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As I sit here writing this post, my cap and gown are neatly pressed and hanging in my closet, all ready for tomorrow’s celebration. The very best day for an educator is graduation day. Everything we do for kids culminates in this ceremony as we honor their hard work and send them off into an exciting future filled with endless possibilities.

Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig for Mothers Day

The celebration continues with graduation parties through the summer. Money is always an excellent grad gift but I also like to get creative and give something unexpected. When I think back to my graduation party, I know I appreciated the cash, but I still have some treasured gifts that remind me of the people who were such a tremendous support through my high school years. Lisa Hoffman Beauty recently sent some fragrance items to review and I know from experience that they make amazing graduation gifts!

Lisa Hoffman Mothers Day gift ideas

My favorite scent from Lisa Hoffman is Tuscan Fig, a combination of Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood and Gardenia. It’s a sophisticated coconut scent that is great year round, but it really shines in summer and is my favorite scent for the season. Graduating girls LOVE this fragrance and all of the Lisa Hoffman fragrance items make for fantastic wedding shower gifts too.

Such a pretty yet sophisticated bottle - perfect for your vanity.

Such a pretty yet sophisticated bottle – perfect for your vanity.

Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Eau de Parfume

Tuscan Fig Eau de Parfum comes in 2 fl oz for $65, as well as a handy travel size Spray for $22. Other fragrances available include the floral woody Brazilian Begonia, the green floral spice Kerala Ashok Garden, the spicy woody Japanese Agarwood, the rich floral Tunisian Neroli, the exotic floral Magadascar Orchid, and the clean refreshing French Clary Sage.  Lisa Hoffman fragrances are gorgeous and the simple, clean packaging is classic and a great gift for anyone.

Vibrant Tuscan Fig Bracelet

Vibrant Tuscan Fig Bracelet

Lisa’s fragrance jewelry is an homage to the Victorian Era, when showing your diamonds and jewelry was considered to be in bad taste. Jewelers made ‘fronts’ that covered the jewels for elegant woman as they traveled to parties and concerts. Lisa’s earrings, pendants, and bracelets all have charms similar to those ‘fronts’. The charm encases small fragranced wooden beads. The wooden beads slowly release the scent as they are exposed to air for a subtle delivery of fragrance. They retain their scent for a long time and have a great throw.

I am totally enamored with the Vibrant Bracelet Collection.Each fragrance has its own colored bracelet in vivid hues, like the amber Vibrant Tuscan Fig Bracelet ($65). Amber agate beads are complimented with rose-gold plated spacers and a rose-gold charm.

Lisa Hoffman fragrance jewelry

Lisa Hoffman fragrance jewelry Fragrance Beads

Lisa Hoffman fragrance jewelry Fragrance Beads

The bracelet comes with a container of the Fragrance Beads which go inside the charm. You can also buy refill jars of the fragrance beads for $20 so you never run out of fragrance and can put different scents into the jewelry if you’d like.

Also available is the original Tuscan Fig Bracelet ($45). This has amber-hued resin beads and howlite stone beads along with rose gold-plated brass beads and a rose gold-plated brass charm.

Tuscan Fig Bracelet - beautiful!

Tuscan Fig Bracelet – beautiful!

Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig BraceletLisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Bracelet

Wearing my Tuscan Fig Bracelet

Wearing my Tuscan Fig Bracelet

I also have the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet, a truly striking purple bracelet that celebrates both the strength and the softness of femininity. The fragrance is a beautiful floral combination of Ashok blossom, Deep Violet, Ripe Pear, Velvety Apricot, and Sheer Jasmine. The silver fragrance charm perfectly complements the lovely vintage purple glass beads. The best part about the fragrance jewelry is the scent doesn’t hit like a ton of bricks. Instead, as you move your arm, the fragrance wafts about you in a beautifully subtle way.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

love the beautiful purple beads

love the beautiful purple beads

Lisa Hoffman also has other options that are fantastic – she has fragrance earrings ($65), fragrances necklaces ($45 – $65), and other colored fragrance bracelets ($45 – $65). I have the fragrance earrings (I reviewed them HERE) and wear them all the time.

Tunisian Neroli Fragrance Earrings

Tunisian Neroli Fragrance Earrings

Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli Fragrance Earrings

Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli Fragrance Earrings

Graduation is very, very special. It is an amazing milestone and it deserves an equally special memento to commemorate this incredible life event. Lisa Hoffman Beauty has so many perfect gift options I know you will find something special that will become a treasure in your loved ones life.  – Lisa

*samples received for editorial consideration


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