Why does VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment make us so happy?

VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment (neimanmarcus.com)
VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment (neimanmarcus.com)

We are totally enamored with VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment. VenEffect is a small line that was created by two sisters, Dr. Rebecca Booth and her sister Cecil Booth. Reading their resumes makes us want to rush and meet them. We could go on for pages about these two but the important thing to know is that Dr. Rebecca Booth is a gynecologist and a hormonal wellness expert while Cecil Booth has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years launching products with innovative ingredients. The two of them together combined their expertise to come out with a skin care line that addresses the signs of hormonal aging. Not only do they want to provide solutions to our issues but they want to educate women about their hormonal changes. VenEffect sources its anti-aging power from 100% natural plant-based phytoestrogens to reveal the glow of healthy skin.

VenEffect founders
VenEffect founders

VenEffect is carried at Neiman Marcus and VENeffect.com. On NeimanMarcus.com you can see the sisters talking about their line. It only has 6 products but if they are anything like their Anti-Aging Lip Treatment then we want them all! If you are curious about this amazing line then reading the FAQ on their website will answer a lot of questions for you.

Marcia’s side:

If you are a reader of Beauty Info Zone then you know that I am a big fan of giveaways. I list as many as I can find for you and enter quite a few. A few months ago I was lucky enough to win this from BelleBelle Beauty. To say I was thrilled would be a big understatement. I wanted to win this more than any other giveaway I’ve entered. (Later we were thrilled when VenEffect offered another so we could do a side by side review.) One of my New Year’s Resolutions on Makeup Wars was to take better care of my lips. I think I’ve done a good job of it but I knew this was the true answer and I was right.

VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment is the first product I’ve used for my lips that I never want to be without. I’ve used a lot that I liked but this is truly the first that I’ve loved. Even when I promise I’m going to do a better job at night with certain items I don’t use them all 7 days. With this treatment though I will actually get my butt out of bed and apply it if I forget. It’s the last thing I do before bed. During the day when I walk into that bathroom I’m anxious to apply it. I love the feel of this and I even love the slight sweet taste of this.

VENNeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment
VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

Anti-Aging Lip Treatment’s job is to reduce the appearance of fine lines around our lips. I slather this on my lips and all around them. It is totally hydrating and moisturizing. I’ve been using it for 4 months and noticed a difference in the winter in the lack of chapped lips. While it plumps my lips it’s not like the lip products sold that sting my lips and give me temporary plumping. This is working to make my lips look softer and more natural. I’m never going to have Angelina Jolie lips but I can have the lips I had about 10 years ago if I continue using this natural product. Whether I use this as a lipstick primer or as a lip treatment at night it receives a huge rave from me.

Inside VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

Here’s what we can learn from VenEffect about this:

Preserves and restores collagen with exclusive plant-based phytoestrogen to:

  • Instantly hydrate and smooth delicate lip area skin.
  • Minimize vertical lines around lips caused by hormonal aging.
  • Gently plump and enhance the rosy glow of hormonal vitality.

VENeffect products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and paraben free.

Lisa’s Side:

I couldn’t agree with Marcia more. This stuff is the bomb!  very morning and every night I slather this on my lips and all around them. I have hereditary vertical lines, especially on my upper lip, and this has made such a difference in their appearance. Those lines are so much less noticeable now, I am beyond thrilled.

VenEffect – creamy goodness for your lips

I actually feel bad every time I use this though, because I dread the day I run out of it. I love it so much, sometimes I even put it on in the middle of the day just because it makes my lips look and feel so good. I am addicted. It’s the best lip product I have used in a very long time.

We love our VenEffect!

VenEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment is such a winner, we can’t wait to try the other products.  We know we are in for a treat if they are anywhere close to as amazing as this one!

*pr sample plus contest winnings


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