Exam time: Pass or Fail for Revlon Colorstay Suede Lipstick

Revlon Colorstay Suede lipstick ad from revlon.com

Revlon Colorstay Suede lipstick ad from revlon.com

Revlon Colorstay Suede tube

Revlon Colorstay Suede tube

I rarely buy drugstore lip products because of the F Factor aka fragrance. My experience with Revlon, L’Oreal, Maybelline and so many others is that the fragrance makes me a little nauseous. BUT I’ve had some luck with these brands lately so maybe things are looking up for me and the F Factor. I decided to put Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick to the test. Let’s see how it fairs for this former teacher.

The F Factor – PASS!! I did not notice any discernible fragrance or taste which made me happy.

Colorstay – PASS! The lipstick lasted quite well which is saying a lot since lip products don’t usually last on me. This didn’t flake or ball up.

Product claims – FAIL! Here’s what they say: Is your lipstick giving you both moisture and wear? This velvety soft formula with moisturizing shea butter and aloe is food proof and doesn’t quit. Apply once and go  Here’s what I say – this is not the least bit moisturizing at all. I feel it sucks the moisture out of my lips. When I first apply it, it looks lush and moisturizing. Within a very short time it dries and my lips start shriveling. Plus it’s not “apply once and go” since it didn’t last all day but, like I said above, it does last well (if you like shriveled lips).

Revlon Colorstay display

Revlon Colorstay display

Color choices – PASS. There were a lot of pretty shades  and with 20 choices I’m sure people won’t have a problem finding one. I like light lipsticks and I found just a few that looked light but I think I’m in the minority in my color palette.

Revlon Colorstay in Silhouette

Revlon Colorstay Suede in Silhouette

My color choice  – I’m not sure if this is a pass or fail. I bought 001 (I told you I like light shades!) It started out as a very light pink but brightened up considerably. I think I will call it a PASS but your mileage may vary. It was too light at first but deepened to an attractive shade.

Revlon Suede lipstick swatch of Silhouette

Revlon Suede lipstick swatch of Silhouette

My results with Revlon Suede – I’ve worn this several times now to test it out. Day one I didn’t precondition my lips really. After my shower I’d used Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick but it was a few hours before I put on the lipstick. That day was basically a FAIL. Day 2 I exfoliated my lips with Lush Popcorn scrub, used the Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick early and later applied the lipstick. The results were better but I still didn’t like the feel of my lips. The next day I used the Reviva Labs early again plus Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Restore about 10 minutes before I put on the lipstick. My lips looked better but the color lasted for less time.  Final result: FAIL

image from revlon.com

image from revlon.com

Packaging – FAIL. Sorry, it just looks cheap. I’ve yet to find a drugstore lipstick that doesn’t so it’s not just the Revlon but it still looks cheap. Although I like the way it clicks up, I’m also worried it could stop working.

Other reviews – FAIL. I’ve read several reviews online about these (after I bought one) and no one seems to rave about them. These are going to be a love or hate product but so far it seems like hate for most.

Price – PASS. I paid $6.99 and got a $2 rebate on it. At $4.99 I can’t complain about the price. But I see the MSRP is $7.99 and they can cost as much as $9.99.

My final grade is a FAIL personally but verging on a PASS . If you still want one, watch for a sale and then just buy one to test it out rather than gathering up a few.

If you’ve tried these what’s your score? Pass or Fail?? — Marcia


  1. Revlon lippies usually work well for me so I tried one of these but it was a big fail for me too!

  2. I love the lip butters but this won’t be on my future shopping lists either Harshleen.

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone that has loved these. I’m SO disappointed in the reviews because I loved the idea of being able to go to a drugstore brand for the matte trend, which I don’t expect to last a long time. I don’t WANT to spend $24 on a lipstick, but I guess you also get what you pay for…most of the time, anyway. Thx for the review!

  4. I have my eye on a few of the colours. I may still try these if they go on sale. Too bad the moisturising claims don’t pan out.

  5. The only ones I liked from Revlon were the balm stains and lip butters. Thanks for the heads up, I’m not buying this.

  6. @Kath, I’d return it if it hadn’t been so inexpensive. I do love the Lip Butters at least.


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