Tarte Holiday 2012 For the Love of Lipgloss review and swatches

Fifteen lip glosses for $32…what’s not to love???

The For the Love of Lipgloss Collection is a limited edition, exclusive kit available only at Ulta.  Inside are fifteen appealing peach, pink, and plum colors for you, or three different gift sets for three lucky friends.  Let’s do some math:  for $32 you get three sets, so each set would be roughly $10.66, and with five lip glosses in each set, each lip gloss costs about $2.13.  That is a bargain you can call a Christmas miracle.

Tarte For the Love of Lipgloss

I find that the Maracuja Lip Gloss has a lovely viscosity on the lips, leaving them hydrated and soft.  The color is not intense, all fifteen shades are soft light tints that look beautiful alone or really complement lip liner or lipstick.  I think that is a big plus in terms of gift giving – the shades are neutral and sheer enough to make each set perfect for anyone.

The maracuja in the lip glosses hydrates and treat your lips, so these glosses won’t leave your lips dry or sticky.  I really love the smaller size – I never seem to finish a full size lip gloss before it goes bad.  The smaller size is also really terrific for carrying in your purse.  Each lip gloss is named after a Tarte family member, which I think is pretty sweet.

For three different friends…or better yet, all for you!

According to Tarte, the benefits of these lip glosses include:

  • Maracuja Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) known to replenish, rebuild, and brighten skin; high dose of pure Vitamin C gives the appearance of brighter skin; powerful anti-aging elixir promotes active skin recovery and rejuvenation; maximum hydration quenches dry skin
  • Vitamin E: Natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient that protects against free radical damage
  • Mineral Pigments: Colors and dyes derived from natural minerals have been known to soothe and soften

pink and peach

The first set has pink shades and a few peach shades – it’s the only set in the collection with some peach.  All the glosses have a minty taste and a cooling effect that lasts a few minutes on the lips, but then quickly dissipates.

left to right:  Sarah, Cherry, Elin, Chris, and Jen

L-R: Sarah (matte peach), Cherry (sheer with cherry and gold multi-color shimmer), Elin (matte deep pink), Chris (shimmery mauve), Jen (sheer matte baby pink)

pink set

The second set has all pink-toned shades.

left to right:  Jasmin, Jo, Lynda, Lynh, and Mary

L-R: Jasmin (sheer baby pink with golden shimmer), Jo (matte warm pink), Lynda (matte dark pink), Lynh (deep pink with tons of golden shimmer), Mary (matte bubblegum pink)

pink and plum set

The final set has a mostly pink shades with a few plum shades in the mix.

Left to right:  Maxine, Shari, Lane, Stacy, and Tania

L-R:  Maxine (sheer bubblegum pink), Shari (matte plum-pink), Lane (matte light plum), Stacy (shimmery plum), and Tania (shimmery bubblegum pink)

I really like the formula, and I really like the size of these lip glosses.  There isn’t much opaqueness to these little gems, but when it comes to gift giving I think it’s a good thing Tarte chose soft and sheer shades.  This is a terrific value, get one (or two!) before they run out.  – Lisa

*pr sample


  1. These look lovely….I don’t think Tarte makes anything that I dislike.

  2. Mimi, I feel exactly the same. I am always excited when they come out with something new because everything I have from them so far is terrific.

  3. Where do you find opaqueness, please!

  4. Great for gift giving especially to one who loves lip gloss.

  5. This is a fantastic deal, I agree great for gift giving!

  6. It’s amazing for gifts because you can break up the packages and they still look complete. Tarte has the best holiday collections.


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