It’s mask time – me™ glow beauty boosting eye mask – you’ll want this

When it comes to facial masks I’m your girl. I love trying them out to see which are going to make the most difference in my life. Often the ones I write about are best for certain types of skin but my choice to share with you today is one that we can all use. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the company called me. This is one of the most unique companies I’ve worked with. They create products that others haven’t thought of yet. me logo

me™ is all about innovative beauty. Their products are cutting-edge and use new technology. Not only that they don’t charge an arm and a leg for their innovations.

They sent the GLOW Beauty Boosting Eye Mask to test out and I’m pretty amazed by it.

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask isn’t like the masks I normally review. There are no serums or moisturizers in this. The secret is in the 100% copper infused polyester material that comprises the outside of the mask.

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

The threads in the mask are infused with copper which is an essential mineral that is known to enhance skin appearance. My experience with this is that they are right in this statement. me™ states that you’ll see a difference in as little as 2 weeks.

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

I’ve been using this for over a month though I don’t use it nightly. I take it to bed with me but don’t put it on until I’m really ready to fall asleep. I have insomnia and some nights I don’t dare to wear this but other nights I can slip it on as that tired feeling comes over me or when I wake up for my 3:30 bathroom call.

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

It’s very comfortable with its satiny lightweight feel and the strap opens to adjust to everyone’s head. I keep it on loosely though not so loose that it slips around. If it interrupts my sleep, I just slip it off.

But it’s the outcome that made me want to write about this for today’s Makeup Wars. I have not used undereye concealer for the last 3 weeks. I find that I don’t really need it. Yes I have some circles under my eyes but they’ve always been there. They look lessened to the point of being comfortable without concealer. The combination of these great copper infused mask and the Jojoba Company Cucumber & Guava Firming Eye Balm I’m using has been dynamite.

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

me™ GLOW beauty boosting eye mask

Well worth giving it a chance!  —  Marcia

Now let’s see what masks the other Makeup Wars bloggers are intrigued with.


  1. That is so interesting! I’ve never heard of it but I NEED to try it. I love eye masks!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe that you haven’t needed to use a concealer after using this! I need this ASAP! Thank you so much for introducing us to this interesting mask!

  3. This is a different kind of mask! It sounds interesting, especially since you are seeing real results.

  4. Oh that is so cool!

  5. I thought this was an ordinary eye mask! Who knew it offers such benefits. Totally interesting!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  6. What a cool idea! I would definitely try this. I have to apply warm heat to my eyes at night for dry eye, but I could easily slip this on afterwards because I like wearing a darkening mask especially when the weather warms up and I like to sleep with open windows. Cool!

  7. I have this and haven’t tried it yet. I going to start tonight!

  8. SO INTERESTING!!! I need to try this!

  9. The results sound incredible! I’ve tried everything on my under-eye area (except for actual seven-hour sleep LOL). This sounds like it works wonderfully.

  10. I need to try this for my under eye area.

  11. The concept seems really cool! Have never seen this! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I seriously need a good eye mask. they make all the difference!!

  13. WOW this sounds awesome. If it could help even a smidge with my undereye bags and darkness I’d be ecstatic.

  14. I’ve been getting no sleep lately thanks to my kids, I so need to try this!

  15. This sounds like a dream. I should try it next

  16. oh my goodness! Sign me up for a dozen!!!!

  17. Shilpa Shetty says

    Waaw,.. Nic eye masks,..

  18. Neat! I should give this a try!

  19. very fine nice

  20. Ooh, so neat! I definitely want to try it.

  21. Wow! This looks interesting!

  22. Wow, this sounds incredibly interesting!! I’ve never heard of a mask like this, and it looks so soft. I’d love a mask like this because the sunlight really bothers me at the crack of dawn.

  23. OOO I’d love this!

  24. That is such a cool concept!