See yourself in a new light with this MelodySusie LED Makeup Mirror giveaway

Put on your memory cap to remind yourself about the MelodySusie LED 2-in-1 Makeup Mirror or read on to see what a great mirror is in this new giveaway. melody susie

MelodySusie’s LED Makeup Mirror is what’s gracing my vanity and will be the first item unpacked in my new home (today by the way). This mirror does it all for me. It mimics daylight with its LED lighting so that I can see what I look like in different lights. The mirror is very clear though it’s not a magnifying mirror but I seem to see better in it than my previous makeup mirror. The light is bright and white.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp
MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

It comes with both a USB adaptor cord and a battery pack (4 AA’s) so it’s portable. The cool thing is that the mirror has a 180 degree movement so you can flip it and use it as a night table lamp. The mirror itself has an 8.5″ diameter and swivels 180 degrees. The stand is 10.5 inches tall.

MelodySusie Makeup Mirror tray
MelodySusie Makeup Mirror tray

The bottom tray is great for holding the cosmetics you are using especially things like liners that might roll, tweezers and eyelash combs that aren’t big and seem to hide, the mascara you are using, and more.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp backlight
MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp backlight

This is a giveaway that you will be thrilled if you win. I can’t say enough great things about this MelodySusie mirror. Even the price right now is better than when I reviewed it ($39.99 then, $31.99 now). It’s a bargain that you really should own. It was my favorite product for March and it has continued to be a favorite! —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: This is US only for the 48 contiguous states (not Hawaii or Alaska). This is open through June 30, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST. You must be an email subscriber and comment. Lots of extra entries for more chances including tweeting once per day.

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  1. Annette | 17th Jun 17

    I currently use my bathroom mirror, but really need a good makeup mirror.

  2. Deb E | 17th Jun 17

    I commented on the post: Save the coral reefs and your skin with Australian Gold’s New Botanical Sunscreen Mineral Lotions.

  3. Ashley Perez | 17th Jun 17

    I have been wanting a lighted mirror like this for when I do my makeup!!!! 🙂

  4. Joyce Chitwood | 18th Jun 17

    I have an old mirror from Revlon kinda like this one I use. It’s pretty old and I stick a smaller mag mirror on it fro close up looks. Lol.

  5. Chelsea Kirtley | 18th Jun 17

    Probably like most everyone I use my bathroom mirror & lights. This would be nice to have though!

  6. DEBIJOT | 18th Jun 17

    I now use my bathroom mirror, but the light isn’t that good.

  7. Tina B | 18th Jun 17

    I have an old Conair makeup mirror I use.

  8. leah davis | 18th Jun 17

    I use a Conair mirror from Ultra, but the mirror kind of distorts your reflection… leaves me on the hunt for something new

  9. Nichole Roberts | 18th Jun 17

    I only use my bathroom mirror. Would love to try a true makeup mirror.

  10. Elyse | 18th Jun 17

    This mirror would be really useful! I’m very near-sighted and I could really use a good make up mirror.

  11. gloria patterson | 18th Jun 17

    I have a mirror on my wall in the bathroom so I can angle to catch the light.

  12. Christy Peeples DuBois | 18th Jun 17

    I am using a makeup mirror from 100 years ago!! I wish I actually knew or could remember when I got this makeup mirror. It still works ok though I guess. My daughter got one a few years ago from her dad and his wife and she said she liked my antique one better.

  13. Paol Trenny | 18th Jun 17

    I am currently using my hanging mirror behind my bedroom door.

  14. Christy Peeples DuBois | 19th Jun 17

    I commented on the following non giveaway post.

  15. Tabitha | 19th Jun 17

    Bathroom vanity mirror.

  16. Vicki Wurgler | 19th Jun 17

    I have a small hand mirror I use

  17. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 19th Jun 17

    I don’t have a makeup mirror! I use my bathroom mirror and lean over my sink to apply makeup – which is not the best makeup application technique ?

  18. Samantha Miner | 19th Jun 17

    I love using makeup mirrors in my aesthetics business. It is great to show the clients the difference in their skin.

  19. Michelle Tamasa | 19th Jun 17

    I just use my bathroom mirror and then run out to check the hallway mirror and then back lol.

  20. Melissa | 19th Jun 17

    Really small compact mirror lol

  21. sarah s | 19th Jun 17

    I use the medicine cabinet mirror in the bathroom.

  22. Colleen Boudreau | 20th Jun 17

    I use the Simple Human make up mirror.

  23. Edye | 20th Jun 17

    I use a makeup mirror that I’ve had for years.

  24. Melissa Storms | 20th Jun 17

    Right now I just use the vanity mirror in my bathroom

  25. Holly Thomas | 21st Jun 17

    I use my bathroom mirror.

  26. Alyssa E. | 21st Jun 17

    I currently use a makeup mirror with my lamp lighting that is way much better than the light in my room.

  27. Sandra Preti | 21st Jun 17

    I use my bathroom mirror now and it’s not great. I’ve been meaning to invest in a good quality makeup mirror.

  28. Nicole Ackerman | 22nd Jun 17

    I just use my bathroom mirror which is horrible so I definitely could use this!

  29. pu ye | 24th Jun 17

    I just use the mirror on the wall

  30. The Sunday Scoop | 25th Jun 17

    […] MELODYSUSIE LED MAKEUP MIRROR  –  1 winner, […]

  31. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 25th Jun 17

    A dresser mirror.

  32. Teresa L Koedyker | 26th Jun 17

    I have a light I bought from Ulta a couple of years ago!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!

  33. MARTHAIA | 26th Jun 17

    Bathroom mirror,,,,,for sure this would be nice…

  34. Sandy P | 26th Jun 17

    I use a very small magnifying mirror that is hard to use as I put my makeup on. My husband passed away last week and I am now going to use his desk as my makeup table. What an awesome mirror to set on it.

  35. Sandy P | 26th Jun 17

    I commented on the Bijoux Box

  36. Jessi Buehler | 26th Jun 17

    I don’t use one because I don’t have one, but if I did I would definitely use it! Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. darby | 27th Jun 17

    The bathroom mirror

  38. Teresa A Thompson | 27th Jun 17

    I use the bathroom mirror.

  39. Joyce Chitwood | 28th Jun 17

    I have a lighted mirror that fits in my desk/vanity. It’s a glass covered desk with a nice metal base. Nothing fancy. It was found where my sons managed aots by the dumpster. My hubby saw it. We live in a college town and when ppl move out they just throw things away sometimes if they can’t take them. Then my oldest son made me a Hollywood like mirror. But my eyesight isn’t that Great so I have my old lighted Revlon mirror with a small round magnify mirror also. Lol. I need a new one that’s lit up just like this one. Thanks so much.

  40. amanda whitley | 28th Jun 17

    i use a plain makeup mirror, i would love one with lights.

  41. Laurie Nykaza | 29th Jun 17

    I have an old mirror that i use but its not like this amazing one.

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