Runway Rogue is embracing my lips

Runway Rogue
Runway Rogue

I need to tell you all about RUNWAY ROGUE, a lip product line by Patricia Hartman, but before I do I have to share that this is a F.I.N.D.!! I’m loving the 4 lip products I have and want to share all about them with you but first I need to tell you more about Runway Rogue.


Patricia Hartman
Patricia Hartman

Runway Rogue is a cruelty-free line that is also talc free, paraben free, sulfate free, and gluten free. It’s safe for everyone. What makes this unique on the market is Patricia Hartman, a former model who has always had a passion for cosmetics, in particular lip products. She put her creativity to work and crafted a lipstick line that is unusual as well as luscious. When you look under “SHOP” on the website it shows how you can shop by attitude, such a great quirky touch.

Runway Rogue Designer's Muse
Runway Rogue Designer’s Muse

RUNWAY ROGUE lipsticks ($21) have so much goodness. While they have a variety of trendy matte lipstick they stole my heart with the line of satin lipstick. Not everyone loves matte or can even wear matte lipstick no matter if it is what’s in. Old dogs can learn new tricks but when we have a new line with satin lipsticks, this old dog loves it even more.

  • Jojoba Oil to hydrate and soften the skin without clogging your pores!
  • Safflower Oil to enrich your lips with hydrating vitamin E!
  • Aloe Vera to sooth and hydrate your pout!
  • Vitamin E to combat free radicals with potent antioxidants!
  • Green Tea Extract to rejuvenate skin with anti-aging properties and polyphenols for sebum control!
  • White Tea Extract to hydrate your pout with anti-aging compounds that promote longer moisture retention for skin!
  • Chamomile Extract to soothe your lips!
Runway Rouge Chic Lipliner and Designer's Muse satin lipstick
Runway Rouge Chic Lipliner and Designer’s Muse satin lipstick

You can feel the hydration as soon as you apply this lipstick. There is zero fragrance and plenty of moisturizing. The formulas are loaded with hydrating oils and extracts which will pamper your lips and keep them supple and soft. I was so thrilled the first time I applied this because of the feel on my lips.

There are currently 4 Satin lipsticks on the site. Designer’s Muse is described as a soft rosy pink with beige undertones. If I wear it without the lipliner (coming up) then that’s a perfect description. With the Chic Precision Lip Pencil it becomes more of a coral pink. Fashionista is a burnt dusty rose, Photo-Op is a true soft coral, and Stilettos is described as a bright red with coral undertones. Don’t they all sound spring and summer ready?

Runway Rogue Lookbook Lips gloss, Chic Lip Pencil, Designer's Muse satin lipstick
Runway Rogue Lookbook Lips gloss, Chic Lip Pencil, Designer’s Muse satin lipstick

RUNWAY ROGUE PRECISION LIP PENCILS are available in 5 matte shades ($18) that I’ve found to be so creamy that I didn’t believe it when they said it was matte. I have Chic, a peachy pink bright liner that doesn’t disappear. It was created to work well with Designer’s Muse Lipstick and Lookbook Lips gloss. These are all perfect together and I also wear each alone or in combination for some fabulous looking and feeling lips.

rumnway rogue all on cardThere are 7 gorgeous RUNWAY ROGUE LIP GLOSS colors ($19) for you to choose from. Patricia Hartman has shades that can be used with her other lip products or with any others that you are attracted to.

Runway Rouge Look Book Lips gloss
Runway Rouge Look Book Lips gloss

Look Book Lips is described as peachy pink perfection and that is a spot on description. It’s not too dark and it’s not too light, it’s right on. It enhances lipstick or can be worn on its own for sheer but beautiful color.

What you need to know about Runway Rogue gloss is that it’s not the least bit sticky. Not even a tiny bit. It feels amazing on my lips while bringing out a pretty shine. When first applied I notice a vanilla fragrance but then it’s gone in an instant.

Runway Rogue Bride in Show gloss
Runway Rogue Bride in Show gloss

Bride in Show is the other gloss I have and it’s perfect for any lip product you own. I’ve tried it with half a dozen lipsticks and have grown to love it more each time. It’s a pearly pink with just a touch of iridescence. It has a touch of shimmer that is for enhancement but you’ll never notice that you have this shimmer on. This has become my new favorite gloss since it’s so unglosslike!

Chic Lip Pencil, Designer's Muse satin Lipstick, Look Book Lips gloss, Bride in Show gloss
Chic Lip Pencil, Designer’s Muse satin Lipstick, Look Book Lips gloss, Bride in Show gloss

I love showcasing independent brands and Runway Rogue reminds me why I have this love. The products have all the right ingredients, feel magnificent on my lips, look even better, and are good for me and the environment. I can’t ask for more other than that you check out Runway Rogue to find this goodness for yourself.  —  Marcia

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 15th May 17

    That’s a gorgeous shade of lipstick you got! I have an orange shade that’s perfect for me, and a red gloss. The lip pencil is fab too. Hope they’ll launch more shades because the matte lipstick is so darn wearable!

  2. Nora Grahe | 15th May 17

    So amazing! I really want to try these products! Thank You for the reviews!

  3. DealinDiva | 15th May 17

    These colors are amazing.

  4. Erika | 15th May 17

    That lip colour combination looks so perfect for summer.

  5. The Beauty of Life | 15th May 17

    I’m always looking for lipsticks that are hydrating and these sound fabulous!

  6. Lola Seicento | 15th May 17

    These are so very pretty! What perfect shades for the spring and summer!

  7. Eugenia Lung | 15th May 17

    I am loving those colors! Perfect for the season!

  8. Judy | 15th May 17

    The satin lipsticks sound amazing!!! Pretty colors.

  9. Bailey | 15th May 17

    Those colours look incredible! I love the idea of Bride in Show for adding some oomph to other shades.

  10. Stacie Hamilton | 15th May 17

    I’ve never heard of this line before. The ingredients in the products sound very nice. Love that lipstick shade too!!

  11. Norah | 15th May 17

    This is a new name for me! I really like the colors

  12. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 15th May 17

    I have Fashionista lipstick and Purple Haze gloss and love them both. You know I need the Photo-Op coral lipstick! I’d like the chic lip liner too! I’m impressed with this brand.

  13. Julie | 16th May 17

    The formula sounds amazing for those with dry lips!

  14. Anastasia | 16th May 17

    That lipstick color is beautiful! I bet it looks great on tan skin.

  15. Lisa Heath | 16th May 17

    LOVE the iridescent gloss! I usually wear them alone with minimal makeup and love the look

  16. Alec | 17th May 17


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