The perfect holiday gift: Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry

Whether you are looking to spend a good amount of money or looking for something affordable, you can please a jewelry lover and a fragrance lover with one gift:  Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry.

If money isn’t an issue, check out the beautiful fragrance cuffs and fragrance necklaces created by Tom Binns and Lisa Hoffman.  These run $250 for the necklace pendant and $300 for the fragrance cuffs, and they are gorgeous.

The little compartments are full of fragrance beads that retain their scent for a long time and have a great ‘throw’.  Put on your necklace or cuff and you have your jewelry and your perfume taken care of in one swoop.

The different fragrances available include French Clary Sage (clean watery linen), Japanese Agarwood (unique woody zest),Madagascar Orchid (exotic modern floral), Tuscan Fig (sophisticated and sweet), andTunisian Neroli (sensuous classic floral).

cute bag

Lisa Hoffman also has some less expensive options that are fantastic – she has fragrance earrings (on sale right now for only $39!!), fragrances necklaces ($65), and fragrance bracelets ($65).  I have the fragrance earrings (I reviewed them HERE) and wear them all the time.  And for this holiday, I absolutely love the bracelets.


They come in different shades and metals based on the fragrance choice.  My favorite fragrance is Tuscan Fig, which is a beautiful combination of fig, vanilla, honeysuckle and coconut.

The Tuscan Fig bracelet is described as “amber-hued resin beads intermingled with rose gold-plated brass and howlite stone beads and a rose gold-plated brass charm to evoke the rich, gourmand scent of Tuscan Fig.”

fragrance beads

The bracelet comes in a pretty mesh bag with a jar of fragrance beads.  The beads are scented, and you put them into the little charm compartment on the bracelet.

fragrance bead compartment

You can also buy refill jars of the fragrance beads for $20, so you never run out of fragrance and can put different scents into the jewelry.

so pretty, you need to get one for yourself!

The bracelets are so beautiful, I think they are a ‘one for you, one for me!’ item.  Definitely take the time to check out the great options at Lisa Hoffman Beauty.  – Lisa

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  1. Wow. I love how it looks!! Bet it smells wonderful. Thank you for the review!

  2. I love the French Clary Sage perfume, so I think I see some jewelry in my future…

  3. Totally awesome!!! I love jewelry like that.

  4. I think these are one of most unique fragrance items I have seen! It helps that the bracelet is so beautiful too.

  5. The bracelet is gorgeous and so is the fragrance. Plus I get all giddy about multitaskers!!

  6. Love these! I got a pair of earrings for my sis for her birthday