Side by Side: Makeup Geek Lipstick Adventure Pack review and swatches

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Makeup Geek lipstick packaging


Makeup Geek cosmetics have a special significance to both Marcia and Lisa. A few years ago we found out that Marlena, THE Makeup Geek, lived in Michigan. While we didn’t know much about her other than her amazing You Tube video makeovers, we found out that she was going to be presenting a series of seminars to guide people through makeup application. We rearranged our schedules to make time for it, made other plans in the city it was presented in and then attended the session. We had a ball that day,  we even went to a fabulous psychic that day but meeting Marlena was the icing on the cake,. Years pass, Marlena moves to California and has some amazing changes to her life including creating her own makeup line. Of course we both were excited to delve into her cosmetics. Today’s Side by Side is for 5 Makeup Geek lipsticks; later we’ll each be reviewing some of her amazing eyeshadows.

The 5 lipsticks we are reviewing are the Makeup Geek 5 Lipstick Adventure Pack ($29.99). Lipsticks sell for $7.99 each so this set is a savings of $10. Colors in the set are Luscious, Famous, Captivating, Fearless and Lavish. The set was created to celebrate the launch of the lipsticks and are considered to be Marlena’s more “adventurous shades”. Here’s to adventure!!


Lisa’s Side:

Well, these lipsticks were definitely an adventure for me!  I was scared to try each one of them, but they all turned out to be very pretty and great for when I want a darker lip ‘adventure’.

My first adventure was with Luscious, a deep red with magenta overtones.


It looks much more red in the tube than it does on for me.  I love the creaminess of it, and in the sun it’s got a nice shine.

Luscious swatch direct light

Out of the sun it looks matte, an interesting trait that I found with all the Makeup Geek lipsticks I tried.  It is a wonderfully cheery cherry red.

Luscious swatch indirect light

Next I tried Lavish, which is a rosy nude pink.  This one actually looks darker on than it does in the tube.


On me, it definitely isn’t a ‘nude’, although I am sure that those of you blessed with pigmented lips will get a different shade from it.

Lavish swatch direct light

If my nude lips looked like that, I would be thrilled.  On me it’s more of a coral-red shade.

Lavish swatch indirect light

It looks much deeper and more matte out of direct sunlight.  I am not drawn to darker colors for my thin lips, but I do like this one and reach for it a lot.

I wish that was my natural lip color!

My last adventure in darker lips was with Famous, bright magenta purple.  The looks of this one scared my light-pink-loving heart.

Makeup Geek Famous Lipstick

It isn’t nearly as dark on as it looks like it would be.

Famous swatch direct light

Famous is actually sort of sheer, more like a shiny lip tint than like a creamy lipstick.

Famous swatch indirect light

Because it’s so shiny, it works for even thin lips like mine. Darker lips are always an adventure for me, and it’s definitely a treat to go on that adventure with Makeup Geek.

Marcia’s Side:

Two weeks ago I was part of the Makeup Wars Red Lipstick challenge. If you read that you know that my comfort level doesn’t lie in that tone of lipstick but if the shade is right then I’m always willing to give it a go. I chose to review Captivating and Fearless. Neither of these adjectives describe me personally so there’s something adventurous right there!! Captivating is described as a bright warm orange and Fearless is described as hot pink with a touch of fuchsia.

What I found with both of my Makeup Geek lipsticks is that they are intense colors; they aren’t sheer. They are full, opaque colors. Since the colors are so much bolder than I normally wear I tried a trick that Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic mentioned in her Makeup Wars review. She said she puts on a dark color, waits 5 minutes, blots it off, then reapplies. What I did was similar. I put on the lipstick, waited the 5 minutes, blotted it off, then I added a clear gloss. What I ended up with was a stain that was more natural for me (and a new way to go about working with lipsticks). Now this might not be what the other MUGGIES (as Marlena’s followers are called) would do but I wanted to wear these beauties and I found a way.

I started with Captivating since I really don’t have a coral red in my collection. This is such a popular shade for fall and I don’t think you can go wrong with it if you are a coral lover. As you can see it leans toward the redder side of coral than the orange side.



My lips when I first applied Captivating

There’s no doubt it’s a beautiful shade but I prefer lighter lipsticks so here we go:

Captivating, blotted and glossed

This is much more comfortable to me. I’ve tried it with just gloss and it was pretty but still a little too dark. Now I am Captivated with Captivating and a clear gloss for fall. Another method for me is shown below – use a lip brush to get a lighter application than I’d get straight from the tube.

Captivating shown applied with a brush first, applied out of the tube second

Fearless appears to be similar to Lavish that Lisa shows but they aren’t the same.  Fearless is a deep pink with red tones, it has a little bit more of a true red tone than a blue red tone. When I use the “apply, wait, blot, gloss method” I get the same less adventurous shade that I’m personally comfortable with.


Fearless swatch


What we at Beauty Info Zone love about Makeup Geek lipsticks is that they are cruelty free as well as Gluten-Free and Carmine-Free. Plus the prices are amazing. If you don’t want to be adventurous there are 16 lipsticks total in this line so far so there’s surely one calling your name.

*pr samples


  1. I love darker lip colors, this collection would be perfect for me. Thanks for the review!

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize Makeup Geek had her own lipsticks. I haven’t been on youtube for a while, but I used to watch her videos faithfully. Thanks for showing us the swatches. I really like how Luscious looks. 🙂

  3. Thanks for these great swatches! I don’t wear lipstick on a daily basis, I tend to go with tinted lip balms, but it’s still so exciting seeing these. Marlena is definitely an inspiration to me and I love that her products thus far have been so successful 🙂

  4. Thanks Catherine. I love that her line is cruelty free. After meeting her we are both so excited to be able to be wearing “her”.

  5. Wait til you see her beautiful eyeshadows!

  6. I also have a special place in my heart for Marlena! Just a few years back when I really started getting into makeup I started watching her videos and really owe all of my knowledge to her. She is amazing and really gives off such a sweet aura. I have favorited so many of her videos they are my go-to when I need inspiration, she is so creative! Love both of these colors, need to try her makeup line!

  7. Tina, she’s made such a success of herself too that I really admire her for that.


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