What to buy to get a Trend Week Selfie GWP from Kleraderm? Ysaline Antiwrinkle Cream!


It’s still Trend Week at Nordstrom in Michigan and Kleraderm has those amazing Selfie Kits as gifts with purchase – so what to purchase? I can tell you what I bought – yet another jar of Ysaline Antiwrinkle Cream ($175). I started using this fabulous moisturizer about 8 years ago and I have been buying it over and over ever since.

Ysaline Antiwrinkle Cream is loaded with omega 3-6-9 fatty acids that rush back to skin’s surface and sort of iron the skin from the inside out. Ysaline Antiwrinkle Cream is like a mystery to me and I make Joanne Recchia, the owner, explain it to me every time I get a facial from her. It has 27 active enzymes, and while it has those Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids to help fill fine lines and wrinkles, Ysaline Cream has no moisturizing properties! Instead it is an intense treatment of Omegas and hyaluronic acids that travel down to the second and third layers of the derma, releasing omega and filling fine lines and wrinkles. Ultimately, that means that the results are immediate and very impressive.

Kleraderm Ysaline CreamKleraderm Ysaline Cream

Now is the time to try out Ysaline Antiwrinkle Cream because the Nordstrom in the Detroit area has their Trend Show with specials from so many beauty lines!  You don’t need to be there get the goods, either. Kleraderm is offering the adorably clever Selfie Kits as gifts with purchase. There are two different ones from which to choose:

Kleraderm SelfieAmber + Argon Kit includes:

Amber + Argon 10ml Serum

Amber + Argon Face Cream 30ml

Nourishing Make Up Remover Gel full size


Kleraderm SelfieHydrating Kit includes: 

Collagen + Elastin Serum 10ml

Collasin Cream 30ml

Nourishing Make Up Remover Gel full size

The Trend Event is happening now through May 21. Customers can call either Nordstrom Michigan stores at Somerset or Partridge Creek to place orders. Sales staff will be happy to answer your questions about products or your skin!  – Lisa
Somerset (248) 816-5100 ext 1422 ask for Adam or Lina.
Partridge (586) 203-4300 ext 1050 ask for Denise.

*item reviewed purchased and repurchased many times by me.

Hanging with Joanne from Kleraderm after a fabulous Kleraderm facial

Hanging with Joanne from Kleraderm after a fabulous Kleraderm facial


  1. Omneya Andrea Acosta-Dhmaid says:

    That looks so luxurious. My face needs it

  2. I’ve never heard of this cream and despite the price, I’m going to look more into it. I was raised to spend good money on my face, hair and feet/shoes. Now that I’ve recently turned a new decade, I can use something extra for my face!

  3. Nora Grahe says:

    Amazing! Love to try!