic enough so I changed it and I’m much happier with it now:

cut crease

cut crease

Spring Trend cat eye and cut crease

Spring Trend cat eye and cut crease

Spring Trend cat eye and cut crease

Spring Trend cat eye and cut crease

The products I used were MAC Painterly as a base, Nars Pandora black side, Stila kohl pencil in Graphite and Pur Big Blinc mascara. Next time I’ll use Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer and use both the black and white of Pandora on my eyes since I think that will be a more dramatic look.

Pur Big Blink mascara, Nars Pandora duo, Stila Graphite pencil, MAC Painterly

Pur Big Blink mascara, Nars Pandora duo, Stila Graphite pencil, MAC Painterly

This is a very easy trend for you to follow if you want a new look for spring. My fellow Makeup Wars bloggers have also created some new looks to share with you. As always I’m excited to see what they are doing since they always give me great ideas for the future. Just click on their links and enjoy our Spring Event. — Marcia


  1. I like the cut crease on you!

  2. The black brows are so flattering on you. I must try this!

  3. I think we will be seeing this trend a lot this year. The super bold liner really brings out the eyes!

  4. You look fierce!

  5. OMG! black eyebrows are in? I am so excited. I have a ton of black pencils and shadow. Now I can finally use them up creating my glamorous black eyebrow look! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think mono shadow to the brow combined with the heavy cat eye and black brows is so sophisticated!

  6. Your super black brows + my black lipliner=WIN.

  7. That crease is amazing how you tied it together with the under eye liner. I can never get my crease just right, so I’m going to be like you and keep practicing!

  8. I just have to say that I love you Marcia.

  9. beautyin says:

    @Christine, I love you too. I’m guessing you loved my look as well.

  10. beautyin says:

    @Paula, I think I have a lot more practicing to do but I can’t wait til it’s right. Practice makes perfect.

  11. beautyin says:

    @Brittany I love those black brows. Maybe I’ll try your black lipliner look next. I wouldn’t even have to buy anything to make it happenin’.

  12. beautyin says:

    @Pink Sith thanks so much. I feel so great about this look now. I do think the white will be the perfect touch. I should have redone it but it looked good the night I wore it.

  13. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Brooke – you caught the essence of me. Fierce grandmother!

  14. beautyin says:

    @Carleen, I knew I’d be trendy with this look. I have a wedding to wear this to.

  15. beautyin says:

    @Perilously Pale, thanks for noticing. I forgot to mention I used the Stila pencil on my brows so I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed that special touch.

  16. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Kelly. I’m not sure my trend was as good as yours though. I loved your hair in the bang bun.

  17. So cool that this look is in! My MIL, used to rock this exact same eyeliner look when she was a professional bellydancer back in the day (and shmoozing with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack at Trader Vic’s where she used to dance)

    Daytime exotic!

  18. beautyin says:

    Natasha no one ever would accuse me of being a bellydancer but I bet she looked great. Thanks for commenting.

  19. I love how the black eye brows bring out your pupils! 😉

  20. beautyin says:

    Thank you @Eugenia. I’ve always been a good pupil (and teacher as well). Happy April Fool’s Day


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