Ready, Set, Glow with Le Metier de Beaute’s new Peel and Mask

Le Metier Ready, Set, Glow

Wouldn’t you love to have a spa experience? Wouldn’t you love to have the TIME to have a spa experience? For most of us finding the time to do so is a problem even if the inclination is there. Beauty Info Zone got to experience what felt like a spa day when we went to Neiman Marcus to learn about Le Metier de Beaute’s new CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set. Now it’s time to show you what you can do at home to have your very own spa time.

CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set is the newest addition to Le Metier de Beaute’s amazing skincare line. It’s a fabulous addition to your skin routine whether you use the LMdB products or not. The CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set is something that both of us are excited about.

Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set

Here’s the way our day went. Our model is Lisa and our photographer and writer is Marcia (aka the Beauty Info Zone ladies!!). We worked with the amazing Venus at Neiman Marcus in Troy, Michigan (248-643-3300 X2104 or X2106).

The beautiful Venus

1)      First Lisa’s face was cleansed with the Daily Renew Cleanser. This cleanser is also a gentle exfoliator containing synthetic spheres that are perfectly round so they won’t tear your skin at all. We found that the cleanser had a nice light orange fragrance. It contains Vitamin C and is made of organic materials. It can be used daily since it’s so gentle.

2)      Lisa’s face was toned using using the Peau Vierge Daily Refresh Tonic. This toner is an anti-bacterial product that contains peppermint and rosemary. There’s no alcohol to it. You want to tone to restore the PH balance of your skin. Active ingredients:

– Hemolymph extract: Absorbs oxygen from the environment and delivers it to the skin.
– Peppermint, cinnamon, thyme and geranium oils: Mildly stimulate with a gentle warming effect.
– Rosemary: To gently cleanse the skin.
– Cypress oil: To balance with soothing properties.
– Anise oil: Provides cleansing and warming effects.
– Vitamins A, B and E: To condition and protect.

peel applicator

3)      Now onto the good part, the CHEM60 Pro-Peel. This is a brush on peel with an on/off switch. When you are ready to use it you squeeze until the gel comes out through a hole in the brush. Brush it across your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin keeping away from your hairline and ocular area. After using turn the dial to off so that you don’t lose any of the peel. The texture of this is a gel that slowly warms up as it’s on. You leave it on for 60 seconds or up to 5 minutes. Lisa had it on for about 3 minutes, maybe a little longer. The CHEM60 Pro-Peel contains a proprietary blend of Salicylic and Glycolic acids. It penetrates the skin’s surface and helps rid you of dead skin cells. It also helps with diminishing fine lines and increases the hydration of your skin.

peel applicator with the Chem60 Pro-Peel coming out

This was warm but it never got hot, not even leaving it on for longer than the 60 seconds you’d expect to do the first time you used it. There’s no sting to it at all.

To remove this use a wash cloth and tepid water. At first your skin feels sort of ticklish since you’ve opened up the pores with the Pro-Peel.

Lisa with the first peel application

4)      Now your skin is receptive to the GLOW10ai Mask. The mask is extremely hydrating and fun to use. It contains moisturizers to renew the appearance of damaged, dull looking skin. It includes antioxidants, vitamins and hydrators to help renew and rebuild your skin’s appearance.

inside the Glow10ai Mask (this is not a new jar, yours would be full!)

The mask is applied with the big “spatula” as you can see in the set’s photograph. You apply it in the same areas as you did with the peel. When you apply it you’ll see that it’s white but as you leave it on it turns blue. Not a bright blue but a light blue that tells you that it’s ready to remove.

Lisa looking scarier than usual

The consistency of this is very wet and runny but it doesn’t drip down your face. You want to apply a thick layer of the Glow10ai Mask but you don’t have to worry about it being even. It starts setting and your face now feels cool. Now you’ve got about 10 – 15 minutes to go do what you want since you need it to dry. You can even still talk since it doesn’t pull your face and never cracks.

Now comes the fun part – you peel it off. Sort of like when you were a kid and you put Elmer’s Glue or rubber cement on your hand and peeled. It comes off in pretty big pieces. Don’t wash this off, instead peel it off.

and the peeling begins…

kind of gross…but so much fun!

After removal Lisa’s skin was super soft to the touch (I know because I was touching it) and was glowing. It was like she had come in from a brisk walk outside. It even made her skintone look more even.

5)      Venus finished with the other products in Le Metier de Beaute’s skincare line – she toned again, then used the Peau Vierge Revive Eye Concentrate around her entire eye area. Next she applied the Peau Vierge Revitalizing Anti-Aging Day Cream to her entire face. This has 0.05% retinol in it and contains an SPF 15. Le Metier’s Peau Vierge line of skincare has a patented delivery system and contains some powerful ingredients.

after the treatment, all nice and glowy!

Lisa’s skin was just glowing. She easily could have walked out of the store (with her gorgeous Novalash eyelashes) and been ready to shop. Her skin was soft and vibrant without being red or uncomfortable. (It’s recommended that you use this set from 1 to 3 nights a week). To complete the experience Venus did the most beautiful makeup application on Lisa which she’ll soon be sharing.

Le Metier de Beaute is currently tweaking the packaging of the CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set but it will soon be available. The best part is that Venus is offering this $265 set as a “gift with purchase”. Yes a gwp worth $265! To get it you do have to spend some money though because it’s with a purchase of the Peau Vierge Revitalizing Anti-Aging Day Cream and Peau Vierge Rejuvenating  Anti-Aging Night Cream. If you’ve ever considered Le Metier de Beaute’s skincare regimen this is the perfect time to do it. When else will you be offered a gift like this?? Call Venus at  248-643-3300 X2104 or X2106 and tell her that Marcia and Lisa told you about this incredible offer. A spa experience at home and you can use it over and over again! — Marcia

*our day at the “spa” was a complimentary service and fun!!


  1. So this the LMdB surprise that you had up your sleeve, Marcia!! I have been wondering about this peel! Lisa- your skin looks amazing with such a lovely glow!!!! Tis is VERY VERY tempting!

  2. Lisa’s skin did look amazing. She’s working on an article about her makeover after and you’ll see how great it all looked. I can’t wait til this is in stock. I would love to be using the Le Metier peel and mask.

  3. Oh wow, what a great little spa service! If there is anything to splurge on in beauty it’s something like this, in my opinion. Great review, looking good Lisa!


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