Balm Chicky Balm Balm review and giveaway

balm-chicky-logoLast week I posted a teaser about Balm Chicky balm balm since they were scheduled to be on Shark Tank on Tuesday 2/3 and I was so excited about watching the TV Show. Here’s a mini recap and my opinion: The two owners came on and gave what I considered a great presentation. Unfortunately the 5 investors didn’t think it was worthy of their money. Mr. (not so) Wonderful was especially cutting and Abby even called him out on it. I was sad that they didn’t present their new packaging since I think that would have gotten them a little more attention. The investors didn’t like the packaging and don’t seem to understand the value of a great lip balm to us. My sister felt the same way and called me when they were done. I can tell though that Liz and Abby are taking it in stride and will continue producing these great balms.

I received 4 of the balms, 2 for me and 2 for one of you. It’s in the “vintage” packaging but they are new and great balms. The new packaging brings them up to date but the product is the same and fun to use.

Balm Chicky balm balm in original packaging

Balm Chicky balm balm in original packaging

Balm Chicky balm balm in Hot Chocolate Love

Balm Chicky balm balm in Hot Chocolate Love

Balm Chicky balm balm comes in 5 flavors currently. I don’t find the fragrance or taste to be very long lasting yet the balm itself is keeping my lips moisturized for hours. These balms aren’t sticky but they are wonderfully hydrating.  Flavors include Hot Chocolate Love and Juicy Melon —

Balm Chicky balm balm in Juicy Melons

Balm Chicky balm balm in Juicy Melons

plus Huge Cucumber & Mint and Sweet Baby Ginger —

For giveaway Huge Cucumber & Mint and Sweet Baby Ginger

For giveaway Huge Cucumber & Mint and Sweet Baby Ginger

as well as Wild Mountain Honey.

These tubes not only are huge with 3 X more balm than typical ones you’ll find but they are unique with their two sided openings. One for you and a smaller side for a friend. You can let your beau, significant other or friend share without getting your balm all germy.

Friend side of Balm Chicky balm balm in Hot Chocolate Love

Friend side of Balm Chicky balm balm in Hot Chocolate Love

Balm Chicky balm balm great packaging

Balm Chicky balm balm great packaging

This is an all natural lip balm All Balm Chicky Balm bases are made with the following ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic palm oil and organic hemp seed oil, beeswax, rosemary extract and vitamin E.”

Balm Chicky balm balm ingredient list

Balm Chicky balm balm ingredient list

Right now you can save money on the balms which normally sell for $9 each by taking advantage of the Shark Tank special: 1 for $7 – 3 for $18 – 5 for $25 – and you get to pick the flavors you want. I can tell you that the Hot Chocolate is a true chocolate smell and Juicy Melons is absolutely luscious smelling a lot like watermelon or honeydew.

Now for the giveaway – this is open to US and Canada unless prohibited by law. The prize is 2 Balm Chicky balm balms in Huge Cucumber & Mint and Sweet Baby Ginger. Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Sometimes WordPress gets wonky and closes comments before a giveaway is over. The way to get around that is to comment on our Facebook page or to email me at [email protected] with your comment and then you can press “I commented” to continue with the Rafflecopter. The giveaway is open through 2/18.

Did you watch Shark Tank? What do you think of their treatment of Liz and Abby? What do you think of the show in general? — Marcia

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*provided by Balm Chicky balm balm


  1. I like Shark Tank, they have some really interesting and creative ideas.

  2. Chelsea E. says

    I love watching Shark Tank! It’s so neat seeing the different idea’s people come up with!

  3. Love watching Shark Tank. Love when they try to convince the investors with all their might to give them money for their products.

  4. Like the myriad of ideas that these entrepreneurs come up with. The show is awesome.

  5. i love the show and the creative tanks.

  6. I love watching The Shark Tank and learning about new products. It’s so neat to see the inventions some have come up with!

  7. Christina M. says

    I like the show, but it always makes me feel I should be a bit more entrepreneurial with my own ideas!

  8. Holly Kennedy says

    I’m watching it right now! Too funny.

