Makeup Wars – Halloween nails

The Makeup Wars team thought it would be appropriate to share our Halloween nails with you. Why though did I think it was appropriate to even try this? I have two left hands, I can’t do nail art, I’m a total klutz. When Makeup Wars first started I was handed a mission from the Mission Impossible Team and I agreed to try to do every mission. Ha! And I thought favorite red lip was hard. That was a cinch compared to doing nail art. Oh well, if you laugh I won’t hear you on my end of the computer.

practice time using a nail wheel

First stop was practice time on my nail wheel. For that I used OPI Black Onyx, WetnWild The Wonder Yellows, Le Metier de Beaute Penny Lane and Le Metier de Beaute Wild Ginger – black, a golden yellow, two shades of orange. Then I went to work and couldn’t believe what a ghastly job I was doing. Maybe that’s okay since Halloween and ghastly go together.

I decided to try a marble attempt because I’d seen a nail blogger do a gorgeous manicure. It looked and sounded so easy.

Everything I used

I started with the OPI Black Onyx base with just one thick coat. (I should have stopped there). I let that dry and then dotted on WetnWild The Wonder Yellows dabbing it on with the cosmetic sponge. Next I used Le Metier de Beauty Wild Ginger in the same way. Should have worked right? This is what I got:

Uneven blotches of color taken by my window on a rainy day

Same polish in bathroom light with bleeding black and orange

Up close it looked and felt a lot like vomit

Well that certainly wasn’t working and I was running out of time. So onto the nail decals which I’d bought as an emergency backup.

Kiss Halloween Nail Decals with cats

The finished product! I had so much trouble with the one decal that I didn’t go farther.

The finished product

The only good that came out of this is that I learned that no one who is a nail blogger needs to fear competition from me. While I have (what I consider) great taste in nail colors and a large collection, the best I can do is paint my nails a single color.

Hopefully my fellow Makeup Wars team members will be an inspiration where I failed. Please use their logos to go visit them all. Thanks for staying and not throwing up!! Happy Halloween — Marcia


  1. I like those nail decals!

  2. The decals are adorable!!! I love them!
    Yeah I think I’ll also just be sticking to makeup haha

  3. I guess you don’t have a degree in nail tech. Brave try at least.

  4. I woulda thought the orange and yellow would have showed up better on the black, too. Oh well – now you know what not to do next year. 😉

  5. Those nail decals are adorable–I would totally buy them!

  6. Good try. Still looked pretty good. My thought, for Halloween, you don’t want a perfectly manicured look. Because after all, what ghost/witch/vampire/etc has perfect, clean nails? 🙂

  7. LOL Well the overall result is fitting!

  8. Oh well, at least you tried! I am still dying to try marbling! Funny, I have almost bought those same nails stickers a few times! Very cute stickers!

  9. I love the cat decal!!!!

  10. Pammy, I’d have been happier if I could have gotten the stickers to lay straight. It kept buckling on me. I think it’s the shape of my nails.

  11. LOL Perilously Pale – a ghastly manicure that would scare anyone!

  12. Joy, you just made me feel a whole lot better. I should go dig in the mud. 🙂

  13. Hee hee! You said ‘vomit’! Pea Soup, right? ;P

  14. With a baby grandson I better learn new vocabulary like “pea soup”.

  15. LOLOLOL! I love your attempt! Those nail stickers are cute. I have a hard time with them myself, so I try to avoid them. I have seen the sponge technique but have not been brave enough to try it. I think my results might be very similar to yours. But hey. You could say you were going for a zombie nail look, right?

  16. We all know that Zombies are big this year too! At least I’d fit in.


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