Perfect for Valentine’s Day: Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

Fragrance is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Jewelry is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.  So Lisa Hoffman’s fragrance jewelry, her ingenious combination of the two, is the perfect gift. Lisa Hoffman sent the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet ($75) and it is really, truly stunning. Not only is it seriously practical (your jewelry and fragrance all in one!), it is gorgeous.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Bracelet

Lisa’s fragrance jewelry was inspired by the Victorian Era, when showing your diamonds and jewelry was considered to be in bad taste. Jewelers made ‘fronts’ that covered the jewels for elegant woman as they traveled to parties and concerts. Lisa’s earrings, pendants, and bracelets have a charm similar to those ‘fronts’ that encases small fragranced wooden beads. The wooden beads slowly release the scent as they are exposed to air for a subtle delivery of fragrance.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

The wooden beads retain their scent for a long time and have a great ‘throw’. For her Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet, Lisa redesigned the fragrance charm to hold even more beads for more fragrance power. The bracelet and beads arrive nicely packaged in a pretty mesh bag. You can also buy refill jars of the fragrance beads for $20 so you never run out of fragrance and can put different scents into the jewelry if you’d like.

Kerala Ashok Bracelet fragrance beads

Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet fragrance beads

Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet fragrance bead holder

Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet fragrance charm

The Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet is a striking bracelet that celebrates both the strength and the softness of femininity. The fragrance is a beautiful floral combination of Ashok blossom, Deep Violet, Ripe Pear, Velvety Apricot, and Sheer Jasmine. The silver fragrance charm perfectly complements the lovely vintage purple glass beads. The fragrance charm opens up, and you put a few of the wood beads inside then snap closed. As you move your arm, the fragrance wafts about you in a beautifully subtle way.

love the beautiful purple beads

love the beautiful purple vintage glass beads

The perfect Valentine's Day gift:  Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift: Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

The bracelet is so pretty, Lisa says it “acts as a constant reminder to inhale bliss and exhale peace.” What a beautiful message for a day that celebrates love!

While all of her jewelry is amazing, I think the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet  is simply perfect for Valentine’s Day. Head on over to the Lisa Hoffman Beauty website and check it out – which one do you think is the perfect V Day gift?  – Lisa

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  1. Pretty! That’s another way of wearing radiant orchid. And the fragrance sounds lovely.

  2. This is a gorgeous bracelet!!! Great photos!!!

  3. Great review, as usual, Lisa! And thanks so much for the historical note here about “fronts”. Fascinating.

    I’m going to drop some not-so-subtle hints around the house, because Hoffman’s lovely pieces (this one, in particular), set my heart all pitter-patter, and would sure beat a box of chocolates this year. 🙂


  4. Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    I wear Lisa Hoffman jewelry, it’s wonderful. I get wafts of beautiful scent all day, unlike when I wear perfume that just fades away.

  5. I love purple. How cute!

  6. I have this as well! I love the look and the scent. 🙂

  7. Lisa Chakan, I hope it works out for you!! I hadn’t even thought about it, but it sure is a perfect way to get on the radiant orchid bandwagon.

  8. Those bracelets are so cute and really a great idea! Love it!

  9. This is so pretty!


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