Makeup Wars returns with Favorite Fall Nail Polish


As with previous Makeup Wars a mission was assigned to the group of bloggers and we chose to accept or not. I don’t like to turn down a challenge and I usually face these head on. With today’s mission though the Makeup Wars team messed with my head. Our assignment: favorite fall nail polish. That’s pretty easy since I adore nail polish. I went through my stash but still promptly went shopping because I knew that I could, and bought a gorgeous nail polish. I wore it for a week and loved every second of it. I had my polish. Then I made a mistake and wore another beauty. The compliments didn’t stop coming and I couldn’t stop looking at my nails. The dilemma: which polish do I chose as my favorite fall polish? Let me show you both and we’ll decide the winner (or not!).

Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake

Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake

Nail polish one is Nicole For Gold Times Sake. My first Nicole polish and as stated before, gorgeous. This shone gold and green and brown. I’ve grown to adore colors like this and it reminded me so much of fall. With Midwestern foliage changing the only shade I didn’t have was the red that some trees change to before they turn orange. Not only was the polish gorgeous but the application was amazing. The brush that Nicole uses is fabulous making polish glide on as easily as possible. Plus the polish looked as gorgeous 7 days later as on day one. Yep, my winner all right.

Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake

For Gold Times Sake look at that sparkle!

Nail polish two is MAC Mean & Green which I previously reviewed. I reviewed it as soon as I could because I was so impressed with the color. I spent the weekend out and about seeing a lot of people and everywhere I went I got compliments. Plus I absolutely could not stop looking at the polish. Every single room, every single light, every occasion my polish looked different. Sometimes I saw green, sometimes I saw purple, sometimes I saw gold, sometimes I saw brown. One of the compliments I got was how great the polish went with my hair (I touch my hair a lot I guess).

MAC Mean & Green

Mean & Green showing of the green

Mean & Green, look how it changes color

Mean & Green outside ch-ch-changes!

So the dilemma began – which polish do I pick? The quality of MAC polishes in general isn’t the quality of the Nicole polish yet in two coats it was perfect. The brush on the MAC wasn’t as nice as the brush on the Nicole. The price of MAC polish is $15 while the Nicole is $7. MAC is available at MAC counters and online at their website while the Nicole is a Target exclusive and probably harder to find. MAC is permanent now though it was originally a limited edition shade and the Nicole is a limited edition for Target.

With great surprise, I’m going to say that MAC Mean & Green has won my heart in spite of any slight negatives. Maybe it’s my shallowness showing with constant “Oh I love your polish, just look at it” but I really think it’s that I am constantly saying “Oh I love this polish”. Unique wins in this case but if you happen upon that Nicole display at Target, I’d stop and take a serious look because it truly is gorgeous and wore like iron.

The contenders and the winner is … MAC Mean & Green

Which would you have picked?

Please join the mission and click on the arrows or icons to find what this wonderful team of makeup bloggers chose. I’m as excited to find out as as you are and I’m sure to find some winners in their choices even though I secretly think they won’t match Mean & Green. — Marcia


  1. I agree on Mean & Green. I don’t own it, but I needs to. Gorgeous!

  2. I love MAC Mean and Green. It is such an interesting shade!

  3. I would pick the same one. Love it!

  4. You really got great pics of that duochrome!

  5. Mean and Green is pretty 🙂

  6. Mean and Green is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  7. Gorgeous!!! Great choice!

  8. Gold, gold, gold–it looks fab on your hands!

  9. I love when you have Makeup Wars. It’s so much fun.

  10. I think the Mean and Green.

  11. Mean & Green is such a cool color. Nice choices!

  12. I need Mean and Green!! Its so pretty and perfect!


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