Anastasia has Kisses on my List!

Anastasia Kisses On My List


There’s something about Anastasia’s lipgloss kit Kisses On My List Volume 2 that makes me want to sing. Not sure what it is. Could it be the names of the glosses? Jolene, Sharona, Roxanne, Moi, Maggie Mae, Lola? I need to think about that but first I want to tell you all about this amazing set and why you need to put this as numero UNO on your list!

This set of 6 dazzling colors has two different formulas. First there’s Anastasia’s Hydrafull gloss formula in Maggie May, Moi and Sharona. These are sheer, opalescent colors. There’s also a new formula called HYPERCOLOR glosses that will stain your lips. Those shades are Lola, Jolene and Roxanne. This set of 6 cover the gamut too from matte to shimmer. There isn’t a shade that hasn’t won my heart so I’ll try not to play favorites.

The Hydrafull gloss formula is very moisturizing and while it won’t last all day it does leave a very hydrating feeling even after the color has worn off. Moving on to the Hypercolors we have a totally different texture that we’re dealing with. The three Hypercolor glosses are the ones that will actually leave a stain behind. These are thicker than the other glosses and wear longer. They change after a few minutes to the color you’ll end up with. They really do leave a light stain even after the gloss has worn off.

Maggie May is the lightest and warmest, a pinky-peach nude. My lips turn this apricot into a shade that I can wear with everything except the coolest of cool eyeshadows. I love it when I’m wearing greens on my eyes especially.

Maggie May

Maggie May swatch

Maggie May

Moi appears to be the darkest of the 6 shades in the tube but I still wouldn’t say it’s dark once on. Moi has a slight brown undertone to it while still being pink. I’ve seen it described as a nude cream.


Moi swatch


Sharona is a gorgeous peach with just a touch of coral. You can see the shimmer in the tube but when it’s on your lips it isn’t the type of shimmer that will migrate. It stays where it belongs.


Sharona swatch


Lola is a very cool toned light pink. If I were standing in front of an Anastasia display and these 6 glosses were available separately Lola is the first one I’d swatch. I love this tone and the light shimmer in it. It’s a little lighter on my lips than my swatches show. It’s actually a “my lips but better” shade for me.


Lola swatch


Jolene steps up the color a bit from Lola. There’s not as much of a cool blue undertone on Jolene. Comparatively it’s a slightly warm pink that’s just a tad darker on my lips.


Jolene swatch


Roxanne is my favorite (I said I wouldn’t pick favorites but between my unbridled love for Sting and the color I just can’t help myself). This is a deep cool pink with a little bit of coral. It is not an in-your-face pink. Roxanne deepens considerably on my lips after about half an hour.


Roxanne swatch

Jolene, Lola and Roxanne

Jolene, Lola, Roxanne

From what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen on other people’s lips, the Hydracolors change a little so that they are more customized to you. I don’t think these will wear the same on each person’s lips. Your personal chemistry will play an effect making these more unique.

the Hydracolor wand – it’s hot pink

Maggie May, Moi, and Sharona

Maggie May, Moi, Sharona

This is not a vampy set, this is a set for everyday living. When you first apply any of the Kisses on My List products you might think they are very sticky and extremely glossy but within a minute they settle down. It’s pretty amazing. They become comfortable and natural looking. The applicator is different than any other brand too. It’s a silicone wand that feels odd at first but I soon got used to it and I like the way it applies the gloss. The most amazing thing is that this set is only $30 at Sephora or $2 at That makes this set even better than I already thought it was.

Here are two other blogs with some great pictures. 15 Minute Fanatic’s isn’t in depth but the swatches are great. Portrait of Mai has some terrific photos that show you how the colors change on her lips. Remember though that your mileage may vary, mine did. They don’t look the same on my lips as they do on Mai’s. And last but not least, Lolas Secret Beauty Blog, has great swatch pictures on her arm that show the colors at their finest.

While I’m not a very good singer I’m pretty good at applying lipgloss and I can assure you that these are lipglosses I want to apply! Anastasia’s Kisses on My Lips are unique and amazing. — Marcia

*pr sample; some photographs are courtesy of Anastasia


  1. Great review, Marcia!! THanks for the shout-out!

  2. Thanks Ms Lola. You always have the most amazing photos. With a set this wonderful I want everyone to see as much as possible.

  3. You are far too kind, my friend! I agree- this set is so wonderful, and I think everyone needs it in their stash!

  4. Marcia!!! Are you left handed??

  5. I’m absolutely left handed Polarbelle. How can you tell?

  6. Polarbelle says:

    You took pictures of your right hand, which means you had to hold the camera in your left hand. That’s very difficult to do unless one is left handed. I think your the first left handed blogger I’ve seen. 🙂

  7. Actually I can usually use both hands to take pictures. That was a good catch!

  8. Polarbelle says:

    Elementary, my dear Watson. I’m ambidextrous but I’m so used to using the camera in my right hand…I do take pictures of my face with my left hand but usually use my right hand for nails. Fun conversation and discovery!!! And aren’t these glosses delicious? What a great value. They quickly became favorites for me.

  9. Love this set

  10. @Laura, isn’t it beautiful. It’s my first lip product from Anastasia and hopefully won’t be my last.