Balm Chicky balm balm will be on Shark Tank on 2/3

I don’t know about you but I LOVE watching Shark Tank. I love seeing the new products. I find it fascinating to hear the banter between the 5 gazillionaires. “Mr. Wonderful” drives me nuts but I guess everyone needs a mean guy around. My favorite investor is Lori Greiner and that’s who I’d want to work with. She’s QVC gold!



Well Tuesday night, February 3rd, Balm Chicky balm balm is going to make an appearance on Shark Tank and try to get some backing. I’ll be watching for sure and hope you will be too.

I’m expecting a few Balm Chicky balm balms in the mail for review and a giveaway. I can’t wait to try them and hope that they’ll be here in time for me to use at least one before the show. Either way I’m going to root for them to get the backing they want and I hope you will too. Balm Chicky balm balm even has a special in honor of the show where you’d get

1 for $7
3 for $18
5 for $25

There are 5 flavors available which I’ll be writing about soon. Join me on ABC to watch Liz and Abby, the founders, and get out your cheerleading outfit! — Marcia

Balm Chicky balm balm new packaging

Balm Chicky balm balm new packaging


  1. I LOVE watching Shark Tank. Having spent so many years in sales I find it really interesting and those of us with blogs are small business owners and entrepreneurs right? I’ve tried Balm Chicky Balm Balm too, I like their old packaging though–love that 70’s stuff!

  2. I love watching Shark Tank too! I will for sure tune in to see if this balm gets a backer!!!!

  3. Jodi Wilken says

    I think that they made a horrible mistake by not picking you up! I also would’ve like to e press my interest in your lip balm and. Carrying it in our floral/gift shop that is set to open this fall. We want products that arre unique, different, but most of all – fun! WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED????

  4. Jodi, I only wish that it was my company. But you can contact Balm Chicky balm balm through their website and talk to them about their products. I think Shark Tank is crueler to women than men and I was afraid they wouldn’t go for the balm. Most of them down understand what a lip balm means to us.


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