Ellovi – the “6 only” lip and body butter company

ellovi BUTTER and Tinted Lip Balm

ellovi BUTTER and Tinted Lip Balm

ELLOVI is a company that I’ve been using on and off for the last few years. It’s an all natural and vegan skincare company that is manufactured in California. Their philosophy is one that they are proud of and it’s obvious why.

Purity  Ingredients so pure you can eat them

Compassion  No animal testing or ingredients

Sustainability  Wildly harvested, reusable glass jar

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ellovi hand makes all their products. They are created in small batches, they are cruelty-free and sustainable, and the 6 ingredients used are so pure that they are edible.
ellovi BUTTER

ellovi BUTTER


ellovi uses exactly 6 ingredients in their body butter. There are 4 fragrances (original, vanilla, mint chocolate, and blossom) and I’ve tried two of them. I was sent the full size Vanilla BUTTER and a mini Original to test and it reminded me of why I used up my first jar of BUTTER.

Macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, hemp seed, African marula, and non-GMO corn starch.

Macadamia Coconut Shea Hemp Seed Marula
The creators of Ellovi are obviously purists. Normally when we say something is a Butter we expect it to be a body butter but Ellovi’s BUTTER is more than that. According to Ellovi it’s also good as –
  • All-over body butter (great for massages)
  • Night-time facial moisturizer
  • Natural sunscreen (SPF 5 – 10)
  • Makeup remover (try it on a cotton ball)
  • Great for sensitive skin, eczema, and rosacea

    ellovi BUTTER

    ellovi BUTTER

When you open this jar you’ll see a product that looks solid.  But scoop some out and you’ll find that it softens to the point where it’s almost an oil. The ingredients are great: Macadamia nut oil is full of fatty acids to fade fine lines, while coconut oil is a time-tested moisturizer and hemp seed oil wards off pollutants. Ghanaian marula nut oil helps nourish aging skin, and shea butter deeply hydrates. The result: a rich, handcrafted cream with that won’t clog pores and is safe for sensitive skin. Bonus: The butter’s intrinsic sun-blocking abilities are equal to an SPF 10.
I like to apply this as soon as I get out of the shower to give my skin the chance to absorb the richness and protect my body from drying out. Scoop some out of your full size jar and keep it next to your bed so you can apply it to your feet to help keep them moisturized too. While I haven’t used it as a makeup remover that does sound pretty interesting.

ellovi Tinted Balm

ellovi Tinted Butter

There are 5 Lip Butters that Ellovi produces too. I have the Tinted Balm which you can see is looks like it’s tinted red. Individual Lip Butters are $5 each while the Collection ($18) has Tinted, Original, Vanilla, and Blossom plus it comes in a cute tin.

The Tinted Lip Butter lightly tints my lips with just a hint of red. It’s a very natural look that adds moisture with a small bit of color. The color is provided by a Mediterranean flower called Akanet. Here’s what you’ll find with Ellovi’s Lip Butter –
  • Intense lip moisturizer
  • Excellent for chapped lips
  • Soaks in deep and and lasts
  • Lead free color (so pure you can eat it)
  • Oval tube (comfortable in your pocket)

The tube is 0.15 ounces and will keep your lips intensely hydrated for months. They recommend using Lip Butter within 1 year. Just like the Butter it also contains just 6 ingredients: Sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, Alkanet root, and African marula.

SunflowerMacadamia Coconut Shea Alkanet Root Marula
ellovi Lip Butter Tinted swatch

ellovi Lip Butter Tinted swatch

Just think 6 and you’ll come up with ellovi, a natural, vegan company you can be proud to enjoyably use.  — Marcia

Ellovi Butter can be found at the Birchbox shop and on the Ellovi website. Lip Balms are available on Ellovi.com
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