2014 Makeup Wars New Year Resolutions from Marcia of Beauty Info Zone

Last year at this time Makeup Wars did New Year Resolutions. See below to sum up how my 2013 resolutions went: funny2014 new yearsLast year’s resolutions were to

1) Take care of my lips better – this is the one that I really did improve on so I’m grading myself a B- on this. I want to improve more and get it up to an A for 2014.

2. Start getting ready for bed earlier and doing my skincare regimen then – Failed. I am still waiting til about 11:30 p.m. to start anything other than an occasional mask. I give myself a D on this one.

3) Stop plucking chin hair – oops. See that picture above?? That says it all. I earned an F for fail.

4) To not buy the same color eyeshadows over and over. This one earns a C+ since I did buy a lot of browns, taupes and khakis but I branched out too. Funny thing is that I used to buy every purple that came along and I rarely buy those now.


1) Continue taking care of my lips better and stop plucking my chin hair. I think I’ll try a depilatory to see if that helps. I’ve already started my lips with emerginC In Lips We Trust so I have faith in this resolution.

emerginC In Lips We Trust

emerginC In Lips We Trust

2) Go to the dermatologist. Other than a body check I never see a derm for my face. I have issues that I need resolved so this is one that I really hope to find the time to do. The dermatologist I want to see is only working on Monday and Friday near me and I have childcare duties those days but I’ll figure it out.keep-calm-im-a-dermatologist-13) Get a facial. It’s been over two years since I’ve had one and I really want to add this to my life. First I’ll see the dermatologist though, then an aesthetician. These clogged pores have got to go. facial dailyglow4) Take better care of both my hands and feet. I see a podiatrist regularly but I don’t do enough to keep my feet softened up. I also need to use hand cream on a more regular basis. funny feet resolutions5) Blog wise I want to keep better records – I take pictures of manicures and then forget the polish I used; I write a review and then when I want to refer to it I can’t remember which eyeshadow or lip product was in it. So record keeping is my blog resolution.list resolutionsI’m excited to see what my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers have chosen as their resolutions. It might just make me want to start over on this list! Click on the icons to read them too. Have a happy and healthy year no matter what you resolve. — Marcia

(pictures from funny2014.com, bizfilings.com, dermstore.com, keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk, dailyglow.com, flickriver.com and joyreactor.com)


  1. I really need to see a dermatologist. I have a spot on my nose I’m a little concerned about!

  2. I love to make lists… I don’t know if I could stop haha I have to write them out and not use my phone. =\

  3. I really need to see a dermatologist. I keep putting it off. I think it’s because I have never found one that can cure my acne. Maybe I’ll add that to my list of things to do for 2014!

  4. One thing I don’t do, which I think would help me greatly is to make lists. Good luck with your resolutions

  5. I definitely think making notes of what you use will help 🙂
    I love seeing your list!

  6. I need to stop buying the same eyeshadow colors too! I keep telling mysef:I HAVE ENOUGH NEUTRALS!!

  7. I can certainly tell that you used to be a teacher with your grading system. 🙂 Sounds like you have some great goals for this year.

  8. Hi Pammy – the funny thing about the grades is that in elementary school we didn’t give grades but it’s still ingrained in my brain. I hope I meet those goals so you can grade me an A.

  9. @Miranda, it’s a hard habit to break – we see those neutrals and think they will change our lives but they only change our pocketbooks. LOL

  10. Hi Phyrra, I started two spreadsheets and so far I’m keeping up. Of course there’s just one manicure done so that is easy.

  11. Thanks Kim. I tend to lose my lists so I’m trying to keep spreadsheets on my computer. I won’t lose my computer (I hope).

  12. Pink Sith, when you find the right derm it’s like finding a pot of gold.

  13. @Brooke, I lose my lists though. Right now I have 3 different lists on the same Makeup Wars topic. I need to become better about that.

  14. Awesome list, and I love your honesty! Good luck!

  15. Totally agree with #4, I need to start taking better care of my hands and feet too.

  16. My lips are always an area I forgot about until it’s almost too late!

  17. Trying to keep my hands and feet healthy is definitely something I gotta keep up with too!

  18. I am right there with you on the record keeping. Sometimes I feel like I would lose my head if it weren’t attached! Great resolutions!

  19. I need to see a derm too, but I keep putting it off!

  20. I wish I could stop plucking my chin hairs, too, but if I did, I’d look like a greek man, I think. What’s a girl to do!

  21. I love your resolutions! I’m also going to see a dermatologist and get a facial ASAP!

  22. I seriously have a problem with buying similar eye shadow problems… I have a problem with eyeshadows in general – they look pretty and I must buy them – FAIL. I have started my list for this and Lord knows that I will probably forget and not post till next year. lmao 😉

  23. Hi Honeygirlk – at one point I only liked purple eyeshadows and I’d search all over for every one. We are obsessed obviously. What can I say!

  24. jbrobeck we’ll declare 2014 the year of the derm!

  25. @Nidia, I’m glad I’m not alone in the chin hair department. It’s very depressing since I’ve had laser and electrolysis and they don’t work.

  26. Mai, I just bought some Atopalm products for feet and a hand cream and will start using that soon. I’m hoping it helps my hands and feet.

  27. @Destany, I hate when I start chewing on my lips because they are ragged. I’m working hard on it.

  28. I definitely need to take better notes and keep better records!

  29. It’s great to see your resolutions. All the best to you in 2014!!! xoxo

  30. I also really want to take a facial

  31. That second graphic made me laugh! I’d love to get a facial, too. It’s been far too long!

  32. I just love your humor and honesty in this well written (as always) post! I must join you in accomplishing all of these resolutions for 2014!

  33. Wait. Uh, is it bad to pluck chin hairs because I do that allllll the time. Now you’ve got me paranoid. LOL!

  34. @Brittany – I get little bumps on my chin because I can’t stop plucking. It’s my worst habit.

  35. @Carol, I’m going to hold you to it. No more plucking!! Go see the derm and the podiatrist.

  36. @Sheila, I should make a tee shirt of the dermatologist sign and bring it in when I have an appt. Maybe I’ll get treated like royalty.

  37. @Betsy, I’m absolutely craving a facial.

  38. Ha ha! I do that too! Take pics of looks and think I’ll remember the product used later and then I don’t. Oops. LOL