  9. I think it is a great show for up and coming entrepreneurs.

  10. I actually don’t watch the show but like that they give people a shot.

  11. I think the show can be informative for anyone wanting to get into business

  12. Mary Wright says

    I like watching Shark Tank. It is an entertaining show. I like that they also have successful women on the panel and not just men. Would like to see more women owned businesses featured.

  13. Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705) says

    Haha, funny question, I’m sitting here watching it right now while I’m entering blog giveaways. I have a love/hate relationship with Shark Tank, I love the opportunity that people get and to see the passion behind all of their hard work. I hate how cocky and rude and sometimes downright rude the sharks can be, especially Kevin O Leary.

  14. I love to watch Shark Tank, you never know what to expect and love the different creative ideas they come up with.

  15. I have only seen shark tank once or twice. These sound yummy!

  16. I love the Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version). It’s fun to see the creative ideas out there!

  17. I missed the Shark Tank episode!! I kinda like the old retro packaging–reminds me of my high school days LOL!

  18. I find it very interesting. Lots of people have great ideas.

  19. Saw you present your product. I didn’t think they were very nice to you!

  20. My sister likes the show but I don’t watch it very often. I like it when the products do well.

  21. Princess Anyaibe says

    I haven’t watched it before, but seeing your opinion makes me want to look into it! 😀

  22. embracetheasian says

    Love shark tank. I haven’t watched it yet but am interested in learning more about the product.

  23. I’ve actually never seen Shark Tank. We don’t have cable, and I don’t really care for reality programming.

  24. I like the show. There are a lot of inventive people and I appreciate their presentations to the Sharks.

  25. Ashley Bree Perez says

    I think it is great. 🙂

  26. I’ve never watched Shark Tank

  27. Never seen the show, but now I’m going to look it up.

  28. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love watching people’s dreams come true. But at the same time is sucks seeing some of them have their dreams crushed.

  29. I’ve never heard of or watched the Shark Tank show.

  30. I love shark tank!

  31. We love Shark Tank here. It’s pretty cool to see something on the show then see it in the community.

  32. I have only caught little snippets, the concept seems really neat if there was no bad attitudes and bickering!

  33. I don’t watch a lot of these kinds of shows and have never seen this one. It always seems like they pick one or two people to criticize and “abuse” and the whole thing is very formulaic. I would not be surprised to find that they review everything and decide before they start who is going to win and who’s going to be the goat.

  34. I’ve never seen it.

  35. Robin Abrams says

    I have only watched it once. It really was not my type of show

  36. I love the Canadian version called Dragon’s Den and have seen Shark Tank a few times. I like seeing what kind of business ideas people are creating!

  37. Sheila Chaffins says

    I have never heard of it but I will look it up!

  38. I watch it occasionally, some people have great ideas.

  39. I love Shark Tank. I actually just watched it last night.


  40. I missed this Shark Tank episode!

  41. Dianna Thomas says

    it sure shows creative minds–interesting most of the time

  42. I think it’s a great opportunity to give people a chance to show their creations.

  43. MaryAnn Casey says

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of it! It does sound interesting, though.

  44. Esperanza Gailliard says

    Shark Tank is a super fun show. I love it, especially the one episode where they take an old tv and turn it into a gorgeous fish tank for a young boy! Creativeness is a beautiful quality!

  45. I hardly ever watch it because I’m not home when it airs.

  46. I like it but hate to see it when some ideas get rejected.

  47. Karla Sceviour says

    I have actually never watched it before,,but have heard good things about it!

  48. I saw this part of the show and I have to say that the sharks were kind of dismissive of the product and a bit condescending. I would have invested!

  49. zoe monteleone says

    Its one of those shows I watch if I am flipping channels and just happen to land on it. Luckily whenever I watch it it’s always a cool product. Balm Chicky was actually the first product I watch get no offers :/ but it’s still such a cute idea and their sales rose after the show.

  50. I like watching Shark Tank (and its Canadian equivalent, Dragon’s Den) whenever I stumble across them. I’m surprised by the number of Canadian products which have pitched and/or gotten funding on Dragon’s Den.

    Thanks for the giveaway!