A lip smacking giveaway with Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrubs


Once upon a time a maiden was searching for a shop that she could trust. One that carried natural products. One that was known for using organic ingredients. She believed that the items she used should be cruelty free and good for her. In her search she came upon Good Earth Beauty and knew that this was the start of a ‘happily ever after’.

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As she was traveling her lips felt awfully dry. She knew that they were dehydrated since they didn’t feel smooth and she even had some lip peeling. This wouldn’t do but luckily she found that Good Earth Beauty had an exclusive set of products – exfoliating lip scrubs. They sounded pretty darn good. There were 7 individual lip scrubs ($8.25 each) but they also came in a set of 3 ($22) with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. It reminded her of Neopolitan ice cream which she always loved. That sounded perfect and she asked her friend Marcia to test these out.

Good Earth Beauty ice cream flavored lip scrubs

Good Earth Beauty ice cream flavored lip scrubs

Marcia was very impressed with these and couldn’t wait to share them with her maiden friend and two of her blog subscribers. She wanted them to see how yummy they smelled and how great they tasted on her lips. Her biggest problem was deciding which Lip Scrub to use each day.

Good Earth Beauty Chocolate Lip Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Chocolate Lip Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Vanilla Lip Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Vanilla Lip Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Strawberry Lip Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Strawberry Lip Scrub

Did she want to taste chocolate, which she can’t go a day without? Or what about the enticing vanilla with it’s secondary taste of almond? But then again there was strawberry and it’s not summer without strawberry. The fragrance of this was enough for her to want a bowl of fruit instantly. She couldn’t choose just one so this trio is wonderful.

Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrub

Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrub

These are not goopy lip scrubs, they feel like pure sugar but they are loaded with great ingredients: sugar, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic almond oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and flavor.

You’ll end up with sugar on your lips that you just lick away after rubbing them onto your lips to exfoliate them. It’s a triple threat: exfoliation, hydration, and deliciousness! You definitely want this kind of threat!  — Marcia

Good Earth Beauty has free shipping in the US plus there’s a discount code you can use on your purchases to receive 10% off: GEB10. They carry so many brands beside their own that the code will surely come in handy.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Two US Beauty Info Zone subscribers will win a set of three Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrubs. Your set may include Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry OR Chocolate, Cherry Vanilla, and Strawberry. Either way you’ll come out a winner. The giveaway is open through 7/28/16 at 11:59 p.m. ET. If comments close early please email me at [email protected] and label it Lip Scrubs; make your comment in the email so you can continue on with the Rafflecopter. Good yummy luck.

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  1. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I never know until I actually try them which flavor I prefer. I thing the vanilla would make me happiest

  2. I loveee Vanilla scented/flavored things so the Vanilla would make me happiest =D

  3. chocolate of course… I can’t live without it.. lol this is a great gift too

  4. Strawberry would be my favorite, but I’m sure all of them are divine!

  5. janetfaye says

    I would like Cherry Vanilla.

  6. Jamie Martin says

    Vanulla, please.

  7. I am definitely Chocolate, although they all sound wonderful!

  8. Craftyone says

    Strawberry would be nice

  9. Chocolate, please.

  10. Gabrielle says

    I think I’d probably like the strawberry best, but they all sound super.

  11. Christina B. says

    Cherry Vanilla sounds really yummy to me. Not to mention that I would hope the scent lingered a bit so I could enjoy it then too.

  12. Sheila Chaffins says


  13. DARLA KIDDER says

    Strawberry will make me happiest.Yum Yum.

  14. Maryann D. says

    Cherry Vanilla flavor would make me very happy.

  15. Dana Rodriguez says

    Cherry Vanilla, makes me SO happy 🙂

  16. gloria patterson says

    ALL but if I had to pick it would be the chocolate lib scrub


  17. Joyce Chitwood says

    Oooooh choc, and strawberries r so good together. Love to try that set

  18. Carson Dickens says

    vanilla scent yum!

  19. Lyndsey R. says

    They all sound amazing! But the cherry vanilla sounds outstanding!!

  20. Chocolate would be amazing 🙂

  21. patricia caradonna says

    Strawberry will make me happy!

  22. The strawberry sounds yummy! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  23. Lorraine F says


  24. Shannon Davis says

    Cherry vanilla! I would love to try these!

  25. Vicki Wurgler says

    I would like the Cherry Vanilla

  26. Grace Bertou says

    I would definitely like to try vanilla

  27. cherry vanilla

  28. Lorena Keech says

    They all sound great but I’d love to try the cherry vanilla.

  29. Laurie Nykaza says

    Strawberry would be great to try sounds great to use.

  30. Christina Sanders says

    Strawberry or vanilla ??

  31. I’m a big fan of Strawberry.

  32. Vanilla is my absolute favorite!

  33. Emily Ann says

    Chocolate would make me the happiest because I’m a huge chocolate fan!! Sounds so yumm!

  34. Strawberry sounds delicious!

  35. Trina Mock says

    I can’t decide between Cherry Vanilla and Strawberry!

  36. cherry vanilla

  37. Tracy Robertson says

    I think the Strawberry would make me the happiest, although I am a big chocoholic, the strawberry sounds more refreshing to wear all day where the chocolate may just make me think about eating cake all day long, LOL!

  38. Cherry Vanilla would make me the happiest.

  39. Strawberry would make me happiest, although they all sound yummy!

  40. Kathy Davis says

    Cherry Vanilla would make me the happiest. It reminds me of summer time, and the topping on a milk shake. 🙂

  41. MariaElena Fratangeli says

    Would love to win cause I never tried them and I been wanting to both sets sound good love Strawberry

  42. Cherry Vanilla sounds like such a treat!

  43. rosemary says


  44. Cherry Vanilla will make me happiest.

  45. Definitely chocolate. Mmmmm!!

  46. Danielle Day says


  47. the chocolate!

  48. Chelsea M says

    I think the chocolate would be my favorite.

  49. Cherry vanilla

  50. Ashley C says

    I would be happy with the Cherry Vanilla or Strawberry. I like both flavors. The chocolate I wouldn’t like at all – since I hate chocolate